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A Short Story

Diksha Patel

Invisible Lies

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On Friday 13th approximately 3:00 am, I got a phone call from
the investigation team, telling me about a case that I have to
solve. It was my last case in Las Vegas before I was going to
be transferred to take a job as the president of the
investigation team in England. I had been working for the past
twenty years solving all kind of cases that came in my way. I
never had time to spend with my family, I was divorce five
years ago; the memories in my mind are still fresh
remembering his face, my children’s, now a young adult, I
should have been depressed in this types situation yet no
emotions of sorrow come to me. I took my coat and went
straight up to my SUV. I looked through the case file that
came to me through my mail early morning. The crime took
place on the popular Las Vegas Strip at The Venetian Las
Vegas in room 1303 around 12:30am to 1:00 am, “we have the
wife of the dead body, Mrs. Lena Manzella on the sight, copy”,
the officers on the radio. “Roger that”, Said I.
 I was on my way to the crime scene.  At the sight of the crime

scene, the corner of the room I saw Mrs. Lena Manzella

standing and blustering female officer who was trying to

control this situation, Mrs. Lena who was experiencing the

shock of her husbands’ Mr. Danny Manzellas’ death. She might

have been in her 40s but her face was disguise with makeup

that made her face look like a young woman in her 20s. Her

eyes were bright red, I could see that she had been crying for

a long period of time but I was there to see who the culprit

was and what his motive was to kill this man. The windows

were open, glass was broken, and chairs were thrown on the

floor it looked like there was a fight between the killer and Mr.

Danny, were Danny died saving himself. “I would like to speak

to Mrs. Lena Manzella”, said I to one of the officer on the

scene. “Okay detective”, officer said. Mrs. Lena walked

towered me and started shouting in loud voice and said, “I

want to know who did this to my husband. If I find him I will

not spear him.” I said, “Please Mrs. Lena calm down”. I saw

what she was going through, her angry, frustration of losing

her husband so I tried to calm her down and asked her gently

“I have few question that I would like to ask you Mrs. Lena?”

said I.
Her face pale, slowly her words come out “Yes, you may ask
me anything”, Lena said. “Do you have any doubt on any
one? Who do you think could do such think to your
husband or do you think your husband had any problem
with any one people you knew?” said I.  “No, my husband
was a very kind-hearted man who willingly likes to help
others but there were many people who were jealous of his
money and status”, Lena replayed in cracked voice.
“Detective Rose?” I heard someone calling my name. I
looked back and it was not any of the officer but a man in
black suite wearing long black coat on top, he did not look
like one of the officer and in my mind, I am thinking how he
know my name. “Rose, umm Rose Elliot, is it?” said the man.
“Yes, do I know you”, said I. “Please excuse me Mrs. Lena”,
and turned to talk to the man, “Hello, I am Tom Loner, and I
will be working with you on this case.” “I don’t think so I
work alone and with whose permission you think you can
work with me?” said I. “Yes, I understand you work alone
but I got the message from Mr. E. Stating that I will be
working with you, if you need to see the copy then I have it
with me”, Tom said in calm voice.
I saw the letter, on it was written,

Mr. Tom Loner you will be working on this case with Ms. Rose

Elliot starting today. I understand this will be your first case but

you will learn a lot from Elliot, she had been working with us for

long time and has a lot of experience and I am aware that she has

been working alone on her cases but I will appreciate her working

with you on this case. I expect to hear good news from you

regarding this case.     Mr. E.

I knew I don’t work with others and Mr. E knew it very well. But
I had to get use to it because I will be working with other soon
enough. This will be my first case working with a partner. “So, I
see Mr...” “Tom Loner” “Ehh Yes, so I understand this is your
first case, Mr. Loner.” “Please call me Tom”. “Okay Tom, I would
like you to find out any information about anything that had
happened between Mr and Mrs. Manzella after the arrival to
The Venetian.”  A tall man, with attractive figure to be a model
not a detective; He gave out a weird feeling so I will do a little
research on him since I will be working with him. I went back
in questioning Mrs. Lena and asked Tom to see if he can get
any information on Mr and Mrs. Manzellas. “So, do you suspect
on anyone regarding this murder Mrs. Lena”, said I. “Well not
particularly suspect anyone but, today around 4:30 PM my
husband had a fight with one of his friend John and he threaten
my husband that he will kill him”, Mrs. Lena said really slowly.
Slowly, the sun gently comes up giving a warn light and
brighten the place filled with the darkness from a deathly
night. After the shocking night for Mrs. Lena, I asked her to
leave the crime scene and get some rest.  Soon after Ms.
Lean left, I asked the police officers to take his body into
custardy and take it for post-mortem, also try finding a man
name John and leave me with the further investigation here.
As I was looking in the kitchen, where noting was
suspicious; Tom came up to me with some papers he found
under the bed. He said, “I found some information on the
Manzella’s”, which says:

Deal between John and Danny

A five-year contract to pay 250,000,000 back for Danny’s
building that’s been bought by John, and if it’s unsuccessful
then their building and house/car will be taken

Contract on 12 February 2007

The other paper says:

Deadline date: April 10, 2012
The deadline is over; you have not paid the money so in this
case according to the contract I will be taking the building and
two of your cars

Deal’s over
The first paper that Tom found was a contract deal signed
between Danny and his friend John five years back. The
other paper had the ending contract date when it all taken
away if he didn’t pay back and that might also be a reason
for their argument, which was mentioned by Ms. Lean
earlier this morning. I put the papers in a plastic bag and
labelled it as evidence. Before I moved out of the kitchen
and move into the bedroom I took some picture. I went
into bedroom which was like the kitchen neat and clean
until I saw some sort of rope like material tied to the leg of
the bed which leads somewhere. I went closer, and the tied
rope was going out the window. When I looked out the
window to see how long the rope was for anyone to come
up or go down from thirteen stories high, so when I looked,
to my surprise it was only the length of my arms. I pulled
the rope up carefully without contaminating the rope and
put it into a plastic bag also labelling it as one of the
evidence. Then I walked around the bedroom and
investigated for any finger prints and I did find some areas
with figure prints and took some pictures of the area. Next,
I went to back to the living room where the violent took
place. There were many things on the floor that could have
been used as a weapon but wasn’t sure which one of them
were used. There were figure prints on the objects.
I took some sample papers out and traced it to take it back
to the laboratory for testifying to find out if it belongs to
male or female. That’s when I got a phone call saying that
they found Mr. John and asked me to come right away. So,
without the second thought in my mind I ran out the door
with Mr. Tom to my car. I reached at the location, I saw Mr.
John seated next to an officer in interrogation room. I took
a chair, sat beside Mr. John. I started with my first question,
“Did you meet Mr. Danny yesterday?”  John said “yes”.  I
asked, “What time did you went to visit him?” John said, “I
went around 8:00 pm.” I asked, “Did you have an argument
between the two of you that turned into a fight by any
chance?” “there was a little argument but not a fight, no”,
said John. I asked, “Can you tell me what this argument was
about?” John said “well it was on one of the deal we had
made five years ago, he leaded me some money so I could
get my business started and he said that if I don’t pay back
all his money in five-year or else he is going to take away
my business, house, and my cars. I did pay back half of his
money but he decided to take my business and house
away”, Mr. John still talking “I asked him to give me some
more time, at first, he said no but then he decided to give
me some more time, and at the end of our argument I got
my business, my house and my cars back. To my friend I
was thankful and left his room with a smile on my face."
I said, “Alright, I get your situation but by any chance did you
came back that night.” “NO, I was with my family celebrating
my daughter's birthday all night, and didn’t go back to the
hotel after meeting Danny yesterday evening”. I said, “Are you
sure about that”; John said, “If you doubt me, you can ask my
neighbours or even my wife”. So, I asked the police officers to
call his neighbours and his family. Soon (People entered). I
asked every single one of them if Mr. John was with them
yesterday afternoon from 8:30 pm to 1:00 pm and they all said
the same thing “yes, we were celebrating his daughter
birthday”. This was a little surprising because Mrs. Lena said
that they had an argument which turned into a fight. But with
Mr. Johns’ case, it was different; so, who was telling me the
truth. While I was thinking of that I realized that I left one of
my cameras in the crime scene. So, I told the officers to take
any notes that is related to Mr. John and Danny’s relationship
from his family and friends and I asked Tom to bring the car
over so we can go back and also to look though the case
details together. I asked, “Tom what do you think about Mr.
John.”  “Well I think he is telling the truth, He was talking with
such confident and I studied people’s behaviour so I know he
was telling the truth,” said John. “Well I think that to,” said I. I
just started the car when Tom got a phone call from Dr.
Victor Brian from the post-mortem office. “Hello, Mr. Tom, I
got some details on the finger prints and the body, came to
my office as soon as you can,” said Dr. Victor.
“We will be there thanks Dr. Victor,” said Tom. After the call
both I and Tom went straight to Dr. Victors’ office. “Hello
Guys, you made it,” said Dr. Victor. “Hello Dr. Victor,” both I
and Tom said it together. “So, what do you have for us Dr.
Victor,” said I. “Well I scanned the finger prints that you
send it to me and the results shows that it belongs to both
male and a female,” said Dr. Victor. “So that means we have
two suspects,” said Tom. “Well what about the body,” I said.
“Yes of course the death took place around 12-12:30, he was
hit from the back on his skull causing brain Injury, were the
brain was moved inside the skull causing bleeding and
because he was drunk the pressure was hard enough that
leaded to death,” said Dr. Victor. “So, you’re saying that if he
wasn’t drunk he would have been alive,” said Tom. “Well
yeah that could have been the case, because whoever hit
him wasn’t that strong,” said Dr. Victor.  “So, could the killer
be a female, do you think?” said I. “Yes, it could have been a
female,” said Dr. Victor. “Well thanks for the details Dr.
Victor we should be leaving now,” said I. Both Tom and I left
to our car and when back to the hotel. It was 4pm now and
everyone was doing their jobs not knowing what had
happened around them, late afternoon the news of murder
of Mr. Danny Manzella was spread around the news
When we reached the hotel, the area was blocked and
reporters were waiting and asking questions to the
officers. Some even started asking as questions but I could
only say that, “We haven’t found out who killed Mr.
Manzella but I can say that we are close in finding out.” We
reached the 13th floor and saw no one was there the room
was exactly the same except that there was no body. We
now knew that there were two suspects so both I and Tom
searched the area even more to find out more clues and
evidence; we both searched different directions and then
suddenly “I found something,” came the voice of Tom
behind me. “What did you find?” I said.  “Well what you
know I found a Button,” said Tom. “It looks like one from
the uniform,” I said. “It looks more like the hotels employ
uniform button, I saw the same button on one of the
employs” said Tom. “Let’s have some talk with the hotel
manager” said I. So, we went to the hotel manager’s room
and made an announcement “It’s the manager can all the
employees who was working last night, come to my office
right away, I repeat come to the office right away” said
manager. Few minutes later all the employees came to the
main office. I spoke first and explained them why they are
here. “Hello everyone, I am detective Rose Elliot and this is
my partner Tom Loner,” “Hello everyone”, said Tom.
“We would be asking you guys some question and would
like you guys to cooperate with us”, said I. We looked at all
the employees’ uniform but none of them were missing a
button, both I and Tom looked at each other. Then I let Tom
start the questions first, “First who saw Mr. and Mrs.
Manzella last night?” asked Tom. No one spoke a single
word for a while; they seem so scared to even rise up their
hand then one of the employee said, “I saw Mr. Manzella at
the bar with his wife but he was really drunk, and I think
they both were having some kind of argument.” I asked,
“What kind of argument, do you remember?” “Well I don’t
remember but I think it was about money or properties”,
said the employee. “Thank you, anyone else” said Tom. “Did
any of you by any chance go up to their room least night?” I
asked. “Well yeah peter went up there”, said one of the
female employees. “Who is peter?” asked Tom. “Where is
peter?” said the manager. “Then the button that we found
must belong to peter” said I slowly to Tom. Then suddenly
one of the employees comes rushing. “Peter, is it?” said I.
“Yes, I am Peter, sorry I am late.” “So, you went up to Mr.
and Mrs. Manzella’s room last night?” asked Tom. “Yes, I
went up, I got a call from Mr. Manzella asking me to bring
some wine bottles, so I went up and delivered the wine and
came back to continue on my work where I left off”, said
Peter. “Well did you notice anything wrong about him or
was there anyone else with him?” I asked.
“Well he was in distress and was sitting in the living room
looking at some papers” said Peter. I looked at Tom than Tom
asked him “Did you go back up to his room after that?” “Yes,
that’s when I saw his dead body and called the police” said
Peter. “You are missing one of the buttons from your uniform
and we found it at the crime scene”, Tom said. “It was loose,
and it might have fallen out when I run out the door to call
the manager” said Peter. “Thank you everyone for you best
efforts, please stay calm and we are sure to get to the bottom
of this”, said Tom. I thought he was telling us the truth so I
went outside the room to talk to Tom.  “So, what you think?”
said I. “well I think he is telling us the truth and I have a
feeling that all this have some kind of connation with Mrs.
Manzella” spoke Tom. “Peter said when he went up at first
and saw Mr. Manzella looking at some papers”, said I. “Yes,
and we never found any papers” Tom said. “I will call and see
if any of the officers took any papers from the crime scene”,
said I. I called and none of the officers saw and had any
papers. So, I decided to go back up with Tom for farther
investigation. We reached the floor and saw the room’s door
was open, we knew someone was inside both I and Tom took
out our guns and went inside. We didn’t make any sound and
stared to look around if anyone was inside.  It was Mrs.
Manzella. Both I and Tom looked at each other and then
looked at Mrs. Manzella. I asked “What are you doing in here?
No one is allowed here.
Lean said “Oohh I forgot something”, “what did you forget”
asked Tom. Lean said, “I forgot my purse”, “did you mean your
ring” said I. There was shock on Mrs. Lena’s face and suddenly
she replies, “What are you talking about?” I said, “this morning
when you left the crime scene I saw you going to the jewellery
store to buy the exact same ring as your wedding ring that you
lost when you attacked your husband.” I took out the ring and
placed it on my hand. (Mrs. Manzella looked scared for a
moment until we saw a grimy smile appear on her face). As
Mrs. Manzella hand slowly coming out from her purse with a
pistol in her hand no though came to mind into my mind.
Looking at her face I knew the type of situation I was going to
see; she was not going to shoot at us because her hands were
shaking, her face was pale and her feet were place unevenly
side by side. In our defence, we stood in the same place
without talking which made her more irritated and she started
shooting aimlessly. Meanwhile we took cover and decided to
use the distracting method on her; as I tried to talk to her,
Tom sneaked up from behind using one hand to cover her
hand and the other to grab her by the neck. As she tried to
free herself I grabbed the gun from her hand and helped Tom
to get Mrs Manzella to the ground. Few minutes later, the
police arrived, handcuffed her but before they could take her
away I asked why did she murdered her husband was it
because of his affair with his subordinate.
She looked at me in a daze for a split second and said, I fell in
love with that man but that man fell in love with my father’s
money. I was so blind that time and completely ignored my
father good intention. Slowly that man proved himself to me
and my father. We got an approval and got married had a
son; we were a happy family until my father decided to pass
his inheritance to his grandson. The night before my father’s
60th birthday celebration, the night where I should have
been with my son and father then they would be with me…
alive. That night my father was choked to death by the man
(her husband) and my son fell from the rope ladder hitting
his small head on the rock. In the middle of the night I got a
phone call from Ms. Brita (maid) telling me what happened in
the house but before she could finish what she was saying
the phone got disconnected. It took me two hours to get the
hospital, those two hours were nothing compares the “hell”
feeling I got when I heard that I lost my father and my only
son. Not soon after that man was the owner of the company,
he took everything from me but still kept that smile on his
face. I had proof against him (the maid) but even she was
nowhere to be found after that night. Also finding out about
his affair was not a surprise because what would you expect
MURDER, who I couldn’t put behind the bars, who would
believe me so I killed him.
Then Tom asked, “How did you kill your husband when you
were down stairs the whole time?” (Before Ms. Lean could
say anything I interrupted by saying) “I will tell you”. “Before
Peter come in the room Ms. Lean was downstairs in the bar,
but not soon after Ms. lean took the chance to go to the
washroom, but near (the washroom) there was a staircase
that goes to up to the roof which was hardly used. She went
to her room when Mr Danny was really drunk and so she
picked up the pot and smacked it on the back of Mr. Danny’s
head, while collapsing to the floor he might have grabbed
Ms. Lean hand and ring fell off that that time”. “Am I correct
Ms. Lean?”, “Yes, you are correct like you were their when I
did the crime; to tell you the truth I don’t regret it at all, in
the past, present or even in future. And so just like that the
case is finally solved, we left the room leaving the situation
to the officers. After reaching the ground floor, we talked to
the Hotel manager to assure him that everything is under
control. While walking towards the car Tom asked me “how
did you know that she come for the ring because I
accompany you throughout the investigation and we never
followed Mrs. Lena.” I smiled at him and said, “I guessed”. He
looked at me then asked, “When and where did you find the
ring?” “I found the ring at the same time as you found the
button” said I. “Then why didn’t you tell me?” said Tom.
“At first, I wasn’t sure whom this ring belonged too, but then I
remembered as I was talking to Ms. Lean in the morning her
hand had a ring mark but no ring, than when I saw her in the
room again I was sure that it was hers”, “I see” said Tom
smiling. “It was really nice working with you Ms. Rose” said
Tom while smiling, he adds “but it is a shame that this was my
first and last case with you”.  “Yes, it was a pleasure working
with you Tom, I hope you achieve great things in your life and
give your family some time as well, said I.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and
incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a
fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or
actual events is purely coincidental.

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