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Assignment Task Sheet


1. This is a pair work.

2. You will be assigned with two short essays that contains grammatical errors. You are
to do a thorough grammatical analysis based on grammatical elements learnt in class.
3. Your task is to correct the grammar errors and justify the corrections made. (Give
reasons as to why you regard that as an error).
4. Your work must be presented in a TYPED FORMAT, on plain A4 paper.
5. It must have clear subheadings and paragraphing techniques.
6. The font must be in Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 spacing and pages are numbered
7. You must follow APA referencing style.
8. The text must be JUSTIFIED.
9. You must write your name, ID and course CLEARLY on the cover page.
10. The cover page color of the assignment is DARK PURPLE.
11. The submission deadline for this assignment is 5th July 2017. Late submission will
not be entertained and be awarded with ZERO marks.
12. PLAGIARISM IS A SERIOUS OFFENCE. Kindly cite your references (if any)
to avoid your assignment from being rejected.