Minutes of Meeting 5.

22/07/10 Project Reference Group Present: Apologies: Observer: Cris Ruhr(chair), Tanya Hallett(vice-chair), Debra Nelson(secretary), Odette Hunter, Annie Robinson. Lyn Gunter, Karen Gunter, Laine McDonald. Sarah Martin(MSC)

Meeting Opened @ 7:45pm Welcome & Apologies. Minutes: Odette confirmed, Annie 2nd. Attach follow-up email from Mark Leitinger. 1. Cris reported that he bought items as discussed before PCG at last weeks meeting. PCG are now acting on the referrals. PCG thanked everyone on the PRG for their work. PRG have finished with building referrals. Focus is on the external planning – landscaping, tree planting, playgrounds, barbecues etc. Get community input through kindergarten, flyers at shop etc. Contact Antarctica Architects regarding availability to attend PRG meeting to discuss what can be done outside. 2. Begin organising PRG community presentation night. Sarah has volunteered to assist in preparations of this event. Sarah to email copy of details discussed to Debra to attach to minutes. In Closing: Focus on planning of the CH grounds. Cris to email John Burgess re: architects for next meeting. Meeting next week TBC. Meeting Closed @8:30pm

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