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South Gibson County High School

Algebra 2
Fall 2017

Contact Information:
Alex Ward Room: 118

Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas. ~Albert Einstein

Course Description: The objectives for this Algebra II class are aligned with the Tennessee
Core Standards. These standards can be found online at:
If you would like a physical copy of the standards I will be happy to print a copy for you. This
course is designed to build on algebraic and geometric concepts. It develops advanced algebra
skills such as systems of equations, advanced polynomials, imaginary and complex numbers,
quadratics, and concepts and includes the study of trigonometric functions. It also introduces
matrices and their properties. The content of this course is important for students success on
both the ACT and college mathematics entrance exams.

Text and Supplies:

Algebra2, Volume 1 and 2, Kanold, Burger, Dixon, M. Larson, and Leinwand
1. Loose notebook paper
2. 3 ring binder
3. Pencils / Pens
4. Graphing calculator (optional)

Assignments and Grading:

We will have a test every 2 to 3 weeks, and sometimes sooner. We will also have 2
cumulative tests. We will have a midterm (Oct. 12th & 13th), and a final (Dec. 19th &
20th). All tests will be cumulative, meaning that all previously covered material will be
on the test. Grades will be figured using 80% for formal assessments (tests and projects)
and 20% informal (Daily assignments, homework, etc.)
Daily Assignments:
Daily assignments cover a broad range of in class assignments. We will have a bell
ringer almost everyday, as well as an in class assignment. These will be graded by effort
and/or accuracy.
I encourage all students to attempt any homework given and if you have any questions or
need help, do not hesitate to ask. There will not be an unreasonable amount of homework
given at any time. However, homework is important to prepare students for college.

A: 93-100% B: 85-92% C: 75-84% D: 70-74% I: Incomplete

Progressive Grading:
The goal of the teacher is to ensure all students master the standards, obtain a rich knowledge of
mathematics. Progressive grading is part of this classroom to ensure these things. Progressive
grading is used to allow students to be able to change their grade throughout the semester.
Students must maintain knowledge of all content covered to be successful on classroom tests and
the end of year test. Therefore, as we go throughout the semester, each test will contain new
material and parts of older content. All students are required to complete all tests. If a student is
unhappy with a previous test grade, and a new test contains material from that chapter, a
students grade on that section of the new test can replace the old test. Because of the
cumulative nature of all tests in this class, students will have multiple opportunities to improve
their grades. There will be NO retakes throughout the semester. Each students grade will stand
until the material is tested again on another test in the future. Material covered on each test will
be announced so students can study accordingly. Failing this course is possible. If, after all
academic support and progressive grading, the grades remain failing, a decision will be made
about retaking the course or credit recovery. This decision will be made with the administrators,
parents, and the teacher based on student performance and what would benefit the student the

Class Participation:
It is expected for students to engage in meaningful participation while in the classroom.
Throughout the semester, students will engage in a variety of learning techniques. Students must
actively participate in any class activity assigned. Students should answer questions, offer their
insights, and stay on task each day. This will lead students to master the state standards.
Specific expectations for each activity or assignment will be explained in detail, so the students
will know what is expected of the.
Participation Examples (but are not limited to):
Daily in-class comments/input/dialogue
Small group activities
Partner Assignments
Preparation for class
On task behaviors
Compliance and respect for class norms and procedures

Classroom Norms and Procedures:

There are district and school wide norms and procedures that will be followed in the classroom
as well. These are located in the student handbook and on the website.

Classroom Expectations:
1. Be in your seat with supplies when the bell rings.
2. Be respectful to everyone.
3. Be willing to participate activities.
4. Be attentive and ready to learn.

It is very important that students miss as little school as possible. I do know that some absences
are unavoidable. In the event of an absence the student has 5 school days to return any make up
work from the day that the student returns to school. As for tests, the student must make up a
test the day they return, unless the student has missed a significant amount of consecutive days
before the test.

Restroom Breaks:
Students should go to the restroom before and after class. There are some cases when a student
may need to be excused to go to the restroom. Students will get 5 restroom breaks in my class
each semester. The student must sign out and also leave their phone on the table next to the door
when they leave. Failure to sign out or leave a phone will result in the loss of all bathroom
privileges. Only one student is allowed to leave for the restroom at a time.

Cell Phone Policy:

NO CELL PHONE SHOULD BE VISIBLE DURING CLASS, unless I give permission to use it
for an assignment.

There is absolutely no food that should be consumed in the classroom. Water in a clear water
bottle is the only drink that is permitted in the classroom. Food/drink items may be placed in the
designated area in the front of the room, but it is not to be retrieved until after the class has been
dismissed. Food/drink that is left in the classroom will be thrown away at the end of the school
Algebra 2 Course Calendar
Time Period Major Topics Covered Standards Covered

1. Graphing Characteristics of N.Q.A.1

Functions N.CN.A.1, 2
Aug. 2 Sept. 1 2. Quadratic Functions A.SSE.A.1
First 4.5 Weeks A.SSE.B.2
3. Systems of Equations A.CED.A.1, 2
A.REI.C.4, 5
F.IF.A.1, 2

1. Polynomial Functions N.Q.A.1

N.CN.A.1, 2
2. Rational Functions N.CN.B.3
N.RN.A.1, 2
Sep. 1 Oct. 13 3. Inverses A.SSE.A.1
Second 4.5 A.SSE.B.2
Weeks 4. Radical Functions A.APR.A.1, 2
End of 1st A.APR.B.3
Quarter A.APR.C.4
A.CED.A.1, 2
A.REI.A.1, 2
F.IF.A.1, 2
F.IF.B.3a, 3b, 5
1. Exponential and N.Q.A.1
Logarithmic Functions N.RN.A.1
2. Series/Sequences A.SSE.B.2a
A.CED.A.1, 2
Oct. 13 Nov. F.IF.A.1, 2
14 F.IF.B.3c, 4, 5
Third 4.5 Weeks F.BF.A.1a, 2
F.LE.A.1, 2

1. Statistics and Data N.Q.A.1

2. Trigonometric Functions A.SSE.B.2, 3
A.CED.A.1, 2
Nov. 14 Dec. F.IF.A.1, 2
20 F.IF.B.5
Fourth 4.5 F.TF.A.1a, b, 2
Weeks F.TF.B.3a, b
End of Second S.ID.A.1
Quarter S.ID.B.2a
End of Semester S.IC.A.1, 2
S.CP.A.1, 2, 3, 4
S.CP.B. 5, 6
My signature below indicates that I have received, reviewed, and discussed the
contents of Coach Wards Algebra 2 Syllabus. I also understand that the syllabus
is subject to change at any time during the semester.

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