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SCANIA construction

Keeping the construction industry going 45

scania benefits
uptime 69

Productivity 1011

Power and fuel efficiency 1213

the construction industry. its hard to imagine a

business as diverse and challenging. tippers 1617

at scania were proud to be a part of it and Heavy tippers

Hook lifts & skip loaders



were committed to providing trucks and services concrete mixers 2223

that enable us to drive your business forward.

concrete pumps 2425

cranes 2627

Heavy haulage 2829

Martin Lundstedt
cEo scania
cab range 3031

cab interior 3233

service & suPPort 3435

tecHnical sPecifications 3639

SCANIA construction

Keeping the construction

industry going.
Every day, Scania vehicles can be found hard HoW scania iMProves Your
at work at construction sites throughout the total oPeratinG econoMY:
world. Durability, reliability and drivability the scania heritage
are a few reasons why professionals rely on 1. uptime Scania has been on the road for more than a century. Durable, robust and
Scania to move their businesses ahead. You get a robust and durable truck that is ingenious solutions have always been our trademark and our innovations
built to never let you down. You also get continue to be a driving force within the industry. No wonder Scania trucks
solutions for every need access to our global service network are appreciated by drivers and operators around the world.
At Scania, we offer more than trucks. werededicated to your profitability.
Together we can tailor complete solutions
that support your operations in the best 2. Productivity 1908 1948
possible way. With Scania construction You get a truck that takes payload, drivability
trucks and services you get all you need to and productivity to the next level, perfectly
support your operations. specified to your operating conditions.

3. fuel efficiency
You get a truck that is fine-tuned to achieve Scania EL, 4 tonne tipper. Scania-Vabis L12.
just the right balance between performance
and fuel efficiency.
1965 1999

Scania-Vabis L36 Concrete mixer. Scania R144 GB8X4 460 Tipper. 2014 Scania P 410 tipper.

4 5

tested and perfected.

At Scania we are continuously testing our
vehicles to find new ways to optimise and
improve overall vehicle performance to
ensure uptime.

arctic chill to scorching heat

Rain and snow cannons create realistic
heavy rain and snowstorms in Scanias
tilt stability tests all-conditions tests
climatic wind tunnel. Temperatures between A Scania 88 hook lift is put to the test: 32 degrees at It has to work in dust, mud and soaked in water. During
35 and +50 degrees Celsius can be 32 tonnes GVW. the test programme, every inch of the truck is measured,
climate tested
simulated, as well as humidity of between analysed and evaluated.
From 35C to +50C.
15 and 96 percent. The facility is the largest
of its kind in Europe, and one of the worlds
most modern climate test tunnels.

nonstop testing shock tests crash tests

Scania rigorously tests its vehicles to ensure reliability even under severe operating conditions. Scania cabs meet worldwide ECE R29 standards, as well A Scania cab is built around a tough, rigid steel cage
as Swedens even tougher safety standards. designed to withstand severe impact.


robust, rugged
bumper options

and flexible.
You know what you need from a perfect Protruding bumper 130 mm High bumper
truck. So we give you every option to get it flexible boarding step
right. All the way from cabs and bumpers to Suspended by rubber belts.

axles and engines, we adapt the vehicle to

match your operational environment.

Scania trucks are all about maximising

uptime. So you get all you need to reliably
move your business ahead. On-road and
off-road. Protruding bumper 50 mm Low bumper

foot step
Integrated in the bumper.
35 tonne tow pin
Gets you out of trouble without having to unload.

Wide protective shield

Easy to remove and change.

25 approach angle or more

A wide range of specification options
to reach off-road classification.

solid steel bumper axles with hub reduction

A sturdy one-piece bumper that is easy to remove. for 1932-tonne bogie
Perfect for tough construction work and when you need
Headlamp and fog lamp protection to maximise the payload. 35 tonne tow pin

8 9
SCANIA productivity

our chassis are bodybuilder preparations

Pre-drilled mounting holes, sub-frame brackets and

designed to carry
cut-to-fit frames, hydraulics and electricity we do
everything we can to simplify for the bodybuilders. High air intake
Drive safely off-road and through water.

your business.
light weight chassis
vertical exhaust
By choosing light weight disc brakes, air suspension
No more dust blown under the truck.
and aluminium rims you can make it even lighter
and thus increase payload.
compact euro 6 silencer
A new Scania truck is the foundation of your
95% NOx reduction, 99% particle reduction.
operation. We understand that. We also new bodywork communication interface (bci)
Easy to connect and even easier to program.
understand that you count on your
investment to last for many years.

High chassis suspension options

Thats why we put all our effort, experience Front:
Superior ground clearance.
and expertise into building the most robust 9 tonne front axle with air suspension
and durable trucks on the market. Your truck 10 tonne front axle with leaf springs
is optimized for different payloads and any
optimised frames Back: to tHe bodYbuilder
kind of bodywork. Frames are optimised for each vehicle to find the Air-suspended bogie for high chassis
right balance between strength and weight. Progressive parabolic rear springs Scania prepares the chassis to make life
(19, 21, 26 tonne) easier for you. Pre-drilled mounting holes,
frame length overhang sub-frame brackets and cut-to-fit frames,
Adaptable in 10 mm steps. hydraulics and electricity everything is
32 tonne bogie available. We make the process of fitting the
body to the truck as quick, simple and cost-
effective as possible.
Drum brakes are available, as well as light, effective and well
protected disk brakes brake safely and increase the payload. Download multilayered dimensional
closing cross members
A wide range of closing cross members
drawings, technical data and more at the
and draw beams can be fitted at the Scania Bodybuilder homepage:
factory to save valuable time.

10 For more options and features contact your local dealer. 11

SCANIA poWEr & fuEl EfficiEncy

scania Euro 6.
With our wide range of engines, gearboxes
and central gears, you can specify a truck that
suits your needs perfectly.

powerful, fuel efficient

clutch protection extreme power
Scania has developed many features Extreme power, outstanding torque
that ensure a long and trouble-free and great operating economy what emission levels
service life for the clutch. else do you need from an engine? The Scania engine range offers options

and well proven.

in every emission level, such as Euro 3, 4, 5,
Launch control EEV and Euro 6.
Clutch wear protection scania retarder more braking power scania opticruise gear-changing intelligence
Clutch overload warning The Scania Retarder is designed to provide extra high Scania Opticruise is an automated gear-changing
brake torque when needed. This effective auxiliary system that ensures that the correct gear is always
brake system is integrated within the powertrain and selected, thus optimising fuel consumption and
High-torque output, outstanding fuel
increases braking power while reducing brake wear. reducing stress on the powertrain. The system is
economy and low emissions are a few of the
Together with Scania Opticruise you will get the most available with either a classic clutch pedal or a fully
benefits of Scanias renowned Euro 6 out of the Scania Retarder and the exhaust brake. automated version with a rocking function. Multiple
engines that have set the standard since modes can be specified to deliver the correct strategy
Gearbox-driven engine-driven
2011. power take-offs power take-offs for different conditions. Standard-, power- and off-road
mode can be specified. Features such as hill-hold and
retarder complete the system.
Scanias comprehensive range of Euro 6
engines is available with power outputs
Standard/economy mode optimised to provide
from 250 to 730 hp. They deliver all the flywheel-driven good fuel economy while delivering good hill perfor-
qualities that you have come to expect from power take-offs
Scania. Whichever you choose, you get an Off-road mode perfect for construction purposes.
engine you can trust for years to come. Keeps the clutch engaged as much as possible to
avoid interruptions in power delivery. Also improves
improved total operating economy traction.
scania retarder
The best way to improve total operating Power mode intended for runs where transport
Optimised for construction purposes,
time is at a premium.
economy is to find the perfect balance available braking power up to 4100 Nm. the traction panel
between drivability, startability and fuel how to put power to the ground
consumption. We do it by optimising your On the dashboard you will find a panel dedicated to
alternative fuels engine options improving traction. Controls include differential lock,
powertrain. Scania is leading the alternative fuel Include everything from the Scania traction, weight transfer and off-road mode. Every
evolution with the markets widest range 250 hp 5 inline all the way to the feature is designed to give you total control of your
Check out our complete engine range on of Euro 6 engines for biodiesel. Scania 730 hp V8. vehicles traction.
page 39.

12 13
SCANIA construction

fit for hard work.

fit for tough business.

concerete Mixers PAGES 2223 concerete PuMPs PAGES 2425

tiPPers PAGES 1617 HeavY tiPPers PAGES 1819
cranes PAGES 2627

sKiP loaders/HooK lifts PAGES 2021

HeavY HaulaGe PAGES 2829

14 15
SCANIA tippErs

driver comfort

tippers tailored
An ergonomic environment inside the truck,
outstanding visibility around the truck and Pto
excellent handling and manoeuvrability. Read Choose between gearbox driven and engine driven.
smart handles and footsteps
more about our cab range on page 37.

to your needs.
Simplifies entering and exiting the cab and
inspecting the load. scania retarder
Optimised for construction purposes. Available braking power
up to 4100 Nm. Improves braking performance and reduces
exhaust systems for all emission levels wear on the brakes. Works perfectly with Scania Opticruise.

scania opticruise Rear outlets left, right and a vertical exhaust

From gravel pits to construction sites. system available. scania r 520 64 v8 tipper in Sweden.
Our outstanding automatic gear-
Wherever heavy work needs to be done, changing system, a great way to cut
Scania tippers are there to deliver. increase the payload
operating costs and improve comfort
Our chassis are light weight. By choosing light weight
and safety. Availble with or without
disc brakes, air suspension and aluminium rims you
Every tipper has its own set of requirements clutch pedal and off-road mode.
can make it even lighter and thus increase payload.
that needs to be fulfilled in order for it to be We optimise it exactly to your needs.
a productive tool for your business. Payload,
fuel economy and road conditions are all
part of the equation. Thats why we specify
bodybuilder ready
the vehicle to your needs.
All preparations needed are available
35 tonne tow pin from the factory to shorten lead times.
Gets you out of trouble without having to unload. scania G 450 64 tipper with trailer in Sweden.

Wide protective shield all-Wheel-drive

Easy to remove and change. Available as 44, 66. Special execution:
88 with exceptional mobility.
25 approach angle or more
A wide range of specification options
to reach off-road classification. the right chassis height
Normal, semi-high and high chassis
solid steel bumper heights are available.
A sturdy one-piece bumper that is easy to remove.
rear suspension
Headlamp and fog lamp protection
Leaf 1921 to nne
superior ground clearance
flexible boarding step Scania G 450 84 Air 1926 tonne
Hitting rocks is no problem, the steps Progressive parabolic rear springs
front suspension
are suspended by rubber belts. 19, 21 and 26 tonnes available for improved comfort
Leaf 6.710 tonne
and traction especially when unloaded.
Air 7.19 tonne

16 For more options and features contact your local dealer. 17

SCANIA hEavy tippErs

designed for heavy safe operations

Scania cabs meet worldwide ECE R29 standards as
well as Swedens even tougher safety standards.

duty missions. air intakes

Choose between front air-intakes, high air-intakes and high
Sometimes conditions are extra tough. You startability air-intakes with pre-cleaner for extra tough conditions scania P 440 84 tipper in Russia.
need to move heavier loads and go on-road Traction and start capabilities are
enhanced by optimising engine and
as well as off-road. Scania is the perfect
transmission for your application rugged chassis
Reinforced frames for extra heavy loads.

Building tough trucks for tough conditions is

what we do best. Add our extensive service
Grab handles
and support programme and you have
Integrated in the grille
everything you need to keep your business closing cross members
moving in any condition, anytime, anywhere. Wide range of closing cross members and draw beams
Powertrain scania G 410 84 tipper in Argentina.
can be fitted at the factory to save valuable time.
A wide range of powertrain options
is available. See pages 1213.

scania opticruise
rear suspension
Our outstanding automatic gear-
Leaf 30/32 tonne
changing system, a great way to cut
operating costs and improve comfort
and safety. Availble with or without
clutch pedal and off-road mode.

High-placed brake chambers

Well protected when the going gets tough. axles with hub reduction for 30/32-tonne bogie
front anti-roll bar Scania P 440 64 For high chassis with high placed brake chambers. 548
Extra stiffness improves vehicle stability. parabolic springs or 830 multileaf. Perfect for tough
front suspension
construction work and when you need to maximise the
9 tonne parabolic springs 428.

18 For more options and features contact your local dealer. 19

SCANIA hooK lifts & sKip loadErs

move anything,
exhaust systems for all
emission levels driver station
flexible chassis composition Maximum comfort, complete
Left or right rear outlets and
Axle distances and chassis available in a variety in-cab operation.

go anywhere.
vertical systems are available.
of steps to fit any size of lift dumper container.
superior visibility
with close-up and wide-angle mirrors. adaptable design
Option to add cameras. Easy-to-fit hydraulic tanks, toolboxes,
auxiliary equipment and everything
Giant forces are at play during loading and else you need in your operations. scania P 360 62 rear-steer skiploader
back window
unloading. And your truck has to endure Available to further improve visibility
in Sweden.
them day in and day out and still deliver at High payload
its very best. Pto factory preparations
cabs A wide range of power take-offs available. Tow beams, draw beams, trailer
Scania trucks are up to the task. We use our Easy access through large opening angle
couplings, under-run protection,
and wide footsteps in combination with
long experience and engineering skills to end beams everything can be
optimally located grab handles.
create robust, flexible and long-lasting fitted at the factory.
vehicles for all your operations. Perfectly scania opticruise
balanced between performance and Our outstanding automatic gear-changing
durability. system, a great way to cut operating costs
and improve comfort and safety. With or
scania r 730 84 Hook lift with asphalt
without clutch pedal and off-road mode.
trailer in Sweden.
Manual gearboxes and traditional auto-
matic gearboxes are also available.

leaf springs or air suspension

We have several suspension options
to choose from. new bodywork
Scania P 280 42 communication interface (bci)
Powertrain air-suspension with
excellent manoeuvrability Easy to connect and even easier to
Can be specified to suit different level-control options program.
operations and road conditions. Scania G 450 62
Go everywhere rigid and robust chassis
Excellent traction and startability in Can be optimised to your needs Scanias sturdy, well-proven chassis are perfect for hook
tool boxes A wide range of powerful low
varying operational conditions. to find the right balance between lift operations.
Easy to mount on the chassis. rev and high torque engines also
available for alternative fuels. performance and weight.

20 For more options and features contact your local dealer. 21

SCANIA concrEtE mixErs

Built to maximise engines

The renowned Scania engines are
designed to provide maximum uptime
Keep the wheels in motion
We provide unrivalled after-sales support through

and fuel economy. More about engines our global Scania service network (1500 workshops
on page 39. in 90 countries). See pages 3435.

driver area
Light, reliable and easy to manoeuvre. There A low instep enables easy access to the cab.
scania G 480 84 rear-steer mixer in Sweden.
Driver-oriented interior provides excellent working
you have three strong reasons to choose a increase payload
environment. Get inspired on pages 3233.
Scania mixer. Compact chassis installation, frame, and choices
of suspension and powertrain contribute to
increased loading capacity while maintaining
When you need to maximise the payload, Good view maximum robustness and durability.
the choice is simple. Scania offers one of the Windows and mirrors provide great
lightest four-axle mixers on the market. Its visibility around the truck from the
also very robust and dependable. Great for driver position. Maintenance
productivity. Great for business. We can tailor a maintenance programme
scania opticruise exactly to your needs.
Our gear-changing system is developed
scania P 380 64 concrete mixer in UAE.
and optimised for outstanding functionality
together with other vehicle systems.
Can be added to further improve visibility.
The result: superior performance.

disc brakes
Light, effective and well protected. Allows you
High chassis to brake safely and increase the payload.
Superior ground clearance with
air and spring suspension.

excellent manoeuvrability
Short axle distance improves the scania P 360 64 mixer in Argentina.
scania retarder turning radius
axles and suspensions Scania P 410 84
Scania offers a wide range of options to match your Improves braking performance without
requirements. The right configuration will save weight, affecting fuel consumption. It also reduces
improve handling and increase driver comfort brake wear.

22 For more options and features contact your local dealer. 23

SCANIA concrEtE pumps

pumps that deliver tailored trucks

We are experts in optimising trucks
for different applications. Together we

the goods.
specify and tailor it to perfectly match
your needs. You get a truck that you can
depend on for years to come.

Pumping concrete is a critical operation.

With Scania, you get a truck that you can adapted power delivery
really depend on. All Scania engines are designed to provide
maximum uptime and fuel economy within
required emission limits. More about uptime delivered
Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and We can tailor a service and maintenance
engines on page 39.
our ability to produce extremely rugged and programme according to your specific needs.
robust vehicles make us the partner of
scania opticruise Services include:
choice for many professionals. Reliable long-
Our outstanding automatic gear- Remote diagnostics
term performance. Thats what you get with changing system, a great way to cut After-sales support is available through
Scania. operating costs and improve comfort our extensive service network:
the worlds tallest concrete pump
and safety. Availble with or without 1500 workshops in 90 countries
Scania was commissioned by Chinese company Zoomlion
clutch pedal and off-road mode. Scania Assistance
to provide a truck for the first pump ever to exceed
Scania Driver Training
100metres in height.
Scania Fleet Management

35 tonne tow pin

Gets you out of trouble if stuck
on remote construction sites.
new bodywork
Wide protective shield communication interface (bci)
Easy to remove and change. Easy to connect and even easier to
Scania G 490 104 program.
solid steel bumper
factory adaptation
A sturdy one-piece bumper that is easy to remove. support legs
Scanias waste toolbox makes it High chassis Wheel configurations
Preparations are Superior ground clearance with
possible to fulfil every individual We offer a wide range of wheel configurations
made at the factory. air and spring suspension.
customer demand. to suit every request and need.
scania r 480 84 concrete pump mixer in Italy.

24 For more options and features contact your local dealer. 25


Elevate your optional crane applications

Truck-mounted cranes

Bridge inspection cranes
Mobile cranes

vertical exhaust lifting capacity

Provides a healthier work environment around the truck. Suitable for all truck-mounted cranes from smaller variants
up to high performance cranes well above 100 tm.
Tipper cranes. Flatbed cranes. Mobile cranes.
Whatever your crane need is, we can supply free space behind the cab scania P 280 42 platform with crane in Belguim.
exactly the right vehicle to support it. Simplifies the bodybuilding process.

Good view
A Scania truck is perfectly optimised for your flexible chassis configurations
Windows and mirrors provide great
application as well as the environments in Available for many different crane options we specify
visibility around the truck from the
your vehicle to your needs and tailor your chassis down
which you operate. Robust, durable and fine driver position.
to every detail.
tuned all the way from engine and gearbox new bodywork
to weight, chassis height and size of the cab. communication interface (bci)
Many Pto options
Easy to connect and even easier to
Engine and gearbox driven PTOs are available
depending on your application needs.

crane assembly plate scania G 400 82 with crane in Denmark.

chassis configuration examples
Preparations from factory.
2 axles for up to 18 tonne-metres
3 axles for up to 30 tonne-metres
4 axles for 100 tonne-metres and above
suspension options
We can adapt the chassis to fit your operation with
a large variety of different suspension options.
Maximised uptime
Robust and durable chassis in combination
Scania R 580 82 with tailormade service offerings.

support legs preparations extra-rugged chassis

Are carried out at the factory. Helps to better distribute lifting forces.
scania P 400 84 with truck-mounted liebherr
crane in Germany.

26 For more options and features contact your local dealer. 27

SCANIA hEavy haulagE

tailored solutions ready to go

Since all components are part of

for oversize loads.

Scanias modular product range, type cab safety
approval is straightforward. Scania cabs are built around a tough, rigid steel
cage designed to withstand severe impact. They
meet worldwide safety standards, as well as
Swedens even tougher standards.

Transportation of bulky, heavy goods is

tricky. It puts special demands not only on Gearbox
the driver, but also on the vehicle. Power is delivered via the 12-speed overdrive
Scanias wide range of cabs allows you
gearbox, which has two ultra-low crawler gears,
to select cab size and height to secure
with overall ratios down to 13.3:1.
Thats why we tailor your heavy-haulage maximum crew comfort.
tractor with both your driver and your the overdrive gearbox
profitability in mind. Together we create the Has an overall ratio of 0.8:1, enabling cruising
utterly robust
ideal solution for all your oversize Heavy duty components are used throughout the trucks, at comfortable revs for fast transfers. Hub-reduction
challenges. Hub-reduction drive axles promote
from the overdrive gearbox and sturdy hub-reduction
smoothness by eliminating the risk of
axles, to the suspension, chassis and cab mountings.
judder in the powertrain. scania r 730 84 topline Heavy Haulage:
Trailer loaded with a Scania Genset SG 600 and a
Terex articulated dump truck TA 300 66 powered by
a 9-litre Scania engine.
Scania engines are well known for
their high torque-to-power ratio
and excellent fuel economy.

Efficient all-mechanical transmission
with excellent fuel consumption.

Scania R 730 64 axle configurations

traction Three axles 64; 66
All engines deliver maximum torque Four axles 84; 84 twin-steer; 88 scania r 730 84 topline euro 6.
from as low as 1000r/min. Five axles 104

28 For more options and features contact your local dealer. 29


our superior cabs

are spelled with
three letters:
p, g and r.
A cab needs to be flexible and extremely
comfortable, after all you spend hours in the
drivers seat. But it also needs to be
completely safe. All our cabs are rigorously
tested to meet European safety standards
the toughest in the world.

P-series G-series r-series

With its two-step entry, the P-Series is our most Sized midway between the P- and R-series, the When space and comfort are your top priority,
easily accessible cab. The compact size and low G-series is well suited for construction operations. take a look at the R-Series. Designed to make long
overall vehicle weight expand your load space Easy entry and exit, good close range visibility, a challenging missions a pleasure, it has a bench-
capacity. Outstanding visibility and a class-leading low engine tunnel and plenty of storage space. Add mark driver station and an impressive equipment
driver station make it the ideal cab for many comfort and a compact exterior and you have a level. Easy cross-cab access and plenty of room
tough construction operations. great cab. for a Scania V8 engine.

30 31
SCANIA caB intErior

your cab. Short
You have many opportunities to tailor make
your work environment. All the way from
the steering wheel and seats to storage
space and floor mats there are plenty of
interior details to choose from.

seats and upholstery bed and resting equipment

A wide range of seat models and many different types of upholstery to choose from. They all Get a sleeper cab with a fold-up resting bed.
come with an adjustable backrest with integrated head restraint and safety belt.

Long extra equipment

steering wheels instrument panels cameras storage day cab resting day cab sill strip
Important controls are integrated in the steering wheel. Wheels are available in plenty of materials and colour Dashboards are available in two lengths. A short version that allows for greater mobility, and a long Front and rear cameras are linked to a dedicated screen There is plenty of storage space in the cabs, easily In day cabs, optional resting equipment comprises a Aluminium is standard. Three optional strips are
variations. You can always get a matching gear lever. version that can be customised with extra equipment and different finishes and trimmings. in the dashboard. accessible from the driver seat. fold-up bed. available with unique stylings.

32 33
SCANIA sErvicE & support

taking you further.

service network
Our service network spans 1500 workshops
across the world with 14 000 dedicated
professionals at your service.

Our trucks are designed to run in very tough

environments. But even the worlds most
durable trucks need care and assistance to
scania fleet Management scania rental vehicle related service
ensure a continuous and flawless operation.
A smart way to gain control over your business and The perfect solution when you need an extra Scania A one-stop service shop for your entire truck, including
Scania has many useful services that can be to lower costs by connecting your vehicles with your truck to cover a sudden peak in demand. body and trailer.
tailored to suit your business. Here are a few office.
of them.

scania assistance scania financial services scania driver training

Roadside maintenance and repair services 24 hours Flexible financial solutions that can be adapted to your A high quality training programme that improves
aday, every day. needs, from operating leases all the way to financial driving, increases safety and lowers fuel consumption.

repair and maintenance scania insurance remote diagnostics

Regular maintenance is the easiest way to secure All the back up you need to quickly get your business A way to diagnose your truck while in operation, giving
uptime and increase vehicle lifespan. moving again if something should happen to your workshops plenty of time to prepare for your visit.

34 35
SCANIA spEcification options

Scania offers a wider range of cabs. The cabs presented
here are suitable for construction purposes and all
possible specifications.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
sHort cabs daY cabs sleePer cabs
short cabs

Scania P-series P short 2790 mm 1710 mm 1500 mm 1170 mm 460 mm No 2 No

Lightweight, economical and G short 3030 mm 1710 mm 1500 mm 1320 mm 310 mm No 3 No
comfortable. A compact Scania
cab with full-sized quality and 3 day cabs
P day 2790 mm 1990 mm 1500 mm 1170 mm 460 mm 1 2) 2 No

Engines: G day 3030 mm 1990 mm 1500 mm 1320 mm 310 mm 1 2) 3 No

250 to 450 hp
R day 3100 mm 1990 mm 1500 mm 1480 mm 150 mm 1 2)
3 No
low normal highline
1 sleeper cabs

P low 2790 mm 2260 mm 1500 mm 1170 mm 460 mm 1 3) 2 No

Scania G-series
Well-equipped mid-size cab G low 3030 mm 2260 mm 1500 mm 1320 mm 310 mm 1 3)
3 Yes 4)
5 8
range, perfect for construction R low 3100 mm 2260 mm 1500 mm 1480 mm 150 mm 1 3) 3 Yes 4)
P normal 3030 mm 2260 mm 1700 mm 1390 mm 460 mm 1 3) 2 No
G normal 3270 mm 2260 mm 1700 mm 1530 mm 310 mm 2 3) 3 Yes 4)
250 to 490 hp
R normal 3340 mm 2260 mm 1700 mm 1690 mm 150 mm 2 3) 3 Yes 4)
low normal highline Not available with gas engine.
P Highline 3230 mm 2260 mm 910 mm 1590 mm 460 mm 1 3) 2 No

7 G Highline 3470 mm 2260 mm 1910 mm 1740 mm 310 mm 2 3) 3 Yes 4)

Scania R-series R Highline 3540 mm 2260 mm 1910 mm 1900 mm 150 mm 2 3)
3 Yes 4)
Pure premium in every detail
with maximum space, comfort R Topline 3860 mm 2260 mm 2230 mm 2220 mm 150 mm 2 3) 3 Yes 4)
and prestige.
Optional resting equipment.
Engines: Resting bunk width 500 mm.
370 to 730 hp 1. Overall height 1) 5. Floor height, cab centre
2. Overall length 6. Number of beds 3)
Bed width (upper bed optional):
low normal highline topline 3. Floor-to-roof, footwell 7. Boarding steps P-series: lower bed 700 mm.
4. Floor-to-roof, cab centre 8. Exterior storage G-series: lower bed 700 mm, upper bed 600 mm.
R-series: lower bed 800 mm, extendable bed 700900 mm, upper bed 600 or 700 mm.
Depending on chassis height and tyre size.
Height: 376 mm. Width: 600 mm. Capacity: 470 litres (both sides together).
36 37
SCANIA spEcification options

chassis axle configurations Engines Euro 6 gearbox range

chassis heights N = normal S = semi-high H = high
fraMes. With many years experience from markets WeiGHt oPtiMisation. The modular design and
Swept volume Maximum power Maximum torque Emission control Range-change gearboxes Range-splitter gearboxes
all over the world, Scanias modular range of truck wide choice of chassis options enables the strength
chassis offers almost limitless scope for customisation. as well as the configuration to be precision-matched 5-cylinder inline engines 8 gears 12 gears
Frames with single side members are available, as well to any task. This makes Scania construction chassis Light-duty gearbox Premium gearbox
9 litres 250 hp (184 kW) at 1,900 r/min 1250 Nm (10001350 r/min) EGR, SCR
as flitched frames in several strengths. class-by-class among the lightest and strongest on the Engines: up to 2100 Nm Engines: up to 2350 Nm
market. 44 62
9 litres 280 hp (206 kW) at 1,900 r/min 1400 Nm (10001350 r/min) EGR, SCR Options: Scania Opticruise, Scania Retarder Options: Scania Opticruise, Scania Retarder
Vehicles can be specified with different heights, normal, tractor: n s h tractor: h tractor: n s
9 litres gas 280 hp (206 kW) at 1,900 r/min 1350 Nm (10001400 r/min) EGR, Lambda control
semi-high and high, the latter with generous ground rigid: n s h rigid: h rigid: n s
8+1 gears 12+2 gears
clearance and all vulnerable components out of harms 9 litres * 320 hp (235 kW) at 1,900 r/min 1600 Nm (10501300 r/min) SCR Heavy-duty gearbox with crawler Premium gearbox with two crawlers
way. 9 litres gas 340 hp (250 kW) at 1,900 r/min 1600 Nm (11001400 r/min) EGR, Lambda control Engines: up to 2400 Nm Engines: up to 2700 Nm
Options: Scania Retarder Options: Scania Opticruise, Scania Retarder
9 litres * 360 hp (265 kW) at 1,900 r/min 1700 Nm (11001350 r/min) SCR
Wheels and tyres are available for all operating condi-
tions. Anti-roll bars are available on most axles for 62 rear-steer 64 66 6-cylinder inline engines 12+2 gears
rigid: n s tractor: n s h Automatic gearboxes
added stability. rigid: h
13 litres 370 hp (272 kW) at 1,900 r/min 1900 Nm (10001300 r/min) EGR, SCR Premium overdrive gearbox with two crawlers
rigid: n s h
Automatic gearboxes are available together Engines: up to 3500 Nm
Wheel bases range between 29006500 mm depending 13 litres 410 hp (302 kW) at 1,900 r/min 2150 Nm (10001300 r/min) SCR with most of the 5- and 6-cylinder engines Options: Scania Opticruise, Scania Retarder
on wheel configuration. 13 litres * 450 hp (331 kW) at 1,900 r/min 2350 Nm (10001300 r/min) EGR, SCR
13 litres 450 hp (331 kW) at 1,900 r/min 2350 Nm (10001300 r/min) SCR
82 82 twin-steer 82 rear-steer
13 litres * 490 hp (360 kW) at 1,900 r/min 2550 Nm (10001300 r/min) EGR, SCR PTO gearbox-driven (clutch dependent)
rigid: n s rigid: n s rigid: n s
V8 engines Clock
axles 16 litres 520 hp (382 kW) at 1,900 r/min 2700 Nm (10001300 r/min) EGR, SCR
Connection Ratio Torque Max output*

16 litres * 580 hp (427 kW) at 1,900 r/min 2950 Nm (10001350 r/min) EGR, SCR Pump/Flange 0.82/1.00/1.03/1.28 1,200 Nm 74/110 kW 5 CCV
sinGle reduction axle. Scania offers a range of front axles. Front axles have a capacity of up to
16 litres 730 hp (537 kW) at 1,900 r/min 3500 Nm (10001400 r/min) EGR, SCR Pump/Flange 1.03/1.28/1.29/1.58 700 Nm 74/110 kW 5 CCV
42, 62 and 82 trucks with a single-reduction drive 10 tonnes. Scanias driven front axle with hub reduc- 84 84 rear-steer 86
axle for lighter applications. Suspension options include tion has a capacity of 9 tonnes and can be specified in rigid: n s h rigid: n s rigid: h
Pump/Flange 1.33/1.65/1.78/2.22 400Nm 60/90 kW 5 CV
* also available with biodiesel
air, parabolic and multi-leaf springs. A single-reduction several configurations, matching even the sturdiest of Pump/Flange 1.06/1.29/1.32/1.33/1.60/1.65/1.67/2.04 430 Nm 70/100 kW 5 CV
tandem bogie can be specified on lighter-duty 64 the rear axle set-ups.
and 84 vehicles with either air, parabolic or multi-leaf Pump/Flange 1.61/1.66/1.99/2.06/2.08/2.55 500 Nm 110 kW 5 CV (CCV)
suspension. all-WHeel-drive. Available as 44, 66 and Exhaust system Double front axle Pump/Flange 1.25/1.55/1.56/1.91 600 Nm 110 kW 5 CV (CCV)
88. Transfer boxes can be specified in two strengths. Different silencer positions depending on silencer size and chassis specification.
Pump/Flange 1.00/1.21/1.24/1.25/1.49/1.53 800 Nm 110 kW 5 CV (CCV)
Hub reduction. Available in two strength classes Front-wheel drive is either permanent or, as an option, 88 104 rear-steer
on four-, six-, eight- and ten-wheelers. The capacity is engageable. rigid: h rigid: s PTO flywheel-driven (clutch independent)
up to 16 tonnes per axle. Parabolic or multi-leaf suspen- Pump/Flange 1.0 2,000 Nm 120/170/200/250 kW 12 CCV
sion options are designed to suit high gross weights taG axles. Configurations include twin-steer, with
and the most arduous conditions. Vehicles can be a steered tag axle ahead of the drive axle or bogie, Flange** 1.0 1,000 Nm 120/170 kW 12 CCV
the options shown here are typical for construction applications in many markets. other options may also be available
specified for gross combination weights up to 150 or rear-steer, with a steered tag axle aft of the drive to suit local conditions. please check with a scania dealer for the latest information on additions to the range and the PTO engine-driven
tonnes or more. axle(s). availability of the specifications that are of interest to you. the complete range of scania vehicles features many other
options designed for long-haulage, special-purpose and distribution applications. Pump 1.19 600 Nm 75/142 kW 2 CCV
Standard execution. V8 execution. Large tyres or support leg
preparation execution. *higher value for intermittent load (max. 15 min) or with oil cooler.
**possible to engage/disengage when engine is running.

38 39
Scania pursues an active policy of product development and improvement. For this
reason the company reserves the right to change products and product specifications
without prior notice. Furthermore, due to national or EU legal requirements, some
products and services may not be available in all markets. For further information,
please contact your dealer or visit

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