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Safe, productive, efficient

The New Scania

for ADR operators
Scania has long specialized in providing bespoke
solutions for the transport industry. And nowhere
is the need for specialism more apparent than in
the petroleum supply sector, where the paramount
demand for safety has to be complement by high
payloads and maximum uptime if the best possible
operation economy is to be achieved.
The New Scania has been designed to meet these
goals in an innovative, practical and truly effective
manner. By combining our highly refined modular
design platform with an all-new, customer-driven
specification service, our ability to precisely match
products to specific transport tasks has been taken
to a new level.
With each component on the truck optimized,
the focus shifts to support. Here Scania offers an
unrivalled range of products and services from flexible
maintenance plans to comprehensive Scania Fleet
Care programs catering for every need.
The following pages describe the New Scania
for the fuel supply industry, its key features and the
benefits it delivers. We are immensely proud of our
new product.
And as our most versatile, productive and efficient
range ever, were sure you will be impressed too.

Safety : Our
Safety is, always has been, Scanias top priority. Today, the New Scania encompasses more
IT was back in the mid-20th, that the company safety measures than any truck that we have
developed a cab safety standard which went on previously built. From the strongest cabs and a
to be adopted by the Swedish Government and host of on-board safety features to a service
set the bar for others to follow. Since then network providing cover and support for ADR
Scania has worked tirelessly to continuously vehicle operators nationwide, no marque does
improve and hone the passive and active safety more to enhance and promote safety in
features of its vehicles. operation than Scania.

04 Safety
top priority

Driveability and comfort Visibility ADR-approved

The drivers role in ensuring safety is Scania vehicles already have an excellent Fuel carrying vehicles require more
crucial, which is why as much as possible overall visibility, both on the road and maintenance than general cargo trucks.
needs to be done to support him or her. when manoeuvring. The view from the This is why Scania has an extensive
Class-leading handling and stability, a cab has now been further improved with network of ADR workshops capable of
new state-of-the-art Electro-hydraulic- slimmer A-pillars, lower side windows and servicing the whole vehicle, even outside
power Steered Tag axle (EST) and high a lowered instrument panel and a drivers of standard working hours. For added
torque-to-power ratios are important position which has been moved forward safety we also offer a range of ADR-
contributors here. Inside the cab, an by 65mm. The wiper system now cleans approved accessories such as camera
improved drivers environment and a larger area of the windscreen and head systems and working lights, as well as
interface are also major safety- lamps and spot lamps have been further ADR training both basic and follow-up,
enhancing features. developed to increase visibility to online and offline.
other drive.
More active safety Driver services
The New Scania offers more active Cab Well trained drivers are less likely to be
safety possibilities than ever: Electronic The cab structure is a monocoque involved in accidents. With a bespoke
Stability Program (ESP) brakes each design that complies with Swedish crash range of courses available, Scania Driver
wheel independently if the vehicle test standards, which are even stricter Training promotes the highest levels of
understeers or oversteers. Adaptive than EU standards. The roof hatch has professionalism and cover all aspects of
Cruise Control (ACC) maintains a sage been enlarged and new rollover airbags commercial vehicle driving.
distance from vehicles ahead. Lane protect cab occupants from side
Departure Warning (LDW) warns the impacts. Red seatbelts and a glass
driver if the truck begins to wander out hammer with seatbelt cuter are optional.
of its lane. Advance Emergency Braking
(AEB) automatically brakes the vehicle Communication
if the driver fails to react to an The New Scania comes with an
obstacle ahead. integrated, app-based two-way
communication system, which eliminates
Brake efficiency the need to handle phones. Subject to
Disc brakes with an Electronically- subscription to Scanias Fleet
controlled Brake System (EBS) improve Management Portal, messages are
both safety and payload. New brake displayed on the in-cab infotainment
callipers, combined with improved brake systems easy-to-view screen. Bluetooth
actuation and a more advanced position enables two telephones to be connected
of the front axle, improving braking at any one time. The most frequently
distance and handling, The New Scanias used controls can be highlighted in their
brake pads consist of a unique friction own colour or moved to the steering
material optimized for the patented alloy wheel. New intuitive controls have been
in the brake disc. This ensures maximum added to the drivers door.
service life with consistent braking
behaviour. A retarder helps increase the
life of the service brakes.

Safety 05
Specifying a
normal height
roof rather than
a Highline cab
saves 100kg.

Opting for a
foldable passenger
seat that will
saves 19kg.

Aluminium rims
save 15kg per rim.

Aluminium fuel tanks

save 1kg of weight
for every 10 litres
of volume.

06 Payload
durable and
Creating vehicles which are light, durable and productive is a
key challenge for Research and Development teams around
the world. The Scania Laboratory employs in excess of 3,000
engineers, many of whom are dedicated to developing solutions
for these three essential criteria. Lighter than ever, stronger
and highly efficient in operation, the New Scania is the outcome
of their work. And with every 200 kilograms of weight saved
adding in the region of 2,000 Euros to the bottom line every
year, the benefits are tangible and plain for all to see.

Aluminium air tanks

reduce kerb weight Mounting the
by a further 13kg fifth wheel directly
to the frames adds
82kg to the
payload potential.

Disc brakes reduce

the weight by 51kg
per axle.

Change the air

suspension from two
springs to four springs
4x2 tractor units and
save 31kg.

Scanias ability to tailor vehicles presents a unique

opportunity to optimise the balance between features
and kerb weight for every application.

Payload 07
08 Uptime
Maximum uPtime
for minimum
In todays demanding world, tight delivery windows and relentless
schedules call for the best possible vehicle availability. And for operators
in the fuel supply sector theres much more to think about than just the
truck, with the Safe Load Pass Scheme and the requirements of ADR
legislation adding considerably to the burden of compliance.
To help, Scania offers a nationwide one-stop shop catering for
every need of the fuel supply sector. From specialised ADR/Petroleum
Regulations workshops to a full testing and certification service assuring
on-going legal compliance, we can provide it all. Individually mapped to
meet specific needs of operation, our bespoke service plans keep your
vehicles out on the road for longer, thereby adding to their productivity
and revenue-earning potential.

Availability Maintenance contract with Remote diagnostics

The 90 workshops in Scanias flexible plans By diagnosing data from
UK network mean your trucks Every truck is used differently, your vehicle while it is on he
are seldom more than 30 which is why they should be road, Scania workshops can
minutes away from one of our serviced individually. Scanias shorten your visit and prepare
service centres and their new standard for maintenance the parts required ahead of
highly trained and skilled staff. contracts uses telematics data its arrival.
In addition to offering a wide from the vehicle to analyse
range of services, all Scania when a service is needed Scania Assistance
branches have extended and exactly what needs Available at any time of the
openings hours and many servicing. The maintenance day or night, 365 days a year,
work 24-hours a day. All of trailers and ADR-related Scania Assistance provides
Scania dealers also enjoy equipment, together with the a comprehensive roadside
access to our leading-edge preventive replacements of assistance service. Just one
global parts logistics system: strategic components such as call will put you in touch with
117,000 commercial vehicle alternators or batteries, can a service coordinator who will
components in stock with also be added into our flexible arrange your repair and tell
overnight deliveries worldwide. maintenance plans. you how long it will take.
Scania Assistance also uses
remote diagnostics to hasten
repair times.

Uptime 09
Total operating
The key attributes of the New Scania safety, terms of its scope and skills, you can rely upon the
performance, payload and uptime add up to New Scania and our nationwide team of service
just one thing: Total operating economy. Ready personnel. Dedicated to providing you with a
to work hard around the clock and backed by highly cost-effective solution to all your transport
a service network which is second-to-none in needs is our aim. Delivering it is our pledge.

The New Scania: Premium redefined in

all respects.

Example savings with the New Scania

Payload Uptime Reduce planned maintenance Vehicle Insurance

For fuel suppliers, reducing the While too little servicing may . Our Flexible Maintenance Every hour counts. Which is a
kerb weight of the vehicle lead to unexpected and costly Plans will help you find the good reason to consider Scania
increases payload and profit stops, too much of it results in perfect balance when it comes Insurance instead of just any
potential. Since the densities a loss of productivity in terms to servicing your vehicle. By insurance. Our prevention
of different fuels vary, we have of unnecessary downtime. continuously analysing your services can help you avoid
provided an example here in Until now, service was planned vehicle data, we are able to accidents, which typically cost
kilograms. By opting for to be better safe than sorry, identify and act on your an average of three to five
aluminium rims, a directly since mixed routes and servicing needs before they repair days. And if an accident
mounted fifth wheel and changing cargos makes it occur, thereby reducing happens anyway our workshop
four-spring rear suspension, difficult to find the right servicing hours by up to 20 service and parts availability
payload increases by service balance. Fortunately per cent. will save you hours and often
approximately 200 kilograms. that is about to change. days of downtime. In the end it
Here is a quick calculation: Example SAVING: all adds up.
Our Scania Maintenance with Revenue per day: 10
flexible plans will help you to Savings on unnecessary Example SAVING:
Total payload: 20,000kg find the perfect balance when maintenance: 1,800 per Based upon Prevention
Annual revenue: 200,000 it comes to servicing your three-year contract Services provided via Scania
vehicle. By continuously Insurance in Europe during
Increase in revenue per
analysing data from your 2015, one accident saved
200 kg of saved weight:
vehicle, we are able to identify equates to a cost saving of
200kg / 20,000kg x 200,000
and act upon your service 4,000. (Average figure based
= 2,000
needs before they appear. on all associated costs, e.g.
towing, deductibles, increase
in premium, downtime, driver
injury, customer satisfactions
and administration).

As you can see, the New Scania offers considerable

savings across a wide number of areas. Exactly what can be
achieved will depend upon your own particular operational
circumstances, which is where our team of specialists comes
in. So please arrange a meeting with your nearest Scania
dealer, who will help you to find a solution which is perfectly
tailored for the only business that matters. Yours.

10 Total Operating Economy

Total Operating Economy 11
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