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Business Idea: Air India

Product / Service Idea:

Key Partners Key Activities Value Propositions Customer Customer Segments

Air India became the 27th Air Travel Services What value do we deliver to the customer? Relationships Segment -Indian international
Security Services Which one of our customer problems are
member of Star Alliance on 11 What type of relationship / resources travellers
Financial Services we helping to solve?
July 2014 Engineering Services What business products and services are
do each of our Customer Segments Target Group -Corporate, Upper
expect us to establish and maintain
Codeshares with following we offering to each Customer Segment? Middle Class
with them?
airlines: Which customer needs are we satisfying?
Which ones we have established? Positioning - Premium airline
Who are our competitors and how are we
How are they integrated with the rest travel from India to other global
Adria Airways of our business model?
Price? destinations
How costly they are?
Characteristics: Examples:
Air Astana Newness Personal assistance
Dedicated personal assistance Mass Market
Self-service Niche Market
Air Austral Getting the job done Automated services Segmented
Communities Diversified
Co-creation Multi-sided Platform
Air Canada Price
Cost reduction
Air India Express Convenience/utility
Key Resources Channels User Segments
Air Mauritius What Key Resources do our Suppliers For whom are we creating the value?
Value Propositions require? Bargaining power of suppliers Who are our most important end
Our Distribution Channels? remain high as there are only few fuel users?
Air New Zealand
Customer Relationships? & aircraft suppliers How many potential users?
Revenue Streams? Talent pool of pilots, engineers & How many potential users by
Asiana Airlines other staff is also limite November?
Bargaining power of Mass Market
Niche Market
Austrian Airlines customers remains low as the Segmented
demand for low cost air travel Multi-sided Platform
Brussels Airlines
is quite high The costs of
switching airplanes & services
Croatia Airlines
offered hardly differ with each
EgyptAir other

Ethiopian Airlines


Hong Kong Airlines


Singapore Airlines

Swiss International Air Lines

Turkish Airlines

SriLankan Airlines

Cost Structure Revenue Streams

Fuel & Oil (35.3%), Staff Costs (13.7%), Interest on Working Capital (12.5%), Depreciation Passenger Revenue (77.7%), Other Revenue (7.3%), Charter & Code Share (7.1%), Cargo & Freight (5.3%),
(7.8%), Other Expenses (5.3%), Landing/ Navigation (4.7%), Interest -Aircraft Loans Revenue Sharing AICL(1.4%), Mail & Excess Baggage(.9%), Interest(
(3.8%), Material & Outside Repairs (3.5%),Handling (3.2%), Communication(2.8%), Hire of .2%), Others (.1%)
Aircraft (2.2%), Pax Amenities (2%), Commission (1.6%), Traveling Expenses (1%), Other Services:
Insurance(.5%) Engineering and Engine Overhaul- Rs.400 million (2013-2014)
The Security Department- Rs.872.3 million
The Cargo Revenue- Rs.8,549.0 million
Aircraft Financing
Market Research Plan

Gruop / profile # of persons Goal of contact How Ready by date / Responsible

- to reach what info do you want - interview, survey, other
User group A Is concept interesting
Get e-mails of potential prototype testers
User group B
Customer group C Potential value and price
Partner D
User group A Is prototype interesting?
How and when would they use it?
Improvement ideas?

Marketing Actions
Group profile Action Goals Ready by date / Responsible
- # of new users / sales