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`METRO MANILA COLLEGE U-Site, Brgy. Kaligayahan,Novaliches Quezon City _____________________________________________________________ SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT Introduction to the


U-Site, Brgy. Kaligayahan,Novaliches Quezon City _____________________________________________________________

SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person Grade 12

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Test I. Multiple Choice

Date: ___________ Strand & Section: __________

Direction: Read the following statements and choose the correct answer. Write your answer on

the space provided before the number. Use CAPITAL LETTERS only. Strictly NO ERASURES.

1.Which of the following is defined as a rational being endowed with composite characteristics (physical, mental, moral, spiritual, and emotional) as distinct from lower animals?




  • B. Human

C. Spirit

D. All of the above

2. Human person’s existence is not complete because it is wrapped up by limitations and

possibilities that happen in the ecstasies of time. This limitation of the human body is dictated by

what concept?


Being others related

C. Conscience



D. Temporality

3. Human being according to Aquinas and Aristotle is an embodied spirit and at the same time, a biosocial being. Which of the following statement supports the idea of a biosocial being?





Human being has a flesh and a body

Human as the highest level of all living organism in the planet

Human as subject of labor and engage in social form of life.

Human has a capacity to direct communication and high level of consciousness and



I, II and III

C. II, III and IV


I and IV

D. I, III and IV

4. What is the similarity of Soren Kierkegaard and Jean Paul Sartre?


They emphasize the importance of responsibility.


Both of them believe that interaction is important in one’s development.


They are both existentialist.


They emphasize the power of rationality and the power of choices.

5. It is the relation of “man as the measure of all things” in addressing the environment particularly in environmental crisis.


Humans determine what is to become of his/her environment


People are the ones who cause damages in the environment


Our government must support and produce an eco-friendly product


Sustainable development starts from human initiative.

6. It is the reason to analyze the concept in every statement.


To win in an argumentation or debate


To become an intelligent and a wise person


For better understanding and clarification


To become an expert speaker and less-biased individual

7. The story of creation in the book of Genesis tells of how God entrusted the Earth to man and woman by giving them the role as stewards of creation. What is the meaning of stewardship in environmental ethics?


Man’s basic needs should be prioritized at the expense of environment


Man is simply a caretaker and a manager of his/her environment


Man is the one who dictates what policies and regulation should be formulate


Man is the measure of all things

8. No one, even a hermit can live alone. The care, support and protection by the society are important. For this reason, a human person must relate in society for what reason?


For gregariousness

C. For survival


For specialization

D. For economic needs

9. Existence is not full, not whole and not perfect but such limitations can become possibilities therefore, a human person is capable of this.



C. Developing



D. Thinking and feeling

10. It refers to the “real person” inside of us, it is our life force and it gives life to the




C. Mind



D. Body

11. This method of philosophizing must incorporate the other methods in order to utilize effectively.


  • A. Philosophical dialogue

C. Logical analysis

  • B. Cartesian doubt

D. Historical method

12. He believed that a man will make his existence meaningful if he/she is doing a good deed to other person.


  • A. Victor Frankel

C. Soren Kierkegaard

  • B. Karl Jaspers

D. Jean Paul Sartre


13. According to the concept of guilt feeling, Heidegger point out that a human person

is a guilty creature thus he has no will. His will is missing and this prevents the person to decide for things. This concept of guilt feeling will give rise to this concept.

  • A. Resoluteness

C. Conscience

  • B. Temporality

D. Concern


14. He rejects the concept of crowd because he believe that a person must disconnect

himself from others in order to make his existence significant. The value of solitude is necessary for a human person in order to transcend.

  • A. Victor Frankel

  • B. Martin Heidegger

C. Soren Kierkegaard

D. Karl Jaspers



It is the human person being viewed when talking with the holistic perspective?


Human person sees as a whole and can apply what it means to be a human


Someone who memorizes all the methods of philosophizing


He/she possesses the characteristic of being a human


Human person is viewed as a component of an entire system



The martial law declaration in Mindanao is a phenomenon that can be investigated

using this.

  • A. Political Philosophy

  • B. Metaphysics

  • C. Aesthetics

  • D. Epistemology

17. Philosophy allows the people to think outside the box and see the big picture using this way.


  • I. It opens the notion of wholeness where one gets to experience what is meaningful

II. It opens the broad horizon in which one recognizes unity of diversity. III. It allows the people to see the convergence of things and events

IV. It addresses the different issues in everyday living in an isolated manner

  • A. I, II and III

C. III and IV

  • B. I, III and IV

D. I only


18. Identify the FALSE statement.

  • I. Soren Kierkegaard and Jean Paul Sartre are both existentialist.

II. The concept of dread is not associated with John Locke’s Tabula rasa theory. III. Aristotle like Plato, believes in the immortality of soul and spirit.

IV. The methods of philosophizing focuses on seeking wisdom and not on seeking what is true and opinion.

  • A. II and III

C. I, II and IV

  • B. III only

D. III and IV


  • 19. It does not belong to the methods of Philosophizing.

  • A. Philosophical Dialogue

C. Comparative Descriptive

  • B. Deconstructive

D. Experimental Method

20. He is a Greek mathematician and philosopher who coined the word “Love of wisdom”?

  • A. Plato

C. Pythagoras

  • B. Socrates

D. Rene Descartes


  • 21. The following statements emphasize the Value of Doing Philosophy except;

  • A. Helps the students to be creative.

  • B. Helps the student to be imaginative

  • C. Enables the student to develop ability to form opinions

  • D. Helps the student not to be resilient and panic in facing disorder and doubt


  • 22. It is an accepted statement and it agrees with facts and reality and also needs to be

supported by factual evidence.

  • A. Opinion

C. Arguments

  • B. Truth

D. Cases


  • 23. Marco is having a difficulty in understanding some unfamiliar words and its definition,

therefore he can use this method.

  • A. Critical Analysis

C. Conceptual Analysis

  • B. Logical Analysis

D. Mathematical Analysis


  • 24. The example of this method is when the teacher and students are having a discourse

or discussion and promoting the communication and interaction able to come up in an active

search for knowledge.

  • A. Phenomenological method

  • B. Critical Analysis

C. Philosophical method

D. Deconstructive method



This branch of philosophy does not involve questions related to values.



C. Political

  • B. Metaphysics

D. Social




philosophy, Argument is defined as this.

A.A factual disagreement between people

C.A shouting match

  • B. Giving reasons for a belief

D. Any verbal attempt to persuade



Empiricists believe this statement.

  • A. Understanding ones inner self leads one to knowledge.

  • B. Knowledge is gained through the senses.

  • C. Abstract thinking leads one to knowledge

  • D. Reason is the only valid pathway to knowledge.



Ethics can be defined as the philosophical study of this.

  • A. how humans treat each other specifically in relation to being good or bad

  • B. human behavior and its faults and good points

  • C. the moral value of human behavior

  • D. human moral



It is when something is lacking or missing in a person, therefore he has no will and

prevents the person to decide on things.

  • A. Concept of Being-others related

  • B. Concept of Guilt feeling

  • C. Concept of Temporality

  • D. Concept of Resoluteness


  • 30. Human person relates himself to the world, affects his views and beliefs, shapes and

mold him/her as a person. This statements refers to this determinant.

  • A. Friends and Associates

  • B. Genetics

  • C. Life -Experiences

  • D. Self-image

Test II. Identification

Direction. Determine who or what the statement is referring to. Write your answer on the blank

provided before the number. WRONG SPELLING is WRONG.


way of eliciting truth through questions and answer or Socratic Method is also

known as.



This philosopher said that, “The human person is the only kind of being that exist”. According to Babor 2001, it is man’s readiness to be called by Conscience.


It is a branch of philosophy that studies issues concerning art and beauty.



It is the real person inside us, it is our life force, and it gives life to the body. It is consists of our mind, will, emotions, personality, thoughts, attitudes and what

makes us unique.


It is a method of determining whether the assertion offered as reason for

accepting the assertion justifies acceptance the way the speaker intended.


He is an Atheist who believed that Gods existence or non existence cannot affect

man’s freedom.


  • 39. In order to understand what each words mean, it would be better first to

understand its meaning and boundaries in order to come up with the correct concepts.

  • 40. This method is when we often come to understand the relation of two concepts

________ and able to compare and describe what we already know.

Test III. Essay


Explain “Docta Ignorantia”. It is to know what you do not know, and now that you do

not know, that you do not know, you are willing to truly know. Give example to support your

answer. (5 pts.)

45-50. Explain the role of Philosophy in addressing environmental crisis. Give example to support your answer (5pts.)