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CHE 153: Heat Transfer Operations

First Sem. 2017-18 MSU-IIT
ETC-207 DCHET M56F56: M(1-3PM) Th(1-4PM), M5S56: Tue(11-1PM) W(6-9PM)

Instructor: Prof. Arnold A. Lubguban

Contact email:
Office Hours: Mon-Wed 4:00 5:00 pm (or may be arranged by appointment)

Reference Texts:
1) Main: Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer. Incropera, F. P., and DeWitt, D.
P. 7th ed. New York, NY: Wiley, 2001.
2) Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook. Perry, R. H. (more recent editions).
3) Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering. McCabe, W.L., J.C. Smith, and P.
Harriott New York: McGraw-Hill.
4) Transport Phenomena, 2nd Ed. Bird, B.R., Stewart, W.E., Lightfoot, E.N., John
Wiley & Sons.
5) Transport Processes and Unit Operations, 3rd Ed. Geankoplis, C.J., Prentice Hall.

This course is designed to teach junior-level chemical engineering students the
fundamentals of heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation. Analysis of
the following will be covered by the course:
1) situations involving one, two and all three modes of heat transfer,
2) heat transfer equipment (shell and tube, concentric pipe, and extended surface heat
exchangers), and
3) other heat transfer-intensive processes.

Quizzes, Problem Set, Recitation, Attendance..10%
Exams (3 during the sem 20% each)..60%
Final Exam (cumulative Board Exam type).....25%
Heat Transfer Equipment Design (TBA) Team Project.5%

Grade Scale

1.00 95% - 100%
1.25 91% - <95%
1.50 86% - <91%
1.75 81% - <86%
2.00 76% - <81%
2.25 72% - <76%
2.50 68% - <72%
2.75 64% - <68%
3.00 60% - <64%
4.00 56% - <60%
5.00 below 60%
Problem Sets will be assigned throughout the semester, with due dates being usually 1
week after assignment. Late solution papers will not be accepted. Problem Sets will
be returned promptly.

Approximately ten-to-thirteen (10-13) 10-minute quizzes will be given during the
semester. The quizzes will be completed in- class.

The regular exam format will be open books (Main reference and Perrys Handbook
ONLY), closed notes/gadgets for the calculations part and a closed book(s) part to test
general knowledge and retention of concepts. Final Exam will be given in a BOARD
EXAM type format (only Perrys Handbook is allowed). Both regular exams and
Finals duration is 3 hrs.
Tentative exam dates are:

Exam 1 TBS, mid-Sep Steady State and Transient Conduction

Exam 2 TBS, mid-Oct Radiation, Radiation Exchange
Exam 3 TBS, mid-Nov Convection, External/Internal Flows, Heat
Final Exam TBS, first week-Dec Cumulative (Perrys Handbook ONLY))


A group project will be assigned in early November, due on the last week of
November when the teams will present or defend their work for 10-15 mins. Teams
will be self-selected and consist of 5 or 6 students. The project will focus on applying
knowledge to the design and retrofit of a set of heat transfer equippment. More
information on project description, report, and calculations will be given with the

Our class website for announcements and problem set postings will be emails or
Classroom, a Google app for EDU by

READINGS (from the required main text):


1 Introduction and Overview 1.1-1.7
Demonstration of Modes of Heat Transfer
2 Conservation of Energy 2.1-2.5
Heat Diffusion Equation
Boundary and Initial Conditions
3 Quiz 1/ Problem Set 1
4 Steady-State Conduction in Plane Wall and Radial 3.1-3.4
5 Quiz 2/ Problem Set 2
6 Conduction with Energy Generation 3.5
7 Quiz 3
8 Extended Surfaces 3.6, 3.7
9 Quiz 4/ Problem Set 3
10 Two-dimensional Conduction 4.1-4.4, skim 4.5
11 Quiz 5
12 Transient Conduction 5.1-5.3
Lumped Capacitance Analysis
13 Quiz 6/ Problem Set 4
14 Transient Conduction with Spatial Effects 5.4-5.6
Semi-Infinite Solid skim 5.7
Multi-Dimensional Effects skim 5.8
15 Quiz 7/Problem Set 5
16 EXAM 1
17 Introduction to Radiation 12.1-12.5
18 Quiz 8/ Problem Set 6
19 Radiation Processes 12.6-12.9
20 Quiz 9/ Problem Set 7
21 Blackbody Exchange 13.1-13.3
Gray Surfaces
22 Quiz 10/Problem Set 8
23 EXAM 2
24 Introduction to Convection 6.1-6.5
Boundary Layers
25 Boundary Layer Similarity 6.6-6.10
Dimensionless Equations
26 Quiz 11/Problem Set 9
27 TEAM REPORT (Heat Transfer Equipment
28 External Flow Correlations skim 7.1-7.5, 7.9
29 Internal Flow skim 8.1-8.4
Flow in Tubes
30 Convection Correlations Skim 8.5-8.10
31 Quiz 12/Problem Set 10
32 EXAM 3

* The syllabus is accurate as of 08/10/17, but the instructor reserves the right to alter the schedule for sound
pedagogical reasons if necessary. Due notice will be given for changes in the syllabus.