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Tickets for all pay-in performances, Tickets for lunchtime performances and film
Coffeewerk+Press and Kieran Moloney Music screening available at the door.
shop performances are available online at or by phone from Druid Tickets for Le Rex available from Roisin Dubh
on 091 568660

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Welcome Eva Bourke +

Olesya Zdorovetska
Poet Eva Bourke recently collaborated with For this reading Eva will be joined by musician
Vincent Woods to compile and edit Fermata Olesya Zdorovetska for a performance of poetry
a book of poetry and prose inspired by music. and music intertwined.

Black Gate Cultural Centre Thursday 5th October

 1.00pm 7
Welcome to the Galway Jazz Festival 2017. I am be possible, and we are delighted to be funded by

Irish Memory Orchestra

proud to be part of a team once again presenting Galway City Council, The Arts Council and
a festival of the highest quality here in Galway. Culture Ireland.
There are over 40 events - Local, National and We hope you take away with you some of the spirit
International across 20 different venues. The
festival highlights include Masterclasses, a film
screening, a swing dance night, jam sessions, solo
of improvisation, communication and creativity,
which will be in abundance during these four days. Jazz Ensemble
performances, large ensemble performance, poetry,
panel discussion, a youth ensemble workshop and Matthew Berrill
much much more in between. Dave Flynns Irish Memory Orchestra is a Dave Flynn: guitar
We are indebted to all our local and national Artistic Director formidable collective of musicians (Irish Times) Neil Laclainn: bass
sponsors without whom this festival would not Galway Jazz Festival 2017 which has created a unique sound-world by Aidan Dunphy: drums
combining the talents of its traditional Irish music, Neil Yates: trumpet
classical and jazz musicians. Their repertoire Matthew Berrill: clarinet/saxophone

of original compositions by Flynn, Yates and
Loclainn explores the intersections between jazz
and traditional Irish music.

Black Gate Cultural Centre Friday 6th October

Corcoran  1.00pm 7

Opening Address Cora Venus Lunny +

Colm O'Hara
A forty-year veteran of the music industry, Carl highly acclaimed Blue of the Night on RTE lyric
Corcoran has worked in song writing, studio fm, has cemented his position in the arts/music
production, radio production, live performance, community and further committed him to the
music publishing, festival direction, community advancement of the arts, the accessibility of such With influences from the classical and jazz worlds, Cora Venus Lunny: violin
education and community outreach. His almost ten to the public and the support for creative artists. Cora Venus Lunny and Colm O'Hara will bring you Colm O'Hara: trombone
year tenure as Presenter/compiler/curator of the on a journey of creativity and discovery using free
improvisation as a structure for this performance.

The Kitchen Friday 6th October Black Gate Cultural Centre Saturday 7th October
 6.00pm Free  1.00pm 7

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Naomi Berrill Trondheim

Naomi Berrill is an Irish cello player and singer, she directors such as Virgilio Sieni who is the current
is currently based in Florence where she works as a director of the Biennale Danza in Venice.
freelance musician. Naomi's first solo album 'From The Ground' was
After classical studies Naomi started a solo project released in January 2015 in collaboration with
for cello and voice and so far she has collaborated Musicamorfosi.
with cellist Giovanni Sollima, New York City Ballet,
Crash Ensemble, writer Stefano Benni and theatre Naomi Berrill: cello and voice

Kieran Moloney Music Shop Thursday 5th October

5.00pm Free
 (ticketed, audience capacity 15)
Trondheim Voices is an all female Norwegian ensemble of improvising

Neil Yates
vocalists, constantly challenging and changing the framework for how
a vocal ensemble can produce sound art. Since 2001, they have made
solid statements as developers within vocal and improvised music,
expanding the traditional concert format, searching for new music in the
interaction between the singers, the audience, the surroundings and new
Through their many collaborations with cutting edge composers
Multi-instrumentalist composer, arranger and As an educator Neil lectures in music at Salford and stage artists, and especially through their collaboration with
educator Neil Yates studied music at Salford University, Leeds College of Music, and previously sound designerAsle Karstadand visual artistAnn-Cathrin Hertling,
University and Guildhall School of Music and taught at Birmingham Conservatoire, Royal
Drama in London. Northern College of Music and Royal Welsh Trondheim Voices has reached a whole new level of improvising, with
College of Music and Drama. both music, movement, new technology, space, and time. The subtle
He stepped out into the professional music business
in 1991, as a London-based jazz trumpeter working He has completed a four year PhD in Musical
interaction between the singers, the sound-designer, the audience, and
most notably for the BBC Big Band and Johnny Artistry, is the winner of Arts Council Wales' the moment, is their point of navigation making new music through
Dankworth Orchestra. He moved on to higher Creative Wales Award 2012 and is Artistic Director listening and letting go.
profile session musician work in 1994, performing of Llandudno Jazz Festival.
and recording with The Brand New Heavies,
Supergrass, Black Grape, Lighthouse Family, Alison The Norwegian Vocal Ensemble of all times
Moyet, Will Young, Suggs, Matt Bianco and Neil Yates: trumpet
Robbie Williams.
Dagsavisens top 10 Norwegian Jazz releases 2016
Kieran Moloney Music Shop Thursday 5th October
6.00pm Free St Nicholas Collegiate Church Thursday 5th October
 (ticketed, audience capacity 15)  8.00pm 10

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Blue Note Meilana

How can you have a bar with this name and not be part of a Jazz
Festival?! The legendary labels namesake comes through in great style
this year, with two events gracing the programme.
Gillard Trio
Anthony Collins + Conor Cantrell
Anthony Collins digging deep into his jazz vinyl Blue Note accompanied by leading jazz guitarist
collection. Playing inside the front window of the Conor Cantrell.

Thursday 5th October  7.00pm Free

North Galway
North Galway is a collaboration between GJF A beat laden journey featuring live percussion and
Artistic Director/musician/arranger/teacher brass, looping through the influence of jazz in the
Matthew Berrill and Irish producer/dj Cyril Briscoe. hiphop and dance music of the last 30 years.

Friday 6th October  7.00pm Free

Ohio raised saxophonist and composer Meilana Gillard
Le Rex emerged as a rising star on the New York scene whilst
studying at the New School in the early 2000s and has
gone on to play with Greg Osby, Charli Persip, Debbie
Reynolds(!), Glenn Campbell and the all-female big
Four wind instruments and drums this is Le
Rex, the ultimate mixture of groove, harmony and
and the sweet bitterness of leaden ballads mixed
with breakneck horn solos.
band DIVA. Based near Belfast since 2012, shes just
juicy melodies with an unmistakable addiction to
the unexpected. They stand for a kind of cunning
All this makes Le Rex one of the finest jazz bands
from Switzerland.
released her second album Dream Within a Dream
adventure jazz and like to record their CDs on Lyte Records.
somewhere in public places such as department
stores, construction sites, scrap yards and farms. Benedikt Reising: alto sax
Marc Stucki: tenor sax
The sound of Le Rex reveals a spectacular Andreas Tschopp: trombone Meilana Gillard: tenor saxophone
kaleidoscope of crispy popgrooves, balkanese horn Marc Unternhrer: tuba Neil Laclainn: bass
riffs, intoxicating and frisky rhythm n blues parts Rico Baumann: drums Shane ODonovan: drums

Roisin Dubh Thursday 5th October Biteclub Thursday 5th October

 8.00pm 8  9.00pm Free

6 7

Salthouse Sessions Haz'art Trio

Photograph by Kees Stravers

Based on a perfect interplay between oud, double
bass and drums, the three musicians create
an intricate braiding of jazz beats and maqam
arabesques, of Eastern finesse and Western
Following the success of last years Salthouse assertiveness, crossing all stylistic boundaries.
Sessions, local guitar wizard Aengus Hackett Luck is what happens when preparation between Bass and Oud to create hybrid
returns to conjure up a series of collaborative meets opportunity is what the philosopher
Seneca once said to describe coincidence.
melodies that can't be attributed to a specific
culture. Boubake freely improvises on the oud
performances in this most welcoming of venues. Playing on the word 'Hazard', meaning risk
or destiny, the trio consider their chance
like a musician with Western roots, while Sell
is one of the few bass players to really dive into
Prepare to be beguiled. encounter in 2011as a lucky strike, created Arabic maqam music.
through the combination of talent, the joy of
playing and a lucky coincidence. Fadhel Boubaker (Tunis): oud
Friday 6th 7.00pm Sunday 8th 3.00pm The trio considers the cross-cultural exchange Jonathan Sell (Mannheim): double bass
Aengus Hackett: guitar Aengus Hackett: guitar between East and West as one of the most Dominik Furstberger (Basel): drums,
important sources for their inspiration live electronics
Mike Nielsen: guitar Neil Laclainn: bass Haz'art's music leaves space for a conversation
Dominic Mullan: drums
Saturday 7th 6.00pm
Aengus Hackett: guitar
Sam Comerford: saxophone

Salthouse Bar The Mick Lally Theatre Friday 6th October

 Free  8.00pm 15

8 9

Swing Dance Crash Course Skratchlords

A night of scratch music, turntable
improv and freestyle cuts
Ideally to help you avoid crashing! Heres the Sarah Mullen of Swinging Out will lead a dance
perfect opportunity to pick up some new steps or class in advance of the Ian Date Swing Combo
to put some polish on your moves...(you always said concert in Electric. This is the perfect opportunity!
you wanted to try it).
Skratchlords is a collective of Community Moschops is a scratch DJ who simply can not
Skratch artists. Performances are lively, scratching be messed with, always capturing the essence of
Electric Friday 6th October on powerful beats from producers within the digging obscure gems out of record stacks.
7.00pm 15 collective. Naive Teds angular take on beat-
 Includes admission to Ian Date Swing Combo oriented music meets at the margins of myriad Skratchlords
styles but always follows a logical line (that Naive Ted (Limerick)
admittedly may only be audible to himself..) Jimmy Penguin (Galway legend),

John Conneely
Where machine is man, and man is on the cusp of a Djackulate (of OKO fame),
nervous breakdown, Teds hands control time via a Symatic (Cut & Paste Records),
pair of turntables. Moschops
Manipulate (Grandeurs Of Delusion)

Biteclub Friday 6th October

One of Galways favourite sons brings his inimitable John Conneely: Vox/guitar  11.00pm 5
presence to Biteclub to set the tone for our Swing Mark Sullivan: guitar
Night. Joined by three of his finest accomplices, Ciarn Kelly: drums

Piano Scheme
John Conneely will be offering up his own Michael Corbett: piano
unique renditions of some Jazz and Blues tunes
interspersed with his own original compositions.

Biteclub Friday 6th October

 7.30pm Free Galway Jazz Festival in association with Jeffers
Pianos and Music Network are proud to present
The Piano Scheme.
The Ian Date Swing Combo
In its first year the scheme will offer 10 free generation of Irish jazz and improvising
piano hires around the country provided by musicians deserve. Weve tried to keep it as
GJF and Jeffers Pianos of Bandon. Its entirely simple as possible- there are no age limits
Hailing from Down Under, Ian has notched up Ian Date: guitar, trumpet, vocals a reaction to the chronic lack of performance for applicants and well be trying to achieve a
more than 70 albums with his smooth vocals, guitar Myles Drennan: piano opportunities for jazz/improv musicians decent gender balance.
and trumpet. He has toured with his classic jazz, Neil Laclainn: bass outside Dublin. Its also a push-back against
getting toes tapping and making swing the thing. Dan Walsh: drums the notion that its ok for jazzers to play electric Full details can be found at
Polish up your dancing shoes and get sweet to the Brian Wynne: saxophone keyboards rather than proper acoustic pianos, musicians/opportunities.
beat with this swingtastic quintet.
and a small push at getting jazz recognised as
Electric Friday 6th October an equal to chamber music. Its no less than the
music and the current absolutely outstanding
 9.00pm 10

10 11

Coffeewerk+Press Always Know -

Rauno Niemenen Monk at 100

Rauno Nieminen is one of the leading exponents Europe. He has a PhD from the Sibelius Academy in
of the Finnish stringed traditional instruments the Helsinki and in 1984 founded the luthier school at
kantele and jouhikko. His career has brought him the Ikaalinen School of Art and Design.
renown as a performer, scholar and champion of
the ancient instruments and folk music of Northern Rauno Niemenen: kantele/ jouhikko Just before going on stage, Thelonious Monk would often deliver
this particular piece of advice to his band: Dont forget, always
Coffeewerk+Press Saturday 8th October know This year is the centenary of Thelonious Monks birth, and
 2.00pm Free (ticketed, capacity 15) 'Always Know' is a piece for septet that will celebrate one of the great
composers and jazz musicians of the 20th Century.
Sam Comerford When I was about 12 years old my father
brought home a double LP featuring a selection
these sayings, and they have provided me with as
much inspiration as they no doubt originally did
of Monks music. Since then I have listened to for the original recipients. As Monk said, 'You've
pretty much everything he ever recorded, formed got to dig it, to dig it - you dig?'
bands dedicated to playing his compositions,
and immersed myself in Monks musical and Ronan Guilfoyle
personal world. In writing this piece eight-part
suite, thinking about what material I might use Matthew Berrill: alto/clarinet/bass clarinet
for inspiration, I decided to base the pieces on the Sam Comerford: tenor/ flute
various sayings contained in the Monks Advice Paul Dunlea: trombone
document - a piece of handwritten A4 paper on Chris Guilfoyle: guitar
which band member Steve Lacy jotted down the Greg Felton: piano
Active on the European scene, Sam Comerford Last seen in Galway at GJF17 as part of the typically gnomic, yet brilliant things Monk would Ronan Guilfoyle: bass
specialises in creative improvised music, playing astonishing band Aerie, this rare solo performance say to the band. Each piece is based on one of Christophe Lavergne: drums
tenor and bass saxophone. will have neck-hairs standing to attention!
From 2012-2014 he represented Ireland in the
European Saxophone Ensemble, and represented
Ireland again in 2015-2016 at the 12 Points Festival. Sam Comerford: tenor/ bass saxophone

Coffeewerk+Press Sunday 9th October The Mick Lally Theatre Saturday 7th October
 3.00pm Free (ticketed, capacity 15)  2.30pm 10

12 13

Nielsen + Brett Sroka +

Nabatov Rauno Niemenen
Finnish kantele and jouhikko player Rauno
Nieminen and New York based composer and Through Srokas live computer processing of
computer musician Brett Sroka first began Nieminens music, the duo create rich tapestries of
collaborating at the Arteles Creative Center, in electro-acoustic sound out of the roots of Northern
Haukijrvi, Finland. European music, finding commonalities in centuries
Nieminens career has brought him renown as a of culture, history and technology, imagining a
performer, scholar, and champion of the ancient boundless new form of music.
Two of the finest improvising musicians in Europe Anyone who was at the Cava concert last year will instruments and folk music of Northern Europe,
come together and play. Theyre travelling from know to turn up early for this! whilst Srokas work in improvisation, computer Rauno Niemenen: kantele and jouhikko
very different places to be here, so no opportunity music and modern composition has led to work in Brett Sroka: electronics
to rehearse. They arrive, they sit down, they play. Mike Nielsen: guitar film, dance and installation.
Pure improvisation at the very highest level. Simon Nabatov: piano

Cava Saturday 7th October The Mick Lally Theatre (upstairs) Saturday 7th October
 4.00pm Free  5.00pm 10

GJF Team Mike Nielsen

Mike Nielsen dusts off his passport for the trip with a boundless musical curiosity. No border
from Sligo to Galway, to present a solo exploration police here.
of the boundless possibilities of his guitar. With a
Galway Jazz Festival is a volunteer-run, not for profit organisation. PhD in microtonal improvisation under his belt, Mike Nielsen: guitar
To get in touch, please email Mike is fearless, endlessly innovative, and gifted

Matthew Berrill: Artistic Director Ann O'Kelly: Artist Liason

Ellen Cranitch: Director Mel Keane: Design
Maeve Bryan: Front of House Manager Kieran Joyce: Website/ IT Tartare Saturday 7th October
Aengus Hackett: Assistant Programmer Ciaran Ryan: General Manager
 5.30pm Free

14 15

Jack Talty + Cello Ireland

As part of double bill with
Graham Dunne Jack Talty/ Graham Dunne
As part of double bill with Cello Ireland
Jack Talty and Graham Dunne explore improvised Memory Orchestra. He has also recordedNa Fir
electroacoustic Irish traditional music, on Bolgwith Cormac Begley and released his debut
concertinas, guitars, percussion and electronics. solo album,In Flow, in November 2016.
This duet project provides a platform to explore Graham Dunne isa guitarist, audio engineer,
sympathies between the improvisatory music producer, music systems programmer, and
nature of the Irish instrumental tradition, and electroacoustic music composer. Graham enjoys a
electroacoustic composition. career as a guitarist and as accompanist to singer
Niamh Parsons, while also maintaining his interest
Jack Talty is a musician, composer, and producer in solo fingerstyle jazz guitar arrangement.
from county Clare. In 2011, he founded Raelach
Records, and has released three albums with the
award-winning Ensemble riu. Since 2013 he Jack Talty: concertinas
has performed as a section leader with the Irish Graham Dunne: guitar and electronics

Take four of Irelands leading cellists, put them in a room with

Mick Lally Theatre Saturday 7th October The Hugh Buckley Quintet, armed with their instruments and
 8.00pm 20 a selection of utterly beguiling arrangements by the legendary
Fiachra Trench, stand back, and hear the magic unfold. This
meeting of musical minds is the brainchild of Una Ni Chanainn,
Beer and Cheese tasting cellist with the RTE NSO, whose lightbulb moment was a gig in
the much loved and late lamented Dublin venue JJ Smyths, where
the potential for jazz/classical cross pollenisation was demanding
to be explored, and so this collaboration was born.
We are thrilled to present this matched tasting between two of Galways
best loved food and drink producers. Join us as our friends from Galway This performance is generously supported by Bill Whelan.
Bay Brewery invite us to sample their wares which will be matched with
Hugh Buckley: guitar Una Ni Chanainn: cello, RTE Symphony
cheeses by Sheridans Cheesemongers. Phil Ware: piano Orchestra
Dominic Mullan: drums Katie Tertell: cello, RTE Symphony Orchestra,
Dan Bodwell: bass Ailbhe McDonagh: cello, Trio Elatha
Michael Buckley: saxophone Lioba Petrie: cello, 3epkano

The Mick Lally Theatre Free with ticket to

Saturday 7th October 7.00pm Cello Ireland/ The Mick Lally Theatre Saturday 7th October
 Talty and Dunne  8.00pm 20

16 17

Jazz Juice Girls in the Band

Film Screening

Following up from last years panel discussion How Come More

Girls Dont Play The Drums, THE GIRLS IN THE BAND tells the
poignant, untold stories of female jazz and big band instrumentalists
and their fascinating, groundbreaking journeys from the late 20s to
the present day. These incredibly talented women endured sexism,
racism and diminished opportunities for decades, yet continue today
Jazz Juice was a legendary club night run by Aran dusts the crates and takes his tunes to to persevere, inspire and elevate their talents in a field that seldom
Aran McMahon on Sunday nights in the GPO the Bierhaus on Saturday night.Were thrilled
in Galway from about 1994 to 2001. In the days to reprise this Galway institution for one welcomed them.
before we were all online, a generation of Galway super special night of funk, soul, hip hop and This screening will be presented by one of its producers, Nancy
music fans got their musical education on the dancefloor jazz
dancefloor at Jazz Juice.
Kissock, who will host a Q&A after the screening

Bierhaus Saturday 7th October

 9.00pm Free

Jimmy Cake

The Jimmy Cake formed as a 10-piece group in colossus. Drawing from the same sonic palette,
Dublin in 2000 from the fresh remains of local their new album, Tough Love is another serpentine
experimental rock noiseniks Das Madman. Since & ecstatic creation from one of Irelands most
then they have collaborated live with the likes consistently adventurous bands.
of Damo Suzuki, Iva Bittova & Charles Hayward
while slowly drifting over the course of six albums Thank God for The Jimmy Cake
from a pastoral psychedelia to full-on kosmische Journal of Music.
psych, fully realised on Master their 2015 aural

Biteclub Saturday 7th October Electric Sunday 8th October

 11.00pm 5  10.30am 5

18 19

Jazz Brunch
with Karen Egan, Cian Boylan and Damian Evans

Image by Finbar 247

Melody and mischief from multilingual chanteuse Exchange's production 'Dublin By Lamplight', In a new development for the Galway Jazz Festival, Evans for an afternoon of jazz standards and the
and comedienne Karen Egan, who offers a Karen will be accompanied by two of Irelands top were extremely proud to be working closely with occasional surprise.And yes, there will be a grand
captivating cocktail of songs from the heart- jazz musicians, for some midday magic. the Galway University Hospital Arts Trust to piano in the foyer of Galway University Hospital!
breaking to the hilarious, including the hits of present a performance by three of Irelands finest
Marlene Dietrich, Jacques Brel, Eartha Kitt and Karen Egan: vocals jazz musicians during visiting hours on Sunday
Julie London, along with her own celebrated Cian Boylan: piano afternoon of this years festival. Actress and singer Karen Egan: vocals
ballads. Last seen in GIAF's presentation of Corn Damian Evans: bass Karen Egan (last seen in GIAF's production 'Dublin Cian Boylan: piano
By Lamplight) is joined by Cian Boylan and Damian Damian Evans: bass

Electric Sunday 8th October Galway University Hospital Sunday 8th October
 12.00pm 3.30pm Free

Aoife Doyle + Simone

Hugh Buckley Graziano
Following the release of her second album Clouds, Doyles singing is coming from a deeper, more Italian pianist, bandleader and composer Simone duos, trios and larger ensembles, Graziano has
Wicklow singer Aoife Doyle has found herself front natural place, with a feeling for the blues learnt Graziano started out his musical education in become one of the more in-demand collaborators
and centre of the Irish Jazz scene. A songwriter from Billie Holiday and the rare ability to improvise Florence where he graduated with honours in both in Europe and the U.S.
and composer as well as a singer, Doyles latest vocally. Classical Piano. He then attended Berkley School His visit to GJF17 will be his Irish debut!
album has brought together some of Irelands finest - Irish Times of Music to study jazz under the likes of Kenny
musicians and surely confirms her place as one of Wheeler, John Taylor and Enrico Pieranunzi. With
our finest jazz vocalists. For this performance she is Aoife Doyle: voice a string of highly acclaimed recordings as part of Simone Graziano: piano
joined by the incomparable Hugh Buckley on guitar Hugh Buckley: guitar

Il Vicolo Sunday 8th October Universal Sunday 8th October

 3.00pm Free  6.00pm Free

20 21

Simon Naomi Berrill +

Nabatov Trio Simone Graziano
as part of double bill with Arve Henriksen
and Terje Isungset

Florence based pianist Simone Graziano has a special feeling for

contemporary sonic structures. His music is based upon a beautifully
organized dialogue between written parts and freedom. Galway born
cellist and singer Naomi Berrill joins Simone to create a unique
palette of sounds, harmonies and original textures.
Her repertoire covers a vast and varied spectrum Naomi Berrill: cello and voice
of styles and genres, featuring her voice and Simone Graziano: piano
cello in subtle yet engaging arrangements and
compositions. In this performance we will hear a
selection of her new original work.
Moscow born but long-time Cologne resident, Simon Nabatov
started his musical education in the Moscow Conservatory before
transferring to the Juilliard School of Music when his family
emigrated and settled in New York at age 20. He very quickly
achieved a reputation as an extraordinarily virtuosic player
combining dazzling technique with huge physical presence and an
innate musicality that belied his tender years.
Since then he has been working continuously For this visit to Galway he brings his new trio,
either as a soloist, small ensemble collaborator fellow Cologne residents Stefan Schoenegg on
or as the pianistic driver of the NDR Big Band. Bass and Dominik Mahnig on Drums
For many years he was a constant musical
accomplice to Nils Wogram in various different Simon Nabatov: Piano
configurations, but the list of musicians with Stefan Schoenegg: Bass
whom he has worked is long and extremely Dominik Mahnig: Drums
impressive...Paul Motian, Kenny Wheeler, Tom
Rainey, Sonny Fortune, Alan Skidmore, Misha
Mengelberg the list goes on.

Loam Sunday 8th October The Mick Lally Theatre Sunday 8th October
 5.00pm 10  8.00pm 20

22 23

Arve Henriksen + Il Vicolo

Terje Isungset
as part of double bill with Naomi Berrill
Festival Club
and Simone Graziano
The most picturesque setting in Galway? Hard not Conor Cantrell: guitar
to agree, and also the perfect location for a Paul ODriscoll: bass
Jazz Club! Szymon Myzniak: drums
Join us each evening where the resident Koko
Ensemble will be joined by all sorts of surprise
guests from home and abroad including on
Thursday Polish woodwind sensation Michal Zak
restaurant & wine bar

Arve Henriksen and Terje Isungset are two of the most prominent
and significant representatives of Norwegian jazz. Il Vicolo Festival Club Thursday 5th October 7.00pm
Trumpeter and composer Henriksen studied for five years in Free Friday 6th October 9.30pm
Trondheim, and since 1989 has graced the international freelance Saturday 7th October 10.00pm
scene. The list of his collaborators is too long to include here, but  Sunday 8th October 7.00pm
names like Laurie Anderson, Joanna MacGregor, David Sylvian, Bill

Black Gate Club

Frisell and The Christian Wallumrod Ensemble jump off the page.
Last seen on these shores with Trio Mediaeval (which toured Ireland
via Music Network), this visit with Terje Isungset will be a first for
Irish audiences. From 10.30pm each night of the festival, the Black
Gate will run a series of late concerts and sessions.
Terje is without doubt one of Europes most accomplished
and innovative percussionists. Rooted deeply in both jazz and
Scandinavian music, he brings these genres way beyond their Thursday 5th October: Saturday 7th October:
traditional boundaries to create music that is innovative, visual, Emil Brandqvist Trio 22.50 Paul McIntyre Trio 5
energetic, and provides a new and original listening experience (Limited to 40 tickets)
for the audience. Withdrawn. Quiet. But powerful and intense. Sunday 8th October:
Thats why the fans love the music of Emil
Brandqvist Trio. Black Gate IMPROV night Free
Arve Henriksen: trumpet A host of guest musicians capturing the lightning
Terje Isungset: percussion in a bottle that only comes with improvisation.
Friday 6th October:
Black Gate Jazz Ensemble Free
With John Conneely and a host of guest musicians
The Mick Lally Theatre Sunday 8th October
 8.00pm 20 All tickets from the Black Gate

24 25

Geometric Simon Nabatov with

Sounds Workshop GJF Youth Ensemble
Exploring musical concepts that have shaped theories, practicalities and artistic approach to this
scratch music and the history of the Community format of record, which is used both as a direct
Skratch Games, held in Galway since 2006. sample source and as an instrument in its own right.
Community Skratch Games was originally started in
Symatic has been making skipless scratch records Galway by Jimmy Penguin and Deviant & Naive Ted.
for years. As one third of Cut & Paste Records, With the help of Manipulate it has spread to the UK
he has focused on making the format accessible, and Europe, embarking on tours and collaborating
functional and musical. with local artists. Having an artist of the stature of Simon Nabatov the leading international jazz pianists/ composers/
Developed in collaboration with Moschops, at our festival presents wonderful opportunities. teachers of his generation. An incredible
Geometric Sounds is an introduction to the design For this event the Galway Jazz Festival Youth opportunity for our young jazz musicians and a
Ensemble will be put through their paces by one of characteristically generous gift from a true maestro.
Bierhaus Saturday 7th October
12pm noon Free Black Gate Cultural Centre Sunday 8th October
 Suitable for all ages  2.00pm Free

Maoin Cheoil Adventures

na Gaillimhe Masterclass in Music
GJF are delighted to be teaming up with In addition to Cushion Concerts, Adventures
Adventures in Music to present this very special in Music runs a number of music literacy and
concert aimed specifically at the under 10 year olds. music education programmes in primary schools
The idea is very simple. Children are invited in Galway City and County in partnership with
to bring a cushion so that they can sit near the Galway-based Music School Maoin Cheoil na
For the second year running were delighted to For full details and booking please contact Maoin performers, ask questions and see up close how the Gaillimhe.
be collaborating with Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe Cheoil na Gaillimhe on 091 528965 instruments work.
to present a student masterclass with one of the Adventures in Music is a Galway-based music Naomi Berrill: voice and cello
festival artists. This year cellist, vocalist, composer education intiative that has been providing high-
and arranger Naomi Berrill will work with string quality child and family-friendly music events
musicians exploring the art of improvisation. in Galway city and county for over ten years.

Presentation Primary School, Saturday 7th October Black Gate Cultural Centre Sunday 8th October
Newcastle Road  3pm 10  3.00pm Free

26 27

Panel Discussion
If we teach it will they come?
5th October
50 years ago, degrees in Jazz performance didnt exist - you just got out there and
did it. Now, the number of third level institutions offering degree courses in jazz
and improvisation is large and growing, both internationally and here in Ireland. We
have assembled an A Team of musicians and educators to examine the advantages,
necessity, demand for, and accessibility of such education.
The discussion will be moderated by musician and broadcaster Ellen Cranitch. Ellen
was a founding director of Music Generation, served as a Governor of the Royal Irish
Academy of Music, and presents Vespertine on RTE Lyricfm.

+Conor Cantrell
Anthony Collins
Blue Note
Bill Whelan Deborah Kelleher
Grammy Award winner, Bill Whelan is one of Irelands Appointed director of the Royal Irish Academy
best known musicians and composers. His legendary of Music in October 2010, Deborah Kelleher has
Riverdance has been selling out worldwide since played an integral role in the strategic development

Il Vicolo

1995, and he has produced and played with U2, Van of Irelands oldest music conservatoire. During

Morrison, Planxty, and Kate Bush amongst many her time, she hasoverseen the establishment of
others. He has a keen interest in music education, associations with Trinity College, the Juilliard
and sits on the boards of the Berklee School of Music School, Guildhall School of Music and Drama and
in Boston, Music Generation, University of Limerick the Liszt Academy, Hungary. She is a member of the


Le Rex
Foundation, Crash Ensemble, and the Irish Traditional board of Raidi Teilifs ireann, and has served on
Music Archive. the Arts Councils Peer Review Panel.

Eve OKelly Jack Talty

Kieran Moloney
Music Shop

Naomi Berrill

Neil Yates
Eve OKelly works with Music Generation, Irelands Jack Talty is a traditional musician, composer,
national music education programme, in a senior role producer and educator. He has played and toured
as Support and Development Manager. A graduate of internationally with many world class musicians,
UCC and the University of London, she is a former including Martin Hayes, Dennis Cahill, Noel

Cultural Centre Collegiate Church

Director of Irelands Contemporary Music Centre, Hill, Tommy Peoples, The RTECO, and many

St. Nicholas'

where she played a key role in developing the profile of more. Multi award winning, he founded the
contemporary Irish music at home and internationally. ground breaking group, Ensemble riu, with Neil
She is also an experienced music educator and Loclainn in 2011. He is now completing his
has worked as a consultant with a range of arts PhD, examining the institutionalisation of Irish
organisations. Traditional music in Irish higher education. He

Eva Bourke/Olesya

Emil Brandqvist
Black Gate

is an in-demand teacher of concertina, and is the
Ronan Guilfoyle

education officer with ICTM Ireland.
Ronan Guilfoyle is a bassist, composer and educator.
He was the Director of the Newpark Music Centre
3rd level jazz programmes for more than 20 years, is

Gillard PA

the Director of the new Centre For Jazz Performance
at DCU, and has been a guest teacher at more than
seventy music schools around the world.

The Mick Lally Theatre Upstairs Saturday 7th October









 11.00am Free

28 29


6th October

Black Gate The Mick Lally Electric Garden

The Kitchen Biteclub Il Vicolo Salthouse
Cultural Centre Theatre and Theatre
Irish Memory Orchestra
Jazz Ensemble




Swing Dance Aengus Hackett+
Crash Course Mike Nielsen
8.00PM John Conneely

Haz'art Trio

Ian Date
Swing Combo
10.00PM Ensemble

Black Gate Jazz

11.00PM Ensemble
7th October

The Mick Lally Black Gate Coffeewerk+ Cava The Mick Lally Tartare Maoin Cheoil
Bierhaus Salthouse Bierhaus Il Vicolo Biteclub
Theatre Cultural Centre Press Theatre Upstairs na Gaillimhe
Cora Venus Lunny
+ Colm O'Hara
Always Know
3.00PM -Monk at 100
Naomo Berrill
Mike Nielson +
Simon Nabatov
Brett Sroka +
Rauno Niemenen
6.00PM Mike Nielsen
Aengus Hackett +
Sam Comerford
Beer and
Cheese Tasting
Jack Talty +

Graham Dunne
Cello Ireland Jazz Juice

Koko Ensemble
Paul McIntyre
11.00PM Trio
Jimmy Cake


8th October

The Mick Lally Black Gate Electric Garden Coffeewerk+
Il Vicolo University Loam Salthouse The Universal
Theatre Cultural Centre and Theatre Press

11.00.AM Girls in the Band -



1.00PM Jazz Brunch

Masterclass with
GJFyouth ensemble
Adventures in Music, Aoife Doyle and
Sam Comerford Hugh Buckley GJF@GUH
Naomi Berrill
Aengus Hackett +
NeilLaclainn +
Dominic Mullan
Nabatov Trio
Koko Ensemble

Naomi Berrill +
Simone Graziano
Arve Henriksen +
Terje Isungset

Black Gate
Improv Night

Galway University
Black Gate
Cultural Centre

Electric Garden
& Theatre
Maoin Cheoil na

St. Nicholas' College

Collegiate Church

Kieran Moloney
Music Shop

Il Vicolo Cava Bodega

Coffeewerk +
The Mick Lally
The Blue Theatre
Roisin Dubh
Universal Kitchen