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MEA Lesson Rubric

Team Members: _____________________________________________________

1 2 3 4
Below Expected Level Needs Improvement Well Done Exceeds expectations.

No changes are necessary to

The product is a good start The product is nearly ready
The product is on the meet the clients immediate
toward meeting the clients for the client to use. It still
Meets Clients wrong track. This needs.
needs, but more work is needs a few small
Needs approach will not OR The solution goes above and
needed to respond to all of modifications, additions, or
work. beyond meeting the immediate
the issues. refinements.
needs of the client. (5 points)

The procedure might be re-

The procedure is not usable, but it is unclear The procedure is clearly reusable
The procedure is clearly
re-usable because whether the and can easily be used with new
reusable and can easily be
Reusable multiple pieces are procedure is re-usable sets of data.
used by the client with new
missing or need because a few pieces are Very clear, well thought out, and
sets of data.
clarification missing or need precise.

It is not clear how

The steps in the procedure
you made your
are on the right track, but Contains acceptable It is very clear and
Explanation decisions to put the
need some clarification as to reasons for the order of understandable why you chose
of Reasoning steps in this order, or
why you chose those steps in and steps in the procedure. these steps in this order.
procedure is
that order.
unfinished or unclear.

Steps in the procedure are

The steps in the Steps in the procedure are
Steps in the procedure need exceptionally clear, well thought
Procedure procedure are not clear and easy for the client
some clarification. out, and easy for the client to
clear. to follow.

Usually expressed and Clearly expressed and shared

Had to be reminded Expressed and shared ideas,
shared ideas, asked ideas, asked questions, made
to share ideas, ask asked questions, made sure
questions, made sure sure everyone was heard, polite
Collaboration questions, let everyone was heard, polite
everyone was heard, polite and kind to each other, worked
(Teamwork) everyone be heard, and kind to each other,
and kind to each other, together to complete tasks on
be polite, and work worked together to
worked together to complete time. Did not need any
together. complete tasks on time.
tasks on time. reminders.

Team did not use Team used feedback from the

Team sometimes used Team used feedback from
feedback from the Project Manager (teacher) to
Use of feedback from the Project the Project Manager
Project Manager improve their product and went
Feedback Manager (teacher) to (teacher) to improve their
(teacher) to improve above and beyond what was
improve their product. product.
their product. asked of them.

Additional Feedback from Teacher: