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Queens for the King

August 2017

Welcome to August
This months ministry has been a busy blessing as it is back to school
time. Tutoring has expanded at Sibongumbomvu school to 3 days a week
and new grades are being reached for the kingdom. Thomas has had
more opportunities to preach in local churches. Shiyas people are
growing as followers of Christ and attending church. The interns have
returned home to spread the gospel in the UK and share their
experiences in Africa with their local churches. Come take a look!

Preaching Gods Heart

Thomas got to share on
Nehemiah Chap 8 at New Life
Centre Church in Northdale. He
challenged everyone as to what
their response is to Gods
Message. Please pray for him
as he preaches again at Hilton
Baptist Aug 27.
Proclaiming Gods Word
We are excited to avg over 50
kids listening to the stories of the
Bible each Thurs at kids club at
Sibong. Each week they are
memorizing a verse to reinforce
the story. This month they
learned about God rescuing His
people from the Midianites. And
Jericho walls came down. Plus,
Jesus walked on water and saved
Peter. Pray each story told will
grow each child in the Lord.

Tutoring and Taxi Rides

God is expanding the tutoring at Sibong.
We now teach the gospel and tutor 3
days a week. We are reaching grades 4-
6 while teaching English/Math. These
children now eagerly attend Hilton
Baptist each Sunday with 5-11 kids
riding with us to church. Please pray
for us as we desire to find a person of
peace in their neighborhood of
Magwababa so we can begin after school
programs in the hopes of beginning a cell
group among their parents. There is no
church in their community. Planting a
church there would be such a blessing!
Counting our Blessings in Shiyabazali
On house visits we are blessed with around 20 pre-schoolers. The kids club
there is doing a great job teach Gods truths to the children at an early age.
Our adult patients are now able to attend a local Zulu church as that
congregation is reaching out to them and providing transport each Sunday.
Our people were also blessed with a winter clothes donation. Please pray
for the people of God to continue to faithfully reach out to this community.
We pray a cell group can form and begin with these believers becoming the
founding members.

Prayer Requests
God to send more volunteers to tutor and
teach the gospel to the adults and children
who need to be reached with the gospel.
God to use the interns who returned to the UK
last week to advance his Kingdom in Europe.
God to use the 2 UK families coming this
Saturday for 2 weeks to SA. Traveling mercies
and spiritual growth for them.
A person of peace in Magwababa who will allow
us to use their building for after school
programs, cell group hosting and plant a house
Thomas preaching Aug 27
Elizabeth returning to Lee and leading bible
studies in her dorm
Jacobs exams again this week.