Chapter 9: Edward's and Emmett's MAKEOVER! Part One (A/N: Yes, I know, I suck. Double suck.

Make that a triple suck. Make that a² Emmett: GET ON WITH IT LADY! What's up with him? Anyways«I suck. Because I haven't updated (except for the two AN) and I kept you all disappointed and waiting. :( I'M SO SORRY! I think I'll go sulk now. While I do that, read the next chapter! :D) Alice's POV: La lalala la«la lalalalalalalalalala« I sang in my head. "Alice«you're singing it out loud." Edward told me. I stuck my tongue at him. "No one cares, Eddie." I said. He growled. "Growl all you want, brother, because after what I'll do to you and Emmett, y'll gonna be realpreety!" I said in a southern accent. "Alice!" I heard Jasper yell from downstairs. "Sorry, Jazzy, just love your accent!" I shouted back even though there's no need to. I put some blush onto Emmett's cheek. Surprisingly, he's been quiet all this time. Probably planning something. I glanced at Edward. He shrugged. How in the world can you not know? I asked him mentally. "He's blocking me." He answered. Emmett grinned. I sighed. I admit, I have no idea how mindreading works. All I know is that I have the power to ruin everybody's private moments. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Edward shudder. I don't know if it was previous experience of me just opening the door (my eyes were scarred for life) or what was going on in Emmett's mind. I bet both. As I started putting lipstick on Emmett's lips, he started screaming. "NO! NOT THE LIPSTICK! NOOOOOOOOO!" Uhh« The lipstick slipped slightly. No. Way. "EMMETT YOU STOP SCREAMING AND MOVING OR YOU'LL GONNA GET IT!" I yelled at him, wiping the red lipstick. He whimpered. "That's a good boy." I patted his head. Edward looked at me funny, his eyebrows raised. I rolled my eyes. "Lipstick is very important." I said simply while applying more lipstick on Emmett. My big brother pouted. I looked at him annoyed. "That's my trick, don't use it."

After the makeover« Emmett's POV Finally! I will never suffer from makeup again! I shall run away! I shall say no! I shall say² Edward chuckled. Stupid Eddie-boy. He glared at me, but his super eye lasers will never work against me! "MWAHAHAHAHAH!" I laughed. Alice and Edward looked at me skeptically. OME, HOW DID I KNOW THAT LARGE WORD? "OK, then." Edward said under his breath. I looked at him, and burst out laughing my butt off. And my head. "I wish literally." Eddie said. "Just wait until you see yourself." I turned to the mirror, but Alice stopped me. "Nuh-uh, Emmett, no peeking! And now outfits!" She held up two bikinis. No. Freaking. Way.

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