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1206 Administrative closure is performed at the end of each phase of the project.

Outputs are constant

regardless of the phase. 383- An "end-of-phase review meeting" is the same as an administrative closure
meeting when a phase of the project is closed out. Cancelling the project has the most impact on the
project team and project direction and therefore, would be the most difficult for the Sponsor.

1218 From the sellers point of view, proc. Close consider when-Ensuring "the
archives, administrative closure, and closure requirements as stated in the contract
are all completed
945 This question tests whether you realize that administrative closure can occur at the end of each
project phase (if you have divided the project into phases), as well as at the end of the project.

948. Administrative closure refers to the Close Project or Phase process. Performance reporting during
closure shows project progress, not progress of individual activities. In closing, performance reports are
used to gain formal acceptance, not to show it has been achieved. Overall, performance reporting in
administrative closure communicates the success of the team.

957- Documents are collected throughout the project, but they are archived during the Close Project or
Phase process.


1253 The project manager cannot move on until the project is actually completed. That means that the
Close Project or Phase process must occur. The only choice that relates to Close Project or Phase is to
analyze project success or failure. Once that process is done, then throw a party!

1237 Making sure the customer is satisfied is certainly a good thing, but that satisfaction must turn into
formal acceptance (in writing) in order for a contract to be closed out. Each project is different and may
have different requirements for closure. Lien waivers, export certificates, warranty and guarantee
information might need to be received before the contract can be closed. These unique needs of the
project are included in the contract. Therefore, the project is not complete until formal acceptance is
received, and any other requirements for project closure as stated in the contract are met.


Seller Is failed to make delivery of a major item , at that situation PM minimum can do- hire another
seller to work with him./If it was possible and effective to hire two sellers to do the work, it would
already have been part of the plan.

1220 Only with formal acceptance can the project manager be sure the project work is really complete.

944 When customer refuge to provide acceptance. First, you need to document the reasons the
customer will not sign off on acceptance. Once you understand the issues, you can work to resolve

961 Project review or a lessons learned document describes more than just the decisions made. It
should include what went right, wrong, progress, etc.

1572- At the end of a project, the output of the project Mngt for the org. would be?

Because of efforts reflected in the lessons learned at the end of a project, the entire organization has
the opportunity to benefit from improved processes uncovered during the project.


*The full and satisfactory delivery of project deliverables marks the end of the work and the beginning
of closure.

960 Lessons learned help to avoid future pitfalls and use the good ideas of past projects. This leads to
improvements in future projects.

1219 Buyer performed a cost reimbursable contact, What he must do?

Auditing the seller's cost submittals is a required aspect of the Close Procurements process.

1571- Without gaining formal acceptance, you cannot say the project is successfully closed. Buyer may
come and request some change issue like this may happen.

169 customer come and told PM , they are out of money & cant pay for the project.

The best thing for the project manager to do is begin the Close Project or Phase process.


The buyer has the right to terminate the contract for cause or if the seller breaches the contract by
not performing accordingly. Therefore, the procurement should enter the Close Procurements process.
Any disputed payments or terms should be handled according to the dispute resolution procedures in
the contract

1418 Work for each phase must be inspected and accepted before the phase can be closed out.

1204-The activities of product validation updating records, performing a procurement audit, and
archiving lessons learned are all activities of Close Procurements.
1217-A procurement audit identifies what went right and wrong for the purposes of creating historical
records and improving future performance. A procurement audit is a structured review that flushes out
issues and identifies lessons learned. (The objective of a procurement audit is to identify
successes and failures that warrant recognition in the preparation or administration of other
procurement contracts on the project, or on other projects within the performing org.)

1173: Record Mngt system update means update all Doc.

1199-If the seller completes the work specified in the procurement statement of work, the contract is
considered complete. After that buyer accept it or not. It would be better to complete this contract
and begin a new one.

1201 buyer TM said, they are closing your contract, although u are in planning phase, because of this
project is now? Terminating a contract puts it into the the Close Procurements process.

1207- Output of proc. Mngt process is=formal acceptance.

962 output of Close Project or Phase process = Project records archived . 963 All PD goes into the
archives. Therefore, it must be completed. The archive is the last thing to create before releasing the
remaining team members.

1221 Similarity of two close process is? All types of closure must make sure the actual product of the
project meets the requirements and is accepted by an internal or external customer.

Project closer differ with proc closer- 1. Close Procurements involves an audit, which is a review of the
procurement process but pjt not. 2. Another Porc close done b4 project close

1545 Focus just on the question; which occurs more frequently, project closure or procurement closure? For
large projects, typically more than one procurement on each project. 954 Procurement closure occurs
as contracts are completed. This may happen before the project as a whole is complete. However, all
procurements must be closed before the project as a whole is closed.