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An incredibly simple 180 phlog grenade(60u phos/30u stable plasma in one beaker and 30u

stable plasma/60u sulphuric acid in the other) can burn the entire escape shuttle and kill
everyone onboard with no problem. You guys literally just need to git gud

10 sugar/20 plasma/20 sulfacid

30 phosphorus/15 stable plasma/15 potassium

heat both beakers to 1000 kelvin

5 sugar/25 sulfuric acid/20 plasma heat to 1000k kelvin

30 phosphorus/10 stable plasma/10 potassium also heat to 1000k kelvin

put the two beakers in grenades

Chlorine Trifluoride

1 part Chlorine (1 part potassium and phosphorus) heat 1000k

3 parts Fluorine (1 part sugar) heat 1000k

(try adding plasma and sulfacid?)

temperature 424k When created it will create a temporary 3x3 fireball. Comes into
existence at 1000K. A flammable substance so dangerous it can burn through the hull of the
station. It lights you on fire when it comes into contact with you, and if it gets inside of you will
burn you from the inside out. It metabolizes out of your body extremely fast, however.

15 units of Chlorine

10 units of Phosphorus

10 units of Potassium
10 units of Stable Plasma

45 florine

5 sugar




salycyclic acid




foam surfactant

2 parts carbon, 2 fluorine, sulf acid"

And then mix with water to activate

I like to do fluorosulf, neurotoxin, phlogiston and then


Fluorosulf burns their masks off, then they get neurotoxin

and napalm in their system"

"Neurotoxin paralyzes them and then the phlogiston sets

them on fire with the napalm"

Neurotoxin paralyzes them and then the phlogiston sets

them on fire with the napalm