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1. How can geology and geochemistry be used in studying climate change?

Geology is subdivided into two major branches: Physical geology and Historical geology. And they
are both essential in studying climate change. Historical geology can help us refer from the past
events to the events that are happening now. Geochemistry is under the major branch of Physical
geology and this field of study incorporates the knowledge of chemistry to analyze to analyze the
chemical composition of the earth. The data gathered from this branch of geology can be used to
infer on the climate patterns of the past, and predict what will happen in the future. In other words,
Geochemistry in its application to the issue of climate change is to decipher the patterns of nature
using chemical analysis and to warn the people of what possible events might happen.

2. As a geologist and a scientist, one of your primary roles is to spread awareness. How can you do
this and what are the steps that you can take to mitigate the effects of climate change? Go
beyond what’s mentioned in the movie and commit to it.

Spreading awareness is now made easy with the aid of social media especially facebook. Different
people participate in various conversations concerning issues about other people’s lives. But we can
do more than just socializing with other people In this popular website. One post can generate
thousands of expressions, emotions, and opinions. And one of the most powerful things it is capable
of is influencing the minds of the many. I would like to take advantage of that power to spread what
I’ve learned from the movie. And besides this is the most plausible idea I can think of. My first move
would be to look for interesting and captivating trivias, news and facts that might make people
consider the issue about climate change. And my last and final move is to post it on my wall on
facebook for my friends to see it. And that is the least I can do to spread awareness about climate
change. I am looking forward to the day that there would be a full cooperation between nations
globally to take the devastating effects of climate change seriously.