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Renato Baggio
Lngua Inglesa p/ Concurso TRE PE
Aula 05.


Aula: 05

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Prof. Renato Baggio
Lngua Inglesa p/ Concurso TRE PE
Aula 05.

O texto a seguir dever ser utilizado para responder s questes

de nmeros 26 e 27.
Information is involved in every business activity. Indeed,
information is sometimes the only or main output of an activity.
For instance, product design is conducted solely to create the
information to be able to manufacture a product. The value of
information in business comes from its use in contributing to
sound decisions. (The only other use I know for information is
as entertainment.) If you cant rely on your information then the
result can be missed opportunities, or higher costs.
As a consequence of this, information is shared as part of the
interaction and integration of business activities. At the technical
level, data is shared when it is created and used by different
computer systems, people, or organisations.
Almost every business activity results in new data being
created. The use of this data is not restricted to the activity that
creates it; often it is used in other activities.
[Trechos extrados de: Developing High Quality Data Models,
Matthew West. EPISTLE European Process Industries STEP
Technical Liaison Executive, verso 2.0, 2-Set.-2003. Pgina 4.]

26. De acordo com o texto,

(A) a avaliao do grau de confiabilidade das informaes
importante para a descoberta de novas oportunidades.
(B) a informao , na maioria das vezes, utilizada apenas
para entretenimento.
(C) informaes confiveis possuem custos elevados.
(D) informaes utilizadas em negcios apresentam normalmente
altos custos.
(E) o valor da informao nos negcios advm da sua utilizao,
contribuindo para decises sensatas.

27. The author states that new data created in business activities
(A) is not shared.
(B) has a high value.
(C) are always used restrictively.
(D) can be used in other activities.
(E) can only be used by their authors.

O texto a seguir dever ser utilizado para responder s questes

de nmeros 28 a 30.
The UNIX memory model is simple. Each process has three
segments: code, data, and stack. In a machine with a single,
linear address space, the code is generally placed near the bottom
of memory, followed by the data. The stack is placed at the top of
memory. The code size is fixed, but the data and stack may each

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Prof. Renato Baggio
Lngua Inglesa p/ Concurso TRE PE
Aula 05.

grow, in opposite directions. This model is easy to implement on

almost any machine and is the model used by Solaris.
Furthermore, if the machine has paging, the entire address
space can be paged, without user programs even being aware
of it. The only thing they notice is that it is permitted to have
programs larger than the machines physical memory. UNIX
systems that do not have paging generally swap entire processes
between memory and disk to allow an arbitrarily large number of
processes to be timeshared.
[Extrado de: Structured Computer Organization, Andrew S.
Tanenbaum, Fourth Edition, pg. 455.]

28. De acordo com o texto, no UNIX, cada processo tem trs

segmentos: de cdigo, de dados e de
(A) fila.
(B) pilha.
(C) variveis.
(D) condies.
(E) constantes.

29. Considerando o texto, em uma mquina UNIX com um

espao de endereamento simples e linear,
(A) o segmento de cdigo normalmente alocado na parte
mais baixa da memria.
(B) o segmento de dados obrigatoriamente alocado no
topo da memria.
(C) o tamanho do segmento de dados fixo.
(D) o tamanho do segmento de cdigo varivel.
(E) os tamanhos dos segmentos de dados e de cdigo so
sempre iguais.
30. Considerando o texto, caso uma mquina UNIX tenha
paginao, todo o espao de endereamento poder ser
paginado, sendo que o
(A) usurio ser notificado pelo sistema.
(B) usurio perceber isso, pois a mquina ficar muito lenta.
(C) programa do usurio no ter essa cincia.
(D) programa do usurio ser interrompido sistematicamente.
(E) sistema passar, automaticamente, para o modo

O texto a seguir dever ser utilizado para responder s questes

de nmeros 56 e 57.

Web content inventories of existing sites commonly take the form of a spreadsheet file
with multiple worksheets, containing long listings of every page in the site, along with
such essential characteristics as the page title, url, people responsible for
the content, and so on. Each page typically gets a row on the spreadsheet, with columns
listing such basic information as:
Unique id number for project purposes
Page title

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Prof. Renato Baggio
Lngua Inglesa p/ Concurso TRE PE
Aula 05.

Page template or type

General type of content
Person responsible for the content
Keep/revise/discard decisions
Create new content?
Review status
(Extrado de: Web Style Guide, 3rd Edition: Basic Design Principles for
Creating Web Sites. Patrick J Lynch, Sarah Horton.

56. De acordo com o texto, informaes como Ttulo de uma

pgina e URL, geralmente, ficam armazenadas como em
(A) bancos de dados distribudos na rede.
(B) colunas de uma planilha.
(C) linhas de uma planilha.
(D) linhas e colunas de uma planilha.
(E) registros em um arquivo.

57. No texto, a expresso and so on pode ser substituda, sem

perda de sentido, por:
(A) and finally.
(B) certainly.
(C) et cetera.
(D) otherwise.
(E) thereby.

O texto a seguir deve ser utilizado para responder s questes de

nmeros 58 a 60.
Two of the greatest technologies of our age are telecommunications and computer
engineering. Telecommunications is concerned with moving information from one point to
another point or from one point to many other points. I think it is no exaggeration to say
that the telecommunications industry is largely taken for
granted by the vast majority of people. If you were to ask the average person what the
greatest technological feat of 1969 was, they would probably reply The first manned
landing on the moon. A much more magnificent achievement was the ability of millions of
people half a million kilometres away to watch what was taking place on the moon in their
own homes. However, if most people are not aware of the great developments in the
telecommunications industry, they will not have missed
the microprocessor revolution. In the last few years powerful computers have become
even more powerful and minicomputers and microprocessors have spread to industry,
education, research, and the home.
(Extrado de: The Principles of Computer Hardware, Alan Clements,
International Student Edition, 2nd, 1991)

58. De acordo com o texto, a provvel resposta The first

manned landing on the moon, dada por uma pessoa mdia,
refere-se a uma determinada pergunta. Assinale a alternativa
que apresenta a pergunta provvel mencionada no texto.

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Prof. Renato Baggio
Lngua Inglesa p/ Concurso TRE PE
Aula 05.

(A) A quem pertence a glria do feito de 1969?

(B) Quem realizou um feito histrico em 1969?
(C) Quem concretizou o maior sonho mundial em 1969?
(D) Qual o maior desejo da populao em 1969?
(E) Qual a maior faanha tecnolgica de 1969?

59. Com base no texto, nos ltimos anos, os computadores

(A) ficaram ainda mais potentes.
(B) caminharam para uma miniaturizao crescente.
(C) passaram a ser utilizados na previso do tempo.
(D) revolucionaram a automao industrial.
(E) utilizaram intensivamente os microprocessadores.

60. No texto, o termo aware tem o significado de

(A) preocupado.
(B) indiferente.
(C) insensvel.
(D) consciente.
(E) desinformado.

26 - E
27 - D
28 - B
29 - A
30 - C

56 - B
57 - C
58 - E
59 - A
60 - D

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