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ROC GS- 08/13/2017 walk-off win

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AUGUST 13, 2017


at rally in
Car rams crowd protesting
white nationalists, killing 1
By Joe Heim, Ellie Silverman,
T. Rees Shapiro and Emma Brown
Washington Post


violence turned to tragedy Saturday as
hundreds of white nationalists, neo-Nazis
and Ku Klux Klan members planning to
stage what they described as their largest
rally in decades to take America back
clashed with counterprotesters in the
State Trooper Jack Tiegs holds up a radar gun to determine vehicle speed Wednesday in St. Paul. After he stops cars he said he looks at
streets and a car plowed into crowds, leav-
what speed they were going, demeanor of the motorist and their driving record before issuing a ticket or warning.
ing one person dead and 19 others injured.

Accelerated learning
Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), who had
declared a state of emergency in the morn-
ing, said at an evening news conference
that he had a message for all the white
supremacists and the Nazis who came into
Charlottesville today: Go home. You are


We analyzed 10,000
Speeding tickets issued by month on Minnesota highways
224,915 speeding
tickets. See what
Dec. 31, 2013 June 18, 2017
A glitch in
Number of tickets written

we found out. 6,000

states path
to Real ID?
By David Montgomery 4,000
and Sophie Carson
Pioneer Press
Trooper Jack Tiegs sat in his
State Patrol car in the I-694 Short exemption means
median near Little Canada,
eyes fixed on his speed gun. Jan July Jan July Jan July Jan cards may miss deadline
He didnt have to wait long 2014 2014 2015 2015 2016 2016 2017
before a silver Chevrolet Mali- Source: Minnesota State Patrol PIONEER PRESS By Rachel E. Stassen-Berger
bu zoomed past at 74 mph, 14
over the 60-mph speed limit.
Tiegs hit the lights, pulled the the State Patrol writing than it speeding is very common. But The data covers only speed- After years of trying, the Minnesota
car over, and wrote a ticket. used to? he said its one of the patrols ing tickets written by the State Legislature and governor finally agreed
Its a scene that plays out hun- What time of day are drivers top priorities, alongside things Patrol, which has primary this spring on a plan to bring federal Real
dreds of times per day around most likely to be ticketed? like drunken or distracted driv- jurisdiction over the states ID standards to the states drivers licens-
the state and the Pioneer Men or women, young or ing. trunk highway system. It es.
Press has data on all 224,915 old? Who gets ticketed most Speed is one of the elements doesnt include tickets written The licenses must meet Real ID stan-
tickets the State Patrol has often? that will make everything else by county or municipal law dards, which require extra security and
written over the past three and How aggressively is the 45- worse, said Langer. If youre a enforcement. identity checks, to be accepted at federal
a half years. From that data and mph limit on I-35E enforced? driver who is going down the Included for each ticket are checkpoints such as airports. The federal
interviews with state troopers, How do state troopers decide road and youre distracted and when and where it was written, deadline for a state to comply is January
were answering key questions whether to write a ticket? youre going 60 in a 55, instead the cited speed, the posted 2018. The Obama administration, howev-
about speeding tickets: Tips to avoid getting a ticket of 55 in a 55, even that 5 mph dif- speed limit, and whether the er, said it might grant states extensions
How fast are most speeders yourself ference gives you less time to driver is male or female. It does for full compliance until 2020.
going? Col. Matt Langer, chief of the react to something in front of not include any information on Minnesota was hoping to get one of
How many more tickets is State Patrol, acknowledges that you. driver race. those extensions. The state law approved
this year gives the drivers license agency
until October 2018 to start getting the new


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Tickets spike
after Patrol
shifts direction
Citations up 80 percent over 3 years ago
People are getting more not belted in.
speeding tickets in Minneso- As an organization that
ta a lot more. stands for traffic safety, we
State Patrol troopers wrote need to be making a differ-
44,772 tickets in 2014, or one ence in those four areas,
for every 122 residents of the Langer said. (The data the
state. Just two years later, Pioneer Press obtained from
the number of State Patrol the State Patrol includes
tickets had increased by only speeding violations.)
more than 80 percent to The Patrol doesnt have
State Trooper Jack Tiegs talks to a driver he stopped for speeding Wednesday in St. Paul. He issued the driver a warning.
81,476. Thats one ticket for quotas, so it hasnt ordered
every 68 Minnesota resi- troopers to write more tick-
dents. ets. But it has made speed sense that he and his col- that number over 500 troop- tend to speed in the summer, sons. One is that icy roads
Col. Matt Langer, the chief enforcement a bigger priori- leagues are writing dramati- ers, the number starts to a function, I think, of Minne- often cause drivers to slow
of the State Patrol, says the ty. So troopers out on patrol cally more tickets but said snowball. sota climate. The highway down of their own volition.
increase in tickets is no acci- might focus on speeders its possible that small Aside from the year-over- patrol also often gets federal Additionally, troopers are
dent. In early 2015, the Patrol instead of other potential changes have added up. year increase, tickets follow grants to fund speeding busier responding to snow-
made a conscious decision to violations. Maybe Im doing a little bit seasonal patterns. They enforcement in peak sum- related crashes and arent as
focus more on speeding, Trooper Jack Tiegs, a 10- more, maybe my partners peak every summer and hit a mer months such as July. available to work the speed
along with distracted and year veteran of the State are doing a little bit more, low every winter. Winter, meanwhile, sees gun.
impaired driving and drivers Patrol, doesnt have any Tiegs said. You multiply Langer said more people fewer tickets for two rea-

Whos getting the most tickets? If youre 19, you know

State troopers in recent
years have written tickets to
drivers as young as 14 and as
Minnesota State Patrol speeding tickets by age and gender
old as 103. But ask any troop- Dec. 31, 2013 June 18, 2017
er about high-speed drivers,
State Patrol chief Matt
Langer said, and theyre Age 19
talking about younger driv-
ers rather than older driv-
Drivers age 16 to 25 Female Male
received 33 percent of the
State Patrols speeding tick-
ets but are only 13 percent of
Minnesotas population.
Drivers 40 or older also got 4,000
33 percent of tickets but Age 19
Speeding tickets

make up 49 percent of the

The State Patrols ticket
database shows a stark
trend: Speeding tickets peak
at age 19 and then drop off
steadily as drivers age. 2,000
The tendency to exceed the
speed limit and take other
risks on the road is reflect-
ed in young drivers far high-
er car insurance rates.
The reason theyre being
charged so much more is
that theyre so much more
risky than everybody else, 0
said Chip Hayssen, president 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
of the Roseville-based Safe-
way Driving School. Source: Minnesota State Patrol
So why are younger drivers
ticketed more? Troopers say
theyre not trying to pick out
younger drivers. Theres a
simpler answer: Young driv- 55-year-olds. driving courses behaviors The database of speeding tickets than females. The though tickets and warnings
ers tend to go faster. This isnt to say all young that tend to correlate with tickets the State Patrol gender disparity is starkest are constantly deterring
The typical 16-year-old giv- drivers are speeders. Mark safer driving. released to the Pioneer Press among Minnesotans over 55, existing drivers from exceed-
en a speeding ticket by the Adelman, a St. Paul-based People who have like doesnt list the ticketed driv- where men get more than ing the limit.
State Patrol was going an Allstate Insurance agent, good students taken ers race. It does track gen- twice as many tickets as Theres always a new set
average of 17.8 mph over the noted that young drivers can defensive-driver tests per- der, though, and at all ages women. of 19-year-old drivers coming
posted limit. This fell to 16.9 lower their insurance rates form better than people that men are more likely to be The age disparity helps along that we need to work
mph over for ticketed 25- by getting good grades in dont have that, Adelman ticketed. At every age, males explain why speeding hard to educate, Langer
year-olds, 16.1 mph for 35- school or taking defensive- said. get at least 50 percent more remains a problem even said.
year-olds, and 15.2 mph for

For drivers wanting to test the limit, its best to stop at 10 over
A rule of thumb for many The median speeding ticket
How fast are Minnesota highway speeders going? drivers is thats its safe at
least for speeding tickets
in the last three years is for
16 mph over. But the most
30% Dec. 31, 2013-June 18, 2017 to go 5 mph over the limit, common ticket was 12 mph
and often safe to go as much over around 25 percent of
as 10 mph over. all the tickets written in the
At least on Minnesota high- past three years. Langer said
12 mph over limit ways, thats almost entirely he doesnt know why thats
true. Out of more than so common.
220,000 tickets the State These statistics reflect
Patrol has written since 2013, what speed drivers were cit-
only 37 were for less than 5 ed for driving which is
Percent of speeding tickets

20% mph over the limit. Tickets sometimes lower than how
for speeders going between 5 fast they actually were going.
and 10 mph over were more Troopers have discretion to
common, but still rare: near- cut drivers a break, writing
ly 97 percent of all ticketed them a warning or citing
drivers were going faster them for a slower speed than
than 10 mph. they were actually going.
Its so unfortunately abun- Tiegs did just that earlier
dantly easy to find drivers this month, when he clocked
10% that are traveling 15, 20, 25 a St. Paul driver going 77
miles over the speed limit, mph in a 60 mph zone on
(troopers) are not running Interstate 35E north of down-
out of work finding those town. The man received a
egregious violations, said ticket for going 9 mph over
Col. Matt Langer, chief of the the limit.
State Patrol. If I stop you and youve got
Trooper Jack Tiegs said he no violations and this is the
often sets his threshold for first time youve been
speeders at 15 mph over. Hes stopped for speeding part
5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 less generous on rural inter- of our job is education. So
states where the limit hits 70 should I give you a ticket the
Source: Minnesota State Patrol Miles per hour over the posted speed limit mph. I go to 10 miles an first time out? Tiegs said.
hour (there), because 80 Attitude and demeanor is a
miles an hour is very fast, factor. The speed youre driv-
Tiegs said. ing is a factor.

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6A M St. Paul Pioneer Press Sunday 8-13-2017


Off-hours are prime time

for nabbing speeders
What time of day are people
ticketed on state highways?
Dec. 31, 2013 June 18, 2017
We empower our 12,000
Weekdays 2 p.m.

exceptional people 10,000

Number of tickets written


and 6,000


maintain an unwavering 2,000

commitment to safety
Midnight 4 a.m. 8 a.m. Noon 4 p.m. 8 p.m.

Source: Minnesota State Patrol PIONEER PRESS

and Minnesota roads have the

most cars in the morning and
said Col. Matt Langer, the
chief of the State Patrol. Try-
ing lanes, finding small gaps
and trying to keep their speed
evening rush hours. But ing to do speed enforcement up. You can see that occasion-
thats not when the State during periods of high traffic ally. But for the most part, its
Patrol writes the most tickets. volume, morning rush hour really tough during rush-

work diligently to protect of

Though troopers do plenty
speed enforcement
between 7 and 9 a.m. and 3
or afternoon rush hour is
more difficult and sometimes
more dangerous.
hour traffic.
Troopers have also written
more tickets on Fridays, Sat-

the environment and 6 p.m. on weekdays, driv-

ers are most likely to get a
ticket in off-peak hours. The
Its also a lot harder to speed
through rush-hour conges-
tion than it is on open roads.
urdays and Sundays over the
past three years than they
have on other days of the
10 a.m. hour and the 1 to 3 You can catch your occa- week. Langer said this is for a
p.m. stretch have the most sional speeder (in rush similar reason: Its easier to
tickets on weekdays. hour), said veteran trooper speed and easier to catch

and Rush-hour traffic is a prob-

lem for speed enforcement,
Jack Tiegs. Theyre trying to
move through traffic, chang-
speeders with free-flowing
weekend traffic.

What time of day are people

support our communities ticketed on state highways? 4 p.m.
Dec. 31, 2013 June 18, 2017
and 5,000
Number of tickets written


aim to achieve 3,000

the extraordinary 2,000


Tesoro and Western Refining are now Andeavor. Midnight 4 a.m. 8 a.m. Noon 4 p.m. 8 p.m.

We remain committed to being Source: Minnesota State Patrol PIONEER PRESS

a valued member of this community.

Learn more at

Beware the practice highway

The odd duck among metro may be enforcing it more vig- tickets on the Ramsey Coun-
area speed limits is the sec- orously, too. ty portion of Interstate 94
tion of Interstate 35E south of Out of just over 1,000 speed- (with a 55 mph limit) were for
downtown St. Paul, which ing tickets written on the 45- drivers going that slow.
has a 45-mph speed limit mph stretch, 19.3 percent Although the speed limit is
written into state law as part would have been legal with a different there, theres no dif-
of an agreement with neigh- 55-mph limit. Those tickets, ferent enforcement strate-
bors. for going 10 mph or less over gy, said Col. Matt Langer,
Thats slower than compa- the limit, would be rare on chief of the State Patrol.
rable interstates around the any other stretch of road: Langer suggested the rela-
metro, where 55 mph is the only 3.1 percent of statewide tively small number of tick-
usual limit. The stretch has tickets were for 10 mph over ets 1,000 over more than
even been nicknamed the or less. three years, or less than half
practice freeway because A full 71 percent of the tick- a percent of all statewide
of its slower speed limit. ets on the practice freeway tickets meant the sample
Not only is the speed limit are for drivers going 65 mph might be too small to draw
lower, but the State Patrol or less. Only 1.3 percent of any conclusions.

Speeding tickets on 45-mph section of I-35E

Dec. 31, 2013 June 18, 2017

56 mph

Speeding tickets


98 mph!

45 mph 55 mph 65 mph 75 mph 85 mph 95 mph

Cited speed
Source: Minnesota State Patrol PIONEER PRESS

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State Trooper Jack Tiegs puts his hat on before he gets out of his car to talk to a driver he
pulled over for speeding Wednesday in St. Paul. He says hes cautious on approaching the
driver, then tries to be cordial and expects the same in return. As troopers we get a lot of
discretion, especially with speeding violations. ... Attitude and demeanor is a factor.

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Interstate 35E. Unfortunately speeder, Tiegs turns on his license and proof of insur- $ 97
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waiting in the freeway medi- get an initial speed reading as I know that this is a formal Cans 12 Bottles
an right where the speed limit the vehicle approaches his stop and they can be nervous,
dropped from 70 mph to 60. stationary position. but Im trying to be cordial,
The veteran state trooper If that initial reading con- Tiegs said.
clocked Conlin at 77 mph, firms the speeding, Tiegs uses Hes also watching how cor-
turned out of the median and
pulled the St. Paul man over
onto a straight stretch of
his patrol cars powerful accel-
eration to roar out of the
median and into traffic. There,
dial the stopped driver is.
As troopers we get a lot of
discretion, especially with
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with the same practiced got multiple clocks on a vehi- antee, though, especially for Dos Equis
approach hes used for 10 cle, Tiegs said. Initially they particularly fast drivers or All Available Types! Heineken
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an hour. Then it might go
down to 76. 69. Well, in a 55
Attitude and demeanor is a
factor. The speed youre driv-
Variety Pack $ 1247
zone, those are all violations. ing is a factor, Tiegs said.
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or less. youre 30 miles an hour over
the speed limit, youre getting
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road and for how safe it will THE STOP a ticket from me.
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ally starts off low-tech: watch- pulled-over car along the side Conlin. The St. Paul man was All Available Types
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We just cant catch every- assessments on whats hap- The point, he said, is not to
body, said Tiegs. People only pening in the car. He looks in be punitive. Its to get drivers
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a pass in favor of people rip- gers and pays special atten- The message is slow down, GREAT SPIRITS FOR SUMMER COCKTAILS!
ping by at 10, 15 or 20 mph tion to any gun cases or other its not worth it, said Tiegs.
over the limit. evidence of firearms he might Do you want put out money
He often goes for the car see. Through all this time, for a speeding ticket this
moving fastest, but if a group Tiegs dash camera is record- month? I dont. Price isnt
of cars are all speeding at the ing video while a microphone worth it, consequences that
same rate, he has to choose on his body picks up sound. could happen if you were
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The Pioneer Press analyzed 224,915 speeding 5. Be extra careful if youre young. Young drivers
tickets written by the Minnesota State Patrol go disproportionately faster and get the largest
from 2014 to this summer. From that data and share of all tickets. This is especially true for GREAT WINES FOR WEEKEND GATHERINGS!
interviews with state troopers, heres some young men.
practical advice on how to avoid a speeding 6. On the 45 mph section of Interstate 35E
ticket on Minnesota highways: south of downtown St. Paul, dont go even
1. Dont speed. 5 mph over the limit.
2. If you do speed, go less than 10 mph over the 7. If youre pulled over, be polite. Troopers often
limit. consider demeanor when deciding whether to
3. Go slower in the summer, when enforcement issue a warning.
is more intense. 8. If you have prior tickets, youre less likely to Black Box
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Source: Minnesota State Patrol PIONEER PRESS

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