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FEBRUARY 20, 2016

Enjoy the journey.

Call 1 - 8 0 0 - U S A - R A I L

Visit A M T R A K . C O M


and intermediate stations

NRPC Form W32100M2/20/16 Stock #02-3321

Schedules subject to change without notice. Amtrak is a registered service mark of the National Railroad
Passenger Corp. National Railroad Passenger Corporation Washington Union Station, 60 Massachusetts
Ave. N.E., Washington, DC 20002.

Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Coast Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak

Train Name Thruway Thruway Thruway Thruway Thruway Thruway
Cascades Cascades Cascades Starlight Cascades Cascades Cascades Cascades Cascades

Train Number 503 b 505 b 501 11 513 513 b 507 b b 509 b 517
Normal Days of Operation Mo-Fr& Daily SaSu& Daily Daily Daily SaSu& Mo-Fr& Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily
On Board Service R R R R R R
l E l E l E r lE y l l E l E l E l E
Mile Symbol 
Vancouver, BC (PT) 0 v Dp b5 30A l6 30A l6 30A b9 00A b11 30A b4 00P l5 35P
Pacific Central Station
Richmond, BC 12 > bR5 50A bR9 30A bR12 00N bR4 30P
Sandman Signature Hotel
Surrey, BCPacific Inn 29 > bR6 20A bR10 00A bR12 30P bR5 30P
Bellingham, WA 62 w- l8 32A l8 32A b3 10P l7 37P
(Alaska Marine Highway)
Mount Vernon, WA 88 >w- 9 02A 9 02A b3 45P 8 07P
Stanwood, WA 103 >w 9 16A 9 16A 8 21P
Everett, WA 123 v- l9 52A l9 52A b4 30P l8 59P
Edmonds, WA 139 w- l10 17A l10 17A l9 24P
Seattle, WA 157 v- Ar b9 00A l10 55A l10 55A b12 45P b5 30P b3 30P b7 45P l10 00P
(Victoria, BC isee back) 0 Dp l7 25A l9 35A l11 15A l11 15A l2 10P h l6 05P
b Port Angelessee back
Tukwila, WA (SeaTac Airport p) 11 >v 7 39A 11 29A 11 29A 2 24P 6 19P
Tacoma, WA 39 w- l8 08A l10 21A l11 58A l11 58A l2 53P l6 48P
Olympia-Lacey, WA 75 <w- 8 45A 11 11A 12 35P 12 35P 3 30P 7 25P
Centralia, WA 94 w- 9 06A l11 35A l12 56P l12 56P l3 51P 7 46P
Kelso-Longview, WA 137 <w- 9 47A 12 19P 1 37P 1 37P 4 32P 8 27P
Vancouver, WA 177 w- l10 25A l12 58P l2 15P l2 15P l5 10P l9 05P
Portland, OR b Boise, Seaside, 187 w- Ar l11 05A l1 50P l3 05P l3 05P l5 50P l9 45P
Astoriasee back p
Dp l6 00A b7 00A l9 35A b10 40A bl11 25A l2 25P bl3 25P bl3 25P b4 10P l6 05P b7 00P b9 55P
Oregon City, OR 202 >w 6 23A 9 58A 6 28P &b10 30P
Woodburn, OR 222 > &b7 45A &b4 55P
Salem, OR 239 w- l7 06A b8 20A l10 41A b11 40A bl12 25P l3 37P bl4 35P bl4 45P b5 40P 7 11P &b8 00P &b11 20P
Albany, OR b Corvallis, Newport 267 w 7 35A b8 55A l11 10A b12 20P bl1 00P l4 10P bl5 10P bl5 20P 7 40P &b8 40P &b11 59P
see back
Eugene-Springfield, OR 310 w- l8 35A bD9 45A l12 10P bD1 10P blD1 50P l5 03P blD6 00P blD6 10P l8 40P bD9 30P bD12 50A
b Florence, Coos Baysee back
University of Oregon- (PT) 310 >v Ar b9 55A b1 25P b2 05P b6 15P b6 25P b9 45P b1 00A
Eugene, OR b

Service on Amtrak Cascades

R Coaches: Reservations required.
B Amtrak Cascades Business class.
s Sleeping cars:
- Superliner sleeping accommodations on Trains 11 and 14, the
Coast Starlight
- Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge available in Portland for Sleeping
car passengers.
r Dining cars: Full meal service on Trains 11 and 14.
y Lounge/Bistro cars: Sandwiches, snacks and beverages on all
l Checked baggage at select stations. Save on Amtrak Cascades

Wi-Fi available.
! Time is available at Eugene to ticket University of Oregon
& Must have paid ticket to board.
& Will not operate 5/30, 7/4, 9/5 and 11/23-25.
& Will also operate 5/30, 7/4, 9/5 and 11/23-25.

All Amtrak services and stations are non-smoking. Seniors 62+ save 15% and kids ages 2-12 travel for 50% off the adult fare.

Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Amtrak Coast Amtrak

Train Name Thruway Thruway Thruway Thruway Thruway Thruway Thruway
Cascades Cascades Cascades Cascades Cascades Cascades Starlight Cascades

Train Number 510 b 500 502 b b 504 506 516 14 b b 508 b b

Normal Days of Operation Daily Daily Mo-Fr& SaSu& Daily Daily Mo-Fr& SaSu& Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily
RBy RBy RBy RBy RBy RBy Rs RBy
On Board Service R R R R R R R
l E l E l E l E l E l E r lE l E
Mile Symbol 
University of Oregon- (PT) Dp !b5 10A !b7 00A !b8 05A !b11 20A !b12 55P !b2 25P !b5 10P
Eugene, OR b 0 >v
Eugene-Springfield, OR 0 w- l5 30A b5 30A b7 20A bl8 25A l9 00A bl11 40A l12 36P bl1 15P b2 45P l4 00P b5 30P
b Florence, Coos Baysee back
Albany, OR b Corvallis, Newport 44 w 6 11A b6 20A b8 10A bl9 20A 9 41A bl12 35P l1 22P bl2 05P b3 35P l4 41P b6 25P
see back
Salem, OR 72 w- l6 41A b6 55A b8 50A bl10 00A l10 11A bl1 05P l1 55P bl2 40P b4 10P l5 11P b6 15P b6 55P
Woodburn, OR 88 > &b9 20A &b6 50P
Oregon City, OR 108 >w 7 24A &b11 00A 10 54A 5 54P bD7 55P
Portland, OR b Boise, Seaside, 124 w- Ar l8 05A b8 05A b10 10A bl11 30A l11 35A bl2 15P l3 32P bl3 45P b5 25P l6 35P b7 45P b8 25P
Astoriasee back p
Dp l8 20A l8 20A l12 00N l12 00N l2 50P l4 02P l6 50P
Vancouver, WA 134 w- l8 35A l8 35A l12 15P l12 15P l3 05P l4 21P l7 05P
Kelso-Longview, WA 173 <w- 9 10A 9 10A 12 50P 12 50P 3 40P 4 54P 7 40P
Centralia, WA 216 w- l9 51A l9 51A l1 31P l1 31P l4 21P l5 39P 8 21P
Olympia-Lacey, WA 235 <w- 10 12A 10 12A 1 52P 1 52P 4 42P 6 04P 8 42P
Tacoma, WA 271 w- l10 54A l10 54A l2 34P l2 34P l5 24P l6 53P l9 24P
Tukwila, WA (SeaTac Airport p) 299 >v 11 22A 11 22A 3 02P 3 02P 5 52P 9 52P
Seattle, WA 310 v- Ar l12 00N l12 00N h l3 50P l3 50P l6 30P l8 12P l10 30P
(Victoria, BC i see back) Dp l7 45A b10 45A b12 25P b1 45P b4 45P l6 50P b9 00P
b Port Angelessee back 0
Edmonds, WA 18 w- Ar l8 12A l7 17P
Everett, WA 34 v- l8 36A b1 10P l7 42P
Stanwood, WA 54 >w 9 08A 8 14P
Mount Vernon, WA 69 >w- 9 26A b1 55P 8 27P
Bellingham, WA 95 w- l9 57A b2 25P l9 00P
(Alaska Marine Highway)
Surrey, BCPacific Inn 115 > bD1 15P bD4 15P bD7 15P bD11 15P
Richmond, BC 132 > bD1 45P bD4 45P bD7 45P bD11 45P
Sandman Signature Hotel
Vancouver, BC (PT) 157 v Ar l11 45A b2 15P b5 15P b8 15P l10 50P b12 15A
Pacific Central Station

EUnboxed Bicycles: Amtrak Cascades trains are Multiride Tickets on Thruway Bus Services Airport Connections
equipped with a limited number of bicycle racks
for carrying unboxed bicycles. Reservations are
required; passengers must lift the bicycle to Passengers holding multiride tickets should be aware that Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
shoulder height to put it into and pick it up from reserved and ticketed passengers have priority seating on Sound Transit Link Light Rail offers an easy, direct connection
the baggage car. Bicycles in a bicycle box may Amtrak Thruway buses. from Seattle Amtrak Station to SEA-TAC Airport. Walk out King
also be checked on the Amtrak Cascades and
the Coast Starlight between stations that offer
St. exit, turn left to the Weller Street Pedestrian Overpass and
checked baggage service; nominal fees also follow it directly two blocks to the International District Station.
apply. Certain connecting Thruway buses also Trains run every 8-15 minutes 5:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. Travel time is
carry bicycles. Consult agent. Shading Key 36 minutes. Tickets are sold by machine at the entrance. Sound
Daytime train Transit Information: 1-888-889-6368 or
NOTEProper documentation is required
to cross U.S./Canadian border. See General Overnight train Portland International Airport
Information at for important TriMets MAX Red Line light rail service connects
customs and immigration information. Thruway and connecting services
Portland International Airport, E/NE Portland, downtown Portland
and Amtrak at Portland Union Station. For complete schedules and
This service is nanced primarily through funds more information, visit
made available by the Washington State and
Oregon State Departments of Transportation.


Vancouver, BC Vancouver, BC
Richmond, BC TransLink Skytrain, bus and ferry service: (604) 953-3333;
Surrey, BC
Bellingham, WA
Mount Vernon, WA
West Coast Express commuter rail: (604) 488-8906 or
Stanwood, WA VANCOUVER 1-800-570-7245;
Everett, WA
Edmonds, WA Mount Vernon
Seattle, WA EUGENE- Skagit Transit bus service in Mount Vernon and Island
Tukwila, WA Connector service to Anacortes and Oak Harbor:
Olympia-Lacey, WA
Tacoma, WA (360) 757-4433;
Centralia, WA Seattle
Kelso-Longview, WA
Vancouver, WA
Seattle Metro light rail and bus: (206) 553-3000 or
Portland, OR 1-800-542-7876;
Oregon City, OR
Salem, OR Sound Transit Sounder commuter rail and Tacoma and
Albany, OR Amtrak Cascades Central Rail Service: (206) 398-5000 or 1-800-201-4900;
Eugene-Springfield, OR Other Amtrak Train Routes
A Time Symbol for A.M. PT Pacific time Staffed ticket office; may Tri-Met light rail, bus and streetcar system:
N Time Symbol for Noon. b Bus stop or may not be open for all
P Time Symbol for P.M. p Airport connection train departures
(503) 238-7433;
D Stops only to discharge i Ferry connection w Station wheelchair LaceyDowntown Olympia
passengers; train may - Quik-Trak self-serve accessible; no barriers Intercity Transit offers frequent daily service between the
leave before time shown. ticketing kiosk between station and train Amtrak station in Lacey and the Olympia Transit Center in
R Stops only to receive > Unstaffed station v Station wheelchair downtown Olympia, as well as other regional locations. For
passengers. < Attended station accessible; not all station information call (360) 786-1881 or visit
MT Mountain time facilities accessible
Pacific Coast Thruway Bus Connections

Portland Pendleton Boise (Greyhound Lines) Seattle Port Angeles (Olympic Bus Lines) Ontario Bend Eugene Coos Bay (TAC Transportation)

509 501 Connecting Train Number 500 508 500 506 Connecting Train Number 507 509 503 11 Connecting Train Number 14 11
8455 8451 Thruway Number 8450 8452 8830 8836 Thruway Number 8837 8839 8410/ 8309/
8308 8510/8310 Thruway Number 8509/8409 8311
Daily Daily Mile  Days of Operation Symbol  Daily Daily Daily Daily Mile  Days of Operation Symbol  Daily Daily
Mo-Fr Daily Mile  Days of Operation Symbol  Daily Mo-Fr
11 00P 12 10P 0 Dp Portland, OR (PT) > Ar 5 10A 4 20P 1 20P 7 20P 0 Dp Seattle, WA** (PT) Ar 9 10A 4 40P
9 05A 0 Dp Ontario, OR (MT) >w Ar 7 35P
Greyhound Station Amtrak Station
Greyhound Station
12 10A 1 20P 62 Ar Hood River, OR > 4 00A 3 10P 2 00P 8 15P 48 Edmonds, WA** > 8 35A 3 45P
9 30A 17 Vale, OR (MT) >w Ar 7 10P
12 40A 1 50P 83 The Dalles, OR > 3 30A 2 40P 3 05P 9 10P 74 Kingston, WA** > 7 35A 2 50P
Sinclair Station
3 20A 4 25P 208 Pendleton, OR > 12 55A 11 50A 3 40P 9 35P 85 Discovery Bay, WA > 6 50A 2 05P
10 40A 131 Burns, OR (PT) >w Ar 4 10P
4 35A 5 35P 259 La Grande, OR > 11 40P 10 40A 4 05P 10 00P 111 Port Townsend, WA > 6 25A 1 30P
Figaros Italian Kitchen
5 25A 6 25P 304 Baker City, OR (PT) > 10 50P 9 50A 4 10P 10 00P 131 Sequim, WA > 6 25A 1 30P 12 55P 261 Ar Bend, ORHawthorne >w Dp 1 40P
8 25A 9 15P 374 Ontario, OR (MT) > 9 45P 9 00A 4 35P 10 35P 138 Ar Port Angeles, WA (PT) > Dp 6 00A 1 00P
1 00P Dp Intermodal Center Ar 12 30P
Greyhound Station
NOTEPort Townsend - transfer at Discovery Bay. 1 25P 271 Dp Sisters, ORSki Inn >w Ar 12 00N
9 10A 10 00P 417 Nampa, ID > 9 00P 8 15A 3 35P 388 Ar Eugene-Springfield, OR w Dp 9 45A
9 40A 10 30P 435 Ar Boise, ID (MT) > Dp 8 30P 7 45A For reservations call (360) 417-0700 or 1-800-457-4492. Also visit 9 32A **3 05P Dp Ar **9 30A 3 00P
Greyhound Station Schedule times may change seasonally. Please D11 20A **D5 20P 449 Florence, OR > **D8 15A D1 35P
NOTEGreyhound Portland connections arrive and depart at the Greyhound be at departure location 15 minutes prior to time printed above. 2nd & U.S. 101
stations in all cities. In Portland, the Greyhound station is located across the ** Stops by reservation only. D11 50A **D5 50P 469 Reedsport, OR > **D7 45A D1 05P
street from the Amtrak station. Greyhound departures will be announced Lions Park
in the Amtrak Portland station. Passengers may also walk across to the 12 20P **6 25P 496 Ar Coos Bay, OR (PT) > Dp **7 15A 12 35P
Greyhound station and listen for the Greyhound boarding call for their Redmond Bend Chemult Bus Station
departure. (HighDesert POINT-Oregon DOT/TAC Transportation) **NOTEBuses 8310/8309 operate daily except Saturdays, between Eugene
and Coos Bay. Passengers traveling from points east of Eugene to points west,
Boise Salt Lake City (Greyhound Lines) 14 11 Connecting Train Number 14 11 on Buses 8510 and 8310, transfer at the Eugene bus terminal rather than at
6114 6111 Thruway Number 6214 6211 the Eugene-Springfield Amtrak Station. Bus 8510 arrives the bus depot at
5/6 Connecting Train Number 5 3:40 p.m. and 8310 departs at 4:05 p.m. Buses 8309 and 8509 connect at the
8447 8441 Thruway Number 8446 8440
Daily Daily Mile  Days of Operation Symbol  Daily Daily
Eugene-Springfield rail station.
6 35A 5 00P 0 Dp Redmond (PT) >w Ar 11 45A 10 30P
Daily Daily Mile  Days of Operation Symbol  Daily Daily Airport, OR
Kettle Falls Spokane (CWA Grape Line)
10 20A 11 15P 0 Dp Boise, ID (MT) > Ar 7 00A 7 45P Bend, OR >w
Greyhound Station 7 00A 5 30P 30 Riverhouse Resort 11 25A D10 00P
1 10P 1 35A 129 Twin Falls, ID > Ar 4 45A 5 30P 7 15A 5 45P 15 Transit Center 11 10A D9 45P 8849 7/8 Connecting Train Number 7/8 8848
Oasis Stop N Go > 7 50A 6 15P 30 Sunriver, ORShell Sta. >w 10 40A D9 15P 8831 8833 Thruway Number 8832 8834
4 55P 5 20A 304 Ogden, UT > Ar 12 50A 1 10P 8 15A 6 40P 25 La Pine, ORShell Sta. >w 10 20A D8 50P
5 40P 6 05A 340 Ar Salt Lake City, UT (MT) > Dp 12 05A 12 15P 9 10A 7 40P 40 Ar Chemult, OR >v Dp 9 40A 8 10P Daily Daily Mile 
Days of Operation Symbol  Daily Daily
Amtrak Station (PT) 7 30A 1 45P p Kettle Falls, WA (PT)
0 Dp > Ar 1 45P 7 55P
NOTEGreyhound schedules subject to change. 7 45A 2 00P 9 Colville, WA > 1 30P 7 40P
NOTESchedules subject to change April 11, 2016.
8 20A 2 35P 31 Chewelah, WA > 12 55P 7 05P
Portland Astoria NOTERedmond Airport pickup requires that a reservation be made with 8 45A 3 00P 48 Loon Lake, WA > 12 30P 6 40P
(NorthWest POINT-Oregon DOT/Oregon Coachways) Amtrak at least 2 hours prior to departing the airport, or by calling TAC 9 05A 3 20P 58 Deer Park, WA > 12 15P 6 25P
Transportation at (541) 480-6756. 9 50A 4 05P 60 Ar Spokane, WA (PT) w- Dp 11 35A 5 45P
500 507 Connecting Train Number 504
NOTEKettle Falls-Spokane Thruway buses do not operate on 3/27/16.
5500 5564 Thruway Number 5563 5565 Pemberton Whistler Vancouver (Greyhound Canada)
Daily Daily Mile  Days of Operation Symbol  Daily Daily Pasco Walla Walla (CWA Grape Line)
9 30A 6 20P 0 Dp Portland, OR (PT) w Ar 10 50A 8 30P 517 Connecting Train Number 510
Amtrak Station 8931 Thruway Number 8932 27 28 Connecting Train Number 28 28
10 05A 6 55P 28 Manning, OR > 9 55A 7 50P 8844 8846 Thruway Number 8843 8845
10 35A 7 25P 55 Elsie, OR >v 9 25A 7 10P Daily Mile  Days of Operation Symbol  Daily
10 45A 7 35P 65 Necanicum Jct., OR > 9 15A 7 00P 12 00N 0 Dp Pemberton, BC (PT) >
Ar 5 50P Daily Daily Mile 
Days of Operation Symbol  Daily Daily
11 00A 7 50P 80 Cannon Beach, OR >w 9 05A 6 45P 1 00P 19 Dp Whistler Village, BC Ar 5 00P 3 15P 8 50P 0 Dp Pasco, WA (PT) > Ar 1 18P 6 48P
Family Market 2 05P 53 Dp Squamish-N. Garibaldi, BC > Ar 3 50P 4 30P 10 15P 48 Ar Walla Walla, WA (PT) w- Dp 11 55A 5 25P
11 10A 8 10P 88 Seaside, OR > 8 55A 6 30P 3 45P 98 Ar Vancouver, BC (PT) Dp 2 30P
Chevron Station NOTEPasco-Walla Walla Thruway buses do not operate on 3/27/16.
11 20A 8 15P 91 Gearhart, OR >w 8 45A 6 20P
11 30A 8 25P 100 Warrenton, OR >w 8 35A 6 15P Klamath Falls Crater Lake (Crater Lake Trolley) Victoria Seattle (Clipper Navigation, Inc. Ferry)
Fred Meyers
11 40A 8 35P 106 Ar Astoria, OR (PT) >w Dp 8 30A 6 00P 11/14 Connecting Train Number 11/14 7405 7403 Thruway Number 7402 7406
Transit Center
8794 Thruway Number 8791 Daily Daily Mile 
Days of Operation Symbol  Daily Daily
11 20A 6 45P 0 Dp Victoria, BC Ar 10 30A 5 45P
Portland Albany Corvallis Newport Daily  Days of Operation Symbol  Daily
Inner Harbour (PT)
(Valley Retriever) 9 30A Dp Klamath Falls, ORAmtrak Station (PT) w Ar 4 30P 2 05P 9 30P 105 Ar Seattle, WA Dp 7 30A 3 00P
11 00A Ar Crater Lake, ORRim Village (PT) > Dp 3 00P Pier 69 (PT)
501 507 Connecting Train Number 504 507 NOTESeasonal service, operates July 1 through September 5, 2016. NOTESchedules vary by date during this timetable period. Sample schedules
8551 8575 Thruway Number 8550 8552 are shown and additional frequencies may operate. Consult agent for details.
Reservations must be booked through Amtrak at least 48 hours in advance, or
Daily Su-Fr Mile  Days of Operation Symbol  Daily Su-Fr
Vancouver Victoria (Pacic Coach Lines) contact Clipper Navigation directly at 1-800-888-2535.
7 30P 0 Dp Portland, OR (PT) > Ar 7 15P
Greyhound Station
10 55A * Dp Bend, ORBus Station >w 10 40A Connecting Train Number 510 8948 8900
11 15A Dp Sisters, ORSki Inn >w 10 15A Thruway Number 8427* 8429 8431* 8433 8435 8437*
1 35P 8 40P 22 Ar Salem, OR >w 7 55A 5 45P SYMBOLS KEY
Greyhound Station Days of Operation  Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily
A Time Symbol for A.M.
2 10P 9 10P 77 Albany, OR >w 6 55A 5 00P Vancouver, BCPacic Central Sta. (PT) Dp 7 30A 9 45A 11 45A 1 30P 3 30P 5 30P
Amtrak Station Victoria, BCbehind Empress Hotel (PT) Ar 11 20A 1 20P 3 20P 5 20P 7 20P 9 20P N Time Symbol for Noon
3 00P 9 30P 88 Corvallis, OR >w 6 40A 4 40P P Time Symbol for P.M.
Greyhound Station D Stops only to discharge passengers;
4 00P 10 30P 148 Toledo, OR >w 5 40A 3 40P Victoria Vancouver (Pacic Coach Lines) train may leave before time shown
Dairy Queen > Unstaffed station
4 10P 10 40P 156 Ar Newport, OR (PT) >w Dp 5 30A 3 30P Connecting Train Number 8909 517
Valley Retriever Sta.
Staffed ticket office; may or may
Thruway Number 8424* 8426 8428 8430* 8432* 8434 8436* not be open for all train departures
* NOTEBend to Albany is 126 miles. Days of Operation  Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily w Station wheelchair accessible; no
Victoria, BCbehind Empress Hotel (PT) Dp 5 45A 7 45A 9 45A 11 45A 1 45P 3 45P 5 45P barriers between station and train
Shading Key Vancouver, BCPacic Central Sta. (PT) Ar 9 40A 11 40A 1 40P 3 40P 5 40P 7 40P 9 40P v Station wheelchair accessible; not
See other side for Route Map. * Days of operation vary seasonally. Visit or call 1-800-USA-RAIL for schedules operating on your all stations facilities accessible
Thruway and connecting services intended travel date.
Pemberton LE G E ND
VIA to Edmonton,
Whistler Village Winnipeg and Cascades
Squamish- Toronto Empire Builder
North Garibaldi Coast Starlight
Thruway Connecting
Seasonal Services
VIA Rail Canada
Vancouver Richmond
Bellingham North Cascades
Nat. Park Kettle Falls
Victoria Colville Libby
Mount Vernon Omak
Port Angeles Everett Okanogan Sandpoint
e sh s Deer
nro mi as Brewster Loon Lake
Discovery Bay Mo kyko ens P Pateros Park
S tev Spokane
Olympic Kingston S e
Nat. Park Edmonds he ata
n atc hr
Seattle Tukwila r th We Ep
wo re
ven e
Olympia-Lacey Tacoma Lea ashm
C y Ritzville
inc ake
Qu sL Colfax Moscow
Centralia se
Mt. Rainier
Mo Pullman
Nat. Park
Warrenton Astoria on
Kelso-Longview a lm Pasco
Gearhart eS Walla Walla
Seaside hit Grangeville
Elsie r -W
Cannon Beach uve g en hram
nco Bin Wis Pendleton
Necanicum Jct. Manning Va
Portland Hood The Dalles
River La Grande
Oregon City
Woodburn McCall
Corvallis Salem
Toledo Baker City
Newport Albany
Eugene- Sisters
Springfield Ontario
Florence Bend Vale
Reedsport University Boise
of Oregon Burns
La Pine
Coos Bay Nampa
Crater Lake
Nat. Park Chemult
Crater Lake

Grants Gold
Pass Hill White City
Klamath Falls
Brookings Medford
Smith River Ashland
Crescent City rev. 10/2014

Clipper Navigation Co. Thruway Connections

Seattle Victoria
Clipper Navigation operates the high-speed catamaran Victoria Clipper year-
round between Pier 69 in Seattle (one mile from Amtrak King Street Station) and
Victorias Inner Harbour. Reservations are required. Call Amtrak for schedules, fares
and ticketing information for travel more than three days ahead. For travel less than
three days in advance, contact Victoria Clipper at (206) 448-5000 or (800) 888-2535
or visit

Alaska Marine Highway

In addition to Amtrak, Bellinghams multi-modal transportation facility serves the
vessels of the Alaska Marine Highway. Service is available to Ketchikan, Wrangell,
Petersburg, Juneau, Sitka, Haines and Skagway. For information and reservations call
1-800-642-0066 (TDD/TTY 1-800-764-3779) or visit

British Columbia Connections

Vancouver, BC Victoria, BC
Pacific Coach Lines offers frequent connecting Thruway service between Pacific
Central Station in Vancouver and Victoria, BC (710 Douglas St.). Call Amtrak for
fares, schedules and ticketing information or visit
Vancouver, BC Pemberton Nanaimo Calgary
Greyhound Canada Thruway connection departs daily from Pacific Central Station
in Vancouver (served by Amtrak Cascades route) for Squamish, Garibaldi Highlands,
Whistler, Pemberton, BC, and Nanaimo, BC, on Vancouver Island. Additional Thruway
service operates to Chilliwack, Kamloops and intermediate points to Calgary. Call
Amtrak for fares, schedules and ticketing information or visit

Pacific Northwest Corridor Services

Reservations are required on all trains and Thruway buses between Seattle, Portland,
and Eugene-Springfield, between Seattle and Vancouver, BC, and on Amtrak Trains
7 and 8 between Spokane and Seattle. Services on board each train are noted with
symbols and can be found in the Service on the Amtrak Cascades Trains area.

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