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- Career Studies Certificate

* Pen din g appr oval f or Fall 2017 st ar t u p
This program is intended to tap into the emerging
This is set to be the first
brewing industry in the Danville-Pittsylvania County
community college
region and across the U.S.
program of its kind in the
- Sales of domestic craft beer gr ew 6.2% in 2016 region! Learn from local
- The craft beer industry contributed $55.7 craft brewers while
billion to the U.S. economy in 2014 and m or e earning college credit.
t h an 424,000 jobs.
M in im u m cr edit s: 16
- Beer tourism on the rise: In 2014, m or e t h an 10
m illion people toured small, independent craft Len gt h : 2 semesters
breweries in the U.S. part-time
Source: The Brewers Association Car eer oppor t u n it ies:
Graduates may find
Topics covered in the program include production of
employment in distilling
fermented products; cultivating; marketing;
and brewing operations,
management; legal issues; inspection; maintenance,
or by starting their own
service and repair of equipment; facility operations;
craft brewing business
packaging; sanitation; and welding.
when this program is
Adm ission Requ ir em en t s In addition to general combined with DCC's
college admission requirements, students must: Small Business
- Be at least 21 years old by the start of classes. Management CSC or
- Be able to work in a physically demanding Venture Creation &
environment, including but not limited to Management A.A.S.
standing in a hot and wet work area for degree in technical
extended lengths of time; climbing stairs; studies. Salaries and job
repeatedly lifting equipment and product growth for business
weighing up to 55 lbs., and safely maneuvering owners will vary.
by hand equipment that weighs up to 170 lbs. Division : Business,
- Brewing and distillation facilities may require a Engineering, & Industrial
criminal background check and/or drug testing Technologies
prior to employment.
Con t act : 434.797.8440
or 434.797.8474

Danville Community College - 235

- Career Studies Certificate
Pr ogr am Ou t com es
Graduates of this program will be able to:
1. Describe & implement proper sanitation, handling, & safety procedures with
fermentation products & facilities.
2. Create a craft beverage using their knowledge of microbiology, recipe
development, sensory fundamentals, lab techniques, & equipment operations.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the processes associated with filtration,
carbonation, & finishing, & their impact on the end product.

Cou r se Sequ en ce
Fir st Sem est er
Sanitation & Safety 1 2 3 2
Applied Craft Beverage Microbiology 2 3 5 4
Beverage Technology and Calculations 3 1 4 2
Tot al 6 6 12 8
Secon d Sem est er
Craft Beer Brewing 1 3 4 2
Sensory Evaluation 1 3 4 3
Filtration and Finishing 0 4 4 3
Tot al 2 10 12 8

236 - Catalog 2017-18