After dinner we all hung out at the lounge. We didn’t have much work to do.

It was the first day. I kept my distance from Maya and Matt. I didn’t want any trouble with anyone this year and I wanted high school behind me. Something is telling me that’s not so easy anymore. Matt’s Point Of View Maya was all over me it was almost gross. She even sat in my lap at one point. Everything seemed to get awkward. I wish she would leave us alone, but that wasn’t going to happen. Maya wasn’t going to stop until she got what she wanted. Me. But I didn’t want her. I hate to say it but I still have feeling for Violet. It was getting later and the girls went up to there dorm. Violet gave Jerry, Alex and I a hug good bye/night before they left. The boys left too, leaving me with Maya. She was talking about something, then she started talking about our relationship . I knew where this was headed and I didn’t like it. “I think I should go,” I said standing up. “Wait,” she said. She crashed her lips on mine and held my tight. I escaped her grasp and whipped my mouth. “Maya, I don’t like you like that any more. I told you that, please respect that,” “I don’t get it! Why her and not me? Have you forgotten everything we went throu gh together?” “I haven’t and it was a good ride with you, but now its over. I’m sorry,” I said walking away. I sighed and headed to my dorm. This year wasn’t going to be easy. Maya’s Point Of View Oh Matt, baby. If only you knew how much I still love you. I knew he wasn’t going to take me back. I planed on this. I walked back to my room whipping away my tears from my face. I knew I had to change if I wanted to get my Matt back. And if getting Matt back meant acting like Violet then, that’s what I was going to do. Violet’s Point Of View I was on the on the phone with Josh as I cheeked my email. My mom sent me pictures of Daniel and Kara. Demi and Susan emailed me asking me how’s school and all that jazz. After replaying to all emails that needed to be replied to, Josh and I had a vid eo chat, so we could see each other. “Who are you talking to?” Danni asked. “Josh, my boyfriend,” I smiled. “Hi!” Josh smiled. I laughed as Danni looked at the screen. She waved to him. “Josh this is my dorm mate Danni,” “Hey, nice to meet you,” Danni said. “You too,” Josh smiled. “Hey Lynn, Max, come here,” I called. “What’s up?” Max asked.

“Say hi to Josh,” I smiled. “Josh! What it do?” Max said looking at the screen. “Who’s Josh?” Lynn asked looking at the screen. “Hey boyfriend, they are so cute together,” Max said. I laughed as Lynn said hi to Josh. “I’ve got to go, baby, but I’ll call you tomorrow,” “Yeah, and we have a tomorrow,” “Right, eight,” “Yup, later,” “Love you,” “Love you more,” “Liar,” “Bye,” I laughed. “Bye,” we closed the chat window. “He’s hot!” Danni and Lynn exclaimed. Max and I laughed. “Tell us all about it,” Lynn said. I laughed again and blushed. “She’s blushing,” Max teased as the girls giggled. “Shut up,” I giggled. “Okay, I’ll let you everything,” The girls and I stayed up all night talking about our boyfriends. Max was the only one without a guy, but she did like his guys back home, named W ill. She showed us pictures of them. They were so cute. Danni’s boyfriend, Wes, meet in Kindergarten and have been best friends ever sin ce. They started dating in the eight grade. Lynn and her boyfriend, Caleb, meet in the library. The girls showed us pictures of their boyfriends. We continued to talk until we fell asleep. **** The next day the girls left early once again. I got ready for school and went to my classes at ten. After my class I meet the guys at the cafeteria. We sat down and we talked and laughed. Matt and Vince joined us along with Lynn. The whole gang was together. “Hey guys,” Maya said. We looked up. “Wha?” we said together. Maya looked different and she looked like me. Comment! Vote!

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