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Advanced Biology

Dual Credit BIO 100 with OTC

Mrs. Amy Scroggins 2017-18

EXPECTATIONS Textbook: Essentials of Biology 4th Ed.
ISBN: 978-0-07-802422-1
Respect: Students will treat their peers,
Lab manual
the instructor, the classroom, and the
3-ring binder
equipment with respect.
loose leaf paper
Responsible: Students will arrive in
writing utensils
class and be seated before the bell rings.
Students will submit work on time.
Ready: Students will come to class
Your High School
prepared and keep an organized Semester Grade:
notebook. 50% Unit Exams
Each student is expected to follow the 25% Lab Work
school's code of conduct for EHS and 15% Quizzes
OTC. (No cell phone - No food) 10% Assignments

Your OTC Grade (college
grade) will be calculated 15%
as follows: Quizzes
50% Unit
35% - Semester 1 Grade
35% - Semester 2 Grade 25%
Lab Work
30% - Lab & Course Final

No extra credit. No retakes.

FIND ME HERE: All websites are not personal and are strictly for professional use.

@eldobiology EXTRA HELP:

Tuesdays & Thursdays After School
from 2:54-3:45
(or by appointment) EMAIL:
Chapter Quizzes: Throughout each chapter we will have numerous quizzes. These will
serve as a guide to help you prepare for your unit exams. Quizzes may not be made
up if you are unexcused (tardy or absent). All missed quizzes due to an excused
absence must be completed upon the day of return.

Assignments: Homework will consist of reading assignments and completing labs. You will
have class assignments designed to help you develop a greater understanding of the material.
Study Tips: Your textbook provides Check Your Progress questions after each section. At
the end of each chapter you will find a chapter summary and assessment questions. Answers
to questions are found in the back of your textbook.

Late Work / Makeup Policy: Unexcused absences will always result in a

zero. All exams and lab work must be made up within three days of your
return due to an excused absence. You may make up labs during tutoring
or Advisory. No late work is accepted per OTC policy.

Lab Work: All students will complete a lab safety unit, quiz and agreement form. Some
labs require goggles and closed-toe shoes. The state of Missouri requires the
completion of at least 10 of the 13 OTC labs to earn college science credit.

CANVAS: Our class uses an online learning management system called

CANVAS to access course materials. We will use technology during class.
You may use your assigned Chromebook to access the required material.

Negative Consequences:
OTC Syllabus Warning
Seat Change
You are responsible for Removal
all information found on Parent Contact
the OTC syllabus. All OTC Referral
policies will apply in
Positive Consequences:
addition to EHS policies.
Parent Contact

I have read through this Biology syllabus, and I understand my responsibilities for the course.

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