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Adolf Franz Karl Viktor Maria


Supply and demand regulate

architecture form

Aldo Rossi And I want to be a person, not

an icon.

A theatre is a place where

architecture ended and the
world of the imagination

Andrea Palladio

The father of modern picture

books of architectur

Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto Where the architects task is to

February 3, 1898 Kuortane, Finland
restore a correct order of
values it is still the architects
May 11, 1976 (aged 78) duty to attempt to humanize
Helsinki, Finland age of machines. But this
should not be done without
regard for form
RIBA Gold Medal
The Aalto-Theater opera house in Essen,
AIA Gold Medal God created paper for the Germany

Paimio Sanatorium
purpose of drawing
Syntsalo Town Hall architecture on it. Everything
Viipuri Library else is at least for me is an
Villa Mairea
Baker House abuse of paper
Finlandia Hall

Works: Savoy Vase Our time is so specialized that

Paimio Chair - His furniture we have people who know
designs were considered more and more or less and
Scandinavian Modern Detail of Baker House facade on the Charles
less. River

Form does not necessarily

follow function

Style: His style is often described

as a
blend of neo-gothic and art
but is also has surrealist and
"doing more with less".

Resources and waste material

from cruder products could be
recycled into making more

valuable products,
increasing the efficiency of the

entire process.

Starting with holes belongs to


: Geodesic dome for Ford Motor

Company (1953)
Patent on geodesic domes (1954)
The World Game (1961) and the World Game
Institute (1972)
Patent on octet truss (1961)Montreal
Biosphre (1967), United States pavilion
at Expo 67Comprehensive anticipatory design

A Dymaxion house at The Henry Ford.

"Make big plans; aim high

in hope and work,

remembering that a noble,

logical diagram once recorded

will not die"

"Make no little plans; they have

no magic to stir men's blood"

: Philippines

Function influence but does

not dictate form

Beauty grows from necessity

not from repetition of


Architectural-form equals


Architecture should speak of

its time and place, but yearn

for timelessness.

Youve got to bumble forward

into the unknown.

"Form follows function- that

has been misunderstood. Form

and function should be one,

joined in a spiritual union"

"Every great architect is-

necessarily - a great poet. He
must be a great original

interpreter of his time, his day,

his age"

"A Doctor can bury his

mistakes, but an Architect can

only advise his client to plant


Every little girl needed a

balcony to be serenaded

: An idea is salvation by


The things always happens

that you really believe in; and
the belief in a thing makes it

In a house, you should get a

surprise every time you turn a
corner and look up

"The house is a machine for

living in"

Cube within a cube

"You employ stone, wood &

concrete, and with these

materials you build houses and

palaces; That is construction.
"Ingenuity is at work".

But suddenly you touch my

heart, you do be good, I am

happy and I say: This is

: beautiful; That is Architecture.

"Arts enters in."

Architects everywhere have

recognized the needs of...a tool
which may be put in the hands
of creator of forms, with the
simple aim...of making the bad
difficult and the good easy

Architecture is a brilliant, orthodox

and original jigsaw puzzles of masses
combined in light. Our eyes are
created to see forms in light; lights
and shadow reveal the forms. Cubes
cones, balls, cylinder and pyramid are
primary shapes that lights so
excellently reveal; the picture they
give to us is clear and perspicuous
without indecision. That is why they
are beautiful forms.

Architecture is the masterly, correct

and magnificent play of masses
brought together n light. Our eyes are
made to see forms in light; light and
shade reveal this forms.

"Less is a bore"

we borrow from nature the space

upon which we built
I would like my architecture to
inspire people to use their own
resources, to move into the future

You cannot simply put something into

place. You have to absorb what you see
around you, what is use in the land and
then use that knowledge along with

contemporary thinking to interpret what

you see.

I do not believe architecture should

speak too much. It should remain

silent and let nature in the guise of

sunlight and wind
I like the ruins because what remains
is not a total design, but the clarity of

thought, the baked structure, the

spirit of the thing.

my hand is the extension of the

thinking process-the creative process

Without this spirit , modernist

architecture cannot fully exist. Since there

is often a mismatch between the logic and

the spirit of modernism. I use architecture
to reconcile the two.

I believe that the way people live can

be directed a little by architecture

If you give people nothingness, they

can ponder what can be achieved
from that nothingness.

The speed of change makes you

wonder what will become of

You cant really say what is beautiful

about a place, but the image of the
place will remain vividly with you

There is a role and function for

beauty in our time.

There are 360 degrees, why

stick to one

"never forgetting the real

needs of users"


Architecture is decorated
construction not constructed





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