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802-765-0440 Executive Summary I am a software engineer who loves coding. I have over 15 years of software
development experience working in team coding environments.
94 Downer Forest Rd.
9 years combined entrepreneurial experience. Have held both technical lead and
South Strafford, VT
management positions.
Over 7 years InfoSec experience.

Currently and for the past 3 years I have been doing cutting edge research in
Computer Vision using a full range of Machine Learning principles.

I have learned a full spectrum of inferential statistical approaches and the nuts
and bolts of Data Science.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Bachelor of Science in Engineering, 1989

Recent Education
Big Data Specialization (Hadoop, Spark, HDFS) - UCSD 2015-2016;
Computational Linguistics - COSC 073 - Dartmouth College, 2014;
Machine Learning 004 - Stanford University, completed 2013;
Beginning Chinese - CHIN 001 - Dartmouth College, 2002.

Java (Android app dev, network, desktop with JavaFX)



Hadoop, HDFS, PySpark, Hive, Impala


TCP/IP sockets

BASH Shell scripting, HTML, CSS

Linux systems administration

Senior Researcher, Dartmouth College; Hanover, NH 2013 - Present
Research and develop code for machine learning primarily for computer vision and
robotic navigation. Develop systems in Matlab, Java and C++ to implement novel
algorithms for supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised learning tasks. A
specific real-world task example for this code has been successfully automating
discovery of evidence of looting of Egyptian antiquity sites from satellite imagery. In a
lab setting, adapt learning code to allow a robot to navigate its environment primarily
through visual input.

Manage other coders and develop a system to determine what objects are in videos
and where in the frame they are. This system combines Javascript, SQL and Java to
manage AWS. The results form a dataset of ground truth object identifications and
locations to be used to assess accuracy of machine learning algorithms.

Principal, ReKnew Energy Systems, Inc.; Hartford, VT 2006 - 2012

Sold, planned, designed and had direct involvement in installing over 3 MW of solar
photovoltaic systems and solar hot water systems in over 200 individual projects in
3 states over 6 years. Grew ReKnew to a major regional installer competing for mid
to large scale commercial and numerous residential projects in our area of
operations which include VT, NH and MA. ReKnew peaked at $1.3M in sales in

Contract Technical Lead, Norwich University Applied Research Institute;

Northfield, VT June 2008 - December 2008
Developed a fully automated test bed to analyze responses of 25 antivirus (AV)
applications simultaneously and continuously. Utilized Java, Python and Javascript
via Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to create both back-end daemons and a web-based
application to allow administrative control and monitoring of the AV virtual machines
running on a VMWare ESX cluster.

As technical lead, was responsible for architecture and implementation leading 4

other engineers. The AV test bed system used MySQL to store all state, GWT for
GUI, Java for all daemons and Windows Python for on-AV code. Was directly
involved in coding for all components.

Senior Intrusion Engineer, Mantech International Corp.; Montpelier, VT

2004 - 2008
For an internal research and development effort, for one year: designed, developed
and tested large-scale database and related web interface applications utilizing
Java, Java applets, ODBC and MySQL. The Java applets communicated via X.509
authenticated and encrypted communications to servers using XML-RPC. This R&D
effort was subsequently productized and is in heavy use at this time.

Reverse engineering and vulnerability assessment: actively researched, and

developed tools to aid research, into software vulnerabilities. Became expert in the
use of IDA (the Interactive Dis-Assembler) and WinDbg, including creation of custom
plug-ins in both C++ and Python to aid the search for software vulnerabilities.
Created numerous networked client and server applications in Java and Python to
allow partial, or complete, protocol replication, usually to meet the RFC specification
for the protocol in question.

InfoSec Researcher, Dartmouth College; Hanover, NH 2001 - 2003

Research and development of a suite of tools that perform log collection and
analysis for intrusion detection. My work on the Kerf project included:
Comprehensive review of all current systems and methods for securing system logs
and analyzing them. Development, using the Java APIs, of a simple, yet highly
secure, system for remote logging utilizing encryption, UDP message passing and
Ethernet sniffing. Development of a Java Swing application to provide an analyst
console allowing analysts to do combined recursive searches of logs stored in
distributed databases. Developing feedback and display systems to allow the
computer to assist the analyst using machine learning techniques including
Bayesian inference and expert systems.

Exercise and Scenario Development Group. My work for this group included
development of a Java based application, an adaptation of the open source Jabber
instant messaging platform to support the simulated communication of participants
in two national cyber-defense exercises. In addition, I have provided expert advice
on network attack and defense for simulation designers.

Network Software Engineer, TAEdge; Hanover, NH 2000 - 2001

My primary responsibility was developing several services for TAedge. Using Java,
JSPs, servlets and various parts of the J2EE API, I developed the following:

Domain Manager a Java class for the maintenance of DNS and httpd
configuration file. I created a system to allow support personnel to enter high-level
configurations such as adding a virtualhost to Apache or setup mail for a domain
and have that translated into the needed setup on several local and remote load-
balanced DNS and web servers.

TAedge Broadcast A web-based front-end for Majordomo, a Unix listserv daemon.

The interface I created allows users to be blissfully unaware of the underlying
Majordomo email list server and instead use a collection of JSPs and servlets to
manage mailing lists using a browser. My interface manages security, storage of
persistent information in a SQL database and all aspects of interfacing with the
underlying Unix OS and daemon.

PromoMailer A mailing engine implemented as a Java servlet that runs on a

scheduled basis. The servlet I created performs a search of a SQL database and
handles mailing using the JavaMail API.

TAedge Forums A jsp-based web forum. I customized an open-source java-based

forum application to integrate it with the TAedge security architecture.Additional
projects have included designing and implementing SQL database schemas for
TAedges entire infrastructure, deploying new Linux systems, designing and
maintaining internal network security and firewalls.

Senior Network Engineer, ValleyNet; Norwich, VT 1996 - 2000

Had primary technical responsibility for ValleyNet, an ISP. Responsibilities included
managerial as well as all technical aspects of running a network of over 20 hosts
that provides dial-up and high-speed connectivity to 6,500 users.

Software Engineering tasks involved: Led development of JSP modules for local
web portal. Managed engineers and worked on the code myself to create modules
written in Java utilizing custom portal software, JSPs, jserv and MySQL. Wrote
extensive scripts for automation of systems and accounting management in PERL
and Visual Basic 5.0. Created, debugged and maintained CGI scripts written in C,
PERL, Java and Unix shell on ValleyNet's DEC/Alpha and Linux servers. Supervised
others and helped implement database systems to streamline technical support and

Network engineering responsibilities included: Creation, deployment and

maintenance of TCP/IP network architecture, creating multi-homed design to
connect to several internet backbone providers. The configuration of Cisco and
other border routers. TCP/IP routing diagnostics. BIND-based DNS server

POP3 and IMAP and Blitz mail server deployment and maintenance.

Lead Engineer, Gecko Productions; West Lebanon, NH 1995 - 1996

Chief Technologist, Videomation, Inc; Santa Clara, CA 1994 - 1995
Vice President Product Development, Motion Works, Inc; San Francisco, CA
1992 - 1994
Directed engineering and development efforts of Motion Works' multimedia software
tools group. Facets of the job included product specification in conjunction with
marketing; development of schedules for new and revised software applications
working with product engineering teams and company management; leading
product managers through day-to-day troubleshooting of development process and
strategic process of developing software tools for broad commercial use.
Participated in all aspects of software company operation from code production to
strategic management and planning.


Guided the design, development, and brought to market more than 9

commercially successful shrink-wrapped software products which were the result
of from six man-months to six man-years of development.

Streamlined coding process to utilize and share among developers object-

oriented code libraries.

Set up systems for working with and managing off-site, and remote-site, software
engineers and engineering teams.

Founder, Vision Software, Inc; Santa Clara, CA 1989 - 1992

Engaged in all aspects of this technology start-up. Designed, programmed and
assisted with marketing and sales of Vision's several software products and
services. Products were designed for several niche markets including computer
aided design and, most successfully, multimedia authoring. Developed and refined
product idea for Vision's most successful product CameraMan. CameraMan was a
staple of multimedia producers and authors.


Product sales of $1,000,000 per year which translated to $330k per employee.