Ross Mounce | Curriculum Vitae

Arcadia Fund, Sixth Floor, 5 Young Street, London W8 6EH

Œ • 7 @rmounce • ‡ rossmounce
¯ ross-mounce • ORCID: 0000-0002-3520-2046

I like using new technology to innovate and enhance our understanding of the world. Key themes of my
research are reproducibility, text & data mining, and fostering change in academic publishing practices.
I’m most at home collaborating on projects in distributed, version-controlled environments such as GitHub.
Always keen to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries to make change happen. Open is the way forward.

Education & Employment
Arcadia Fund London
Open Access Grants Manager June 2017–present
Seeking to make information available to all without barriers of cost or distance
University of Cambridge Cambridge
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Brockington Lab December 2015–May 2017
Modelling species conservation and the diversity of living collections in the world’s botanic gardens
Natural History Museum London
Scientific Associate July 2015–November 2015
Text mining museum specimen data from the recent literature
University of Bath Bath
Postdoctoral Research Associate February 2014–July 2015
The PLUTo project: Phyloinformatic Literature Unlocking Tools
University of Bath Bath
PhD in Evolutionary Biology October 2009–December 2013
Comparative Cladistics: Fossils, Morphological Data Partitions and Lost Branches in the Fossil Tree of Life
Natural History Museum, London London
MSc (Hons) in Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity 2008–2009

Imperial College London London
BSc (Hons) in Biology 2005–2008

Awards & Grants
Software Sustainability Institute Fellowship University of Cambridge
Personal award to help develop my plans for biodiversity content mining, 2016
BBSRC grant with Matthew Wills University of Bath
Tools & Resources Development Funding, PLUTo project 2014–2015
Panton Fellowship for Open Data in Science University of Bath
Personal award for the promotion and production of open research data, 2012–2013
Kurt M. Pickett Award University of California, Riverside
Intercontinental travel grant to support promising research students, 2012
Ede & Ravenscroft Prize Finalist University of Bath
A competition to reward the best graduate research students across the university, 2012
Santander Research Grant Award São Paulo
Competitively-awarded funding to support research links with Latin America, 2011
Systematics Association Travel Bursary Belfast
Supporting travel to the SystAss Biennial meeting, 2011

Published Outputs
In total, at least 145 citations so far | Google Scholar h-index: 5 | ImpactStory profile for altmetrics data

19. Mounce, R., Murray-Rust, P. and Wills, M. 2017. A machine-compiled microbial supertree from figure-
mining thousands of papers. Research Ideas and Outcomes DOI: 10.3897/rio.3.e13589 >1300 views
18. Beeston, A., Blazic, L., Chue Hong, N., Domander, R., Mounce, R. and Wilson, R. 2016. Ten simple rules
for writing a comparative software review. PeerJ PrePrints DOI: 10.7287/peerj.preprints.2221v1
17. Mounce, R., Sansom, R. and Wills, M. 2016. Sampling diverse characters improves phylogenies: Cranioden-
tal and postcranial characters of vertebrates often imply different trees. Evolution DOI: 10.1111/evo.12884
3 citations
16. Mietchen, D., Mounce, R., Penev, L. 2015. Publishing the research process. Research Ideas and Outcomes
DOI: 10.3897/rio.1.e7547 3 citations >2700 views
15. Mounce, R. 2015. Dark Research: information content in many modern research papers is not easily
discoverable online. PeerJ PrePrints DOI: 10.7287/peerj.preprints.773v1 >2200 views 1 citation
14. Mounce, R. 2014. Open Data and Palaeontology. In: S. A. Moore (ed.) Issues in Open Research Data.
Pp. 151–164. London: Ubiquity Press. DOI: 10.5334/ban.j 2 citations
13. Murray-Rust, P., Smith-Unna, R., and Mounce, R. 2014. AMI-diagram: Mining facts from images. D-Lib
Magazine 20(11/12) DOI: 10.1045/november14-murray-rust 2 citations
12. Mounce, R. 2014. The right to read is the right to mine: Text and data mining copyright exceptions
introduced in the UK. LSE Impact Blog invited, popular blog post
11. Vos, R., Biserkov, J., Balech, B., Beard, N., Blissett, M., Brenninkmeijer, C., van Dooren, T., Eades,
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Kelbert, P., King, D., Kirkup, D., Lammers, Y., DeMeulemeester, T., Mietchen, D., Miller, J., Mounce,
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Tähtinen, M., Weiland, C., Williams, A., and Sierra, S. 2014. Enriched biodiversity data as a resource and
service. Biodiversity Data Journal DOI: 10.3897/bdj.2.e1125 13 citations & >2000 views
10. Mounce R. 2013. Comparative cladistics: fossils, morphological data partitions and lost branches in the
fossil tree of life. pp. 1-161. [University of Bath, PhD thesis] full text 2 citations
9. Poisot, T., Mounce R., and Gravel, D. 2013. Moving toward a sustainable ecological science: don’t let
data go to waste! Ideas in Ecology and Evolution 6(2) DOI: 10.4033/iee.2013.6b.14.f 16 citations
8. Mounce R. and Janies, D. 2013. Synergistic sharing of data and tools to enable team science. In: J.
Zander & P.J. Mosterman (eds.) Computation for Humanity - Information Technology to Advance Society
CRC Press, pp. 437-447. full text
7. Mounce R. 2013. Easy steps towards open scholarship. LSE Impact Blog invited, popular blog post
6. Mounce, R. 2013. Open access and altmetrics: distinct but complementary. Bulletin of the American
Society for Information Science and Technology 39:14-17. DOI: 10.1002/bult.2013.1720390406 54 citations
5. Garcia, A., Murray-Rust, P., Burns, G. A. P. C., Stevens, R., Tkaczyk, D., McLaughlin, C., Belin, A., Di Iorio,
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B., Corcho, O., Giraldo, O., and Wabiszewski, M. 2013. PDFJailbreak-a communal architecture for making
biomedical PDFs semantic. Proceedings of the BioLINK SIG full text 5 citations
4. Mounce, R. 2012. Twitter for systematists. The Systematist 34 full text
3. Mounce, R. 2012. Life as a Palaeontologist: Academia, the Internet and Creative Commons. Palaeontology
Online full text 2 citations
2. Stoltzfus, A., O’Meara, B., Whitacre, J., Mounce, R., Gillespie, E., Kumar, S., Rosauer, D., and Vos, R.
2012. Sharing and re-use of phylogenetic trees (and associated data) to facilitate synthesis. BMC Research
Notes DOI: 10.1186/1756-0500-5-574 24 citations
1. Mounce, R. and Wills, M. 2011. Phylogenetic position of Diania challenged. Nature DOI: 10.1038/na-
ture10266 16 citations & 2 Wikipedia mentions

Invited Talks
○␣ OpenCon 2014 (Washington, D.C.) Nov. 15th 2014
The State of Open Research Data >500 views
○␣ TDWG (Florence) Oct. 31st 2013
Sharing re-usable phylogenetic data: we’re not there yet >500 views
○␣ Licences For Europe: Text and Data Mining (European Commission, Brussels) Mar. 8th 2013
Content Mining: The Researcher Point-of-View >3000 views
○␣ Society of Vertebrate Paleontology 72nd Annual Meeting (Raleigh) Oct. 19th 2012
Examining character congruence and compatibility of vertebrate cladistic data >300 views
○␣ NESCent seminar (Durham) Oct. 18th 2012
Mining phyloinformatic data from the published literature >1300 views
○␣ International Council for Science (ICSU) workshop (Chicheley Hall) Sep. 3rd 2012
BOAI-compliant open access/data licensing matters: content mining >900 views
○␣ British Ecological Society Annual Meeting (Sheffield) Sep. 13th 2011
On the Importance of Open Science and Open Data >1300 views
○␣ The 6th Annual Open Knowledge Conference (Berlin) Jul. 1st 2011
Open Palaeontology: putting data on the web for all to see and use >2500 views

Selected Conference Talks
Lyell Meeting on Palaeoinformatics (The Geological Society, London) Mar. 9th 2016
Specimen-level mining: bringing knowledge back ’home’ to the NHM, London
Jisc Digifest (Birmingham, UK) Mar. 3rd 2016
New Directions in Open Research [panel session]
SciFri Monthtly Seminar (The Natural History Museum, London) Sep. 18th 2015
Museum impact: linking-up specimens with research published on them on YouTube
6th European Phycological Congress (London) Aug. 27th 2015
Modern Tools & Rationales for 21st Century Research >500 views
Open Data & Reproducibility Workshop (British Ecological Society, London) Apr. 21st 2015
Open Research Data: Licensing, Standards & Future >600 views
FOSTER Open Science (King’s College London) Sep. 4th 2014
The Open Advantage for Early Career Researchers >700 views
Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (Boston, MA) Jul. 11th 2014
The PLUTo Project: mining phyloinformatics data from the literature on YouTube
iEvoBio (Raleigh, NC) Jun. 24th 2014
The PLUTo Project: mining phyloinformatics data from the literature >900 views
British Ecological Society Careers Event (London) Nov. 28th 2013
Social Media: How it can help you do science >800 views
Beyond The PDF 2 (Amsterdam) Mar. 19th 2013
Simple Additions to PDF Metadata >1000 views
The 2nd Pro-iBiosphere Workshop (Leiden) Feb. 14th 2013
Deconstructing PDF’s into SVG to extract semantic data >1400 views
The 1st Open Knowledge Festival (Helsinki) Sep. 19th 2012
The OKFN Panton Fellowships: from data mining to graduate training with Kershaw S. Video
Willi Hennig Society Meeting XXXI (Riverside, California) Jun. 25th 2012
Partitioned Supertree Support Mounce R., Davis K., Hill J., Hughes M. & Wills M. >1300 views
The 55th Palaeontology Association Annual Meeting (Plymouth) Dec. 19th 2011
Methods of Determining Cranial and Postcranial Character Congruence [poster] >1000 views
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology 71st Annual Meeting (Las Vegas) Nov. 2nd 2011
Phylogenetic Congruence between Cranial and Postcranial Characters in Archosaur Systematics

Willi Hennig Society Meeting XXX (Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil) Aug. 1st 2011
A Review of the Incongruence Length Difference test: Uses and Abuses >1400 views
The 8th Biennial Systematics Association meeting (Belfast) Jul. 8th 2011
Nullius in Calculo: the Explicitness & Reproducibility of Cladistic Analyses >1500 views
iEvoBio (Oklahoma) Publishing Re-usable Phylogenetic Trees Jun. 22nd 2011
O’Meara B. (presented by), Whitacre J., Mounce R., Rosauer D. F., Vos R. A. & Stoltzfus A.
Progressive Palaeontology (Leicester) May. 5th 2011
Congruence between cranial & postcranial characters in vertebrate systematics >1100 views
The 12th Young Systematists’ Forum (London) Dec. 1st 2010
The (continued) growth of phylogenetic information >2200 views
Willi Hennig Society meeting XXIX (Hawaii) Aug. 1st 2010
The congruence of morphological characters
International Palaeontological Congress 3 (London) Jul. 3rd 2010
How do fossils influence estimates of phylogeny? Wills, M.A. (presented by) & Mounce, R.

Professional Service
Council Member for the Systematics Association 2012-2017 | SRF grant reviewer 2015 & 2016
Founding Editor Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) 2015-present
Subject Editor for Biodiversity Data Journal 2013-present | Editor Data (MDPI) 2015-present
Organising Committee for OpenCon 2014 & 2015; Young Systematists’ Forum 2013, 2014 & 2015
Program Committee for LCPD 2014; Reproducible Open Science 2016
Reviewer for many journal articles as detailed at my Publons reviewer profile

Technical and Personal skills
○␣ Web / Programming Languages: Proficient in: R, Perl, Python, bash, LATEX, Markdown, HTML
Web-scraping with wget, curl, quickscrape, BeautifulSoup, and Javascript.
○␣ Specific tool expertise & experience: Unix tools & data science at the command line; IPython;
R packages including ape, phangorn, treebase, dplyr, reshape, tm, SnowballC, VennDiagram; Authorea,
Overleaf & GitHub for manuscript preparation; PAUP; TNT; MrBayes; POY; RAxML; Dendroscope;
BioPhylo; TreeSnatcher Plus; FigTree; Eclipse IDE; Mesquite; ghosts; Supertree Toolkit 2; PICA...
○␣ Wikipedia: It’s the world’s go-to information resource, and I’m proud to be a contributor. During a
TrowelBlazers event for Ada Lovelace Day 2014, I created new articles for Meemann Chang & Doris Mary
Kermack. I hope to contribute more to Wikipedia and Wikidata in future.
○␣ Communication Skills: Excellent presentation skills. Works well in a team. Good at technical writing for
both academic and lay audiences. Enthusiastic online communicator through webinars, podcasts, blogs
and social media. Highly-experienced with remote working: Skype, Google Hangouts, UberConference,
Etherpads, Slack, GitHub & Google Docs are second nature to me. First-rate in-person communication too.

Courses and Workshops, Taught and Attended
[Lead Instructor] ContentMine Workshop (University of Bath) Jul. 2015
Teaching the basics of content mining tools and philosophies to biologists
[Attended] Supertree Toolkit 2 (University of Bath) Dec. 2014
A training course on how to use the STK2 program for managing supertree data
[Taught At] Software Carpentry Bootcamp (University College London) Nov. 2014
Teaching basic Python, Shell, Git & GitHub, Testing & Debugging
[Attended] Software Carpentry Instructor Training (TGAC, Norwich) Oct. 2014
Learning how to teach research scientists how to program

[Attended] Phylogenetic Comparative Methods Workshop (Raleigh, SVP) Oct. 2012
Phylogenetic uncertainty & retrodiction, correlated evolution, and rates of character evolution
[Attended] Linking Open Data in Biology using Ontologies (Hinxton, EBI) May 2011
An introduction to RDF, triples, ontologies and literature mining.
[Attended] Data-intensive Paleobiological Research using PaleoDB (Edinburgh, NeSC) Apr. 2011
Learning statistics, accounting for uncertainty, and methods of querying PaleoDB data.
[Taught At] Postgraduate-led Four-Day R Training Course (University of Bath) Aug. 2010
Teaching data import/export, data manipulation, visualization, basic statistics & scripting
[Attended] 2nd EDIT Summer School (Muranska Planina National Park, Slovakia) Jul. 2009
Field-based learning about taxonomy. Small mammals, plants and insects.

Popular Media
Nature News, I’ve been interviewed for quotes on:
Data sharing in palaeontology 2011-03-11 ; Open Access 2013-02-06 ; Text-mining 2013-03-20 ;
Careers advice 2013-03-27 ; Secret publishing deals 2014-06-26 ; A PLOS ONE paper 2015-01-29 ;
Sparrho’s literature recommendation & discovery service 2014-09-03
The F1000 Blog
“Fortune favours the brave! Publishing delays are completely avoidable.” Jan. 2017
The Economist
No peeking. . . A publishing giant goes after the authors of its journals’ papers Jan. 2014
The Journal of Ecology podcast
An interview, recorded by Scott Chamberlain on open data and open access Apr. 2013
BBC Radio 3, live-broadcast debate on Open Access
Night Waves programme with MP David Willetts & Dame Janet Finch Oct. 2012
Voice of Russia UK radio show
Discussing RCUK Open Access policy and academic publishing Aug. 2012