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Interested in learning

subtle-body healing work?

Join me in the two day initiatory
workshop on Siddha-Cranial Healing
work, which is an alchemical synthesis
of Himalayan Shamanism and Visionary
Craniosacral Work. We will explore :
Perceptual clarity, and
compassionate touch, which
becomes the context for our study
There is no Other. of cranial wave, field and dynamic
Only self-illuminating stillness.
Luminosity. Cranial anatomy along with hands-
-Abhinavagupta, Tantrasara. on work with a ppartner to deepen
If you have never experienced the understanding.
Craniosacral Work for yourself, it Working from the various depths of
is recommended (not required) Heart to enhance the potency of
that you have a session prior to healing work.

Friday, May 17th and 24th. 10a-5p

123 Camino De La Reina San Diego, CA 92108

No prerequisites | Cost: $200
My life has been a living quest of how healing and transformation happens. What
is Prana (Qi, Breath-of life, vayu, mana, etc), Nada and Bindu? How does inner-
stillness help in healing and transformation? Born in India, I have spent over thirty
years studying and practicing Siddha-Tantra tradition. Travelled many months in
the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Nepal, and India, learning various Tantrik
meditative practices. I also studied with Hugh Milne and learned to perceive with
Heart using Visionary Craniosacral approach.
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