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Learning Focus : Language Art Assessment:

English Content Standards : 4.1, 4.3 Oral Band 6:

Produce simple creative works with
Learning Standards : 4.1.1, 4.3.1(c)
Year 3C guidance by listening to simple
Lesson Objectives Mainstream :By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: instructions
a. Able to sing the song with actions Attendance:
b. Produce a fruit mobile
2017 Reflection Mainstream:
Teaching aids :song lyrics, Teaching and Learning Added Value :being careful
pictures, fruit mobile sample strategies : and loving
09.00 Thinking skills, multiple
9.500 intelligence, creativity
Theme: a. Guess me:
World of teacher plays hangman with the pupils
Knowledge teacher gives clues until the pupils are able to guess the fruits
teacher uses adjectives when giving clues
Topic eg: Rambutan--- I am red outside but white inside. I am sweet and juicy. I am hairy.
Fresh Fruits b. Let us sing:
Teacher puts up song lyrics on the board (refer to appendix)
Teacher guides the pupils to sing the song
Teacher introduces the actions for the song
Teacher gets the pupils to sing the song with actions
Teacher divides the pupils into a groups
Pupils sing the song in groups
Linus: Linus pupils may listen and follow after their friends.
c. Fruit mobiles:
teacher explains to pupils the steps to do fruit mobiles
teacher distributes all the necessary tools to make fruit mobiles
Linus: Teacher guides the pupils to produce their fruit mobiles.
At the end of the lesson, teacher gets a few pupils to show their fruit mobiles.

********* Teacher proceeds with Linus reading screening *********


Tune: Im a little teapot

Im a juicy orange,
Round as can be,
A big juicy orange,
Hanging on a tree.

If you want some juice,

Just pick me,
Poke in a straw,
And squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.