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Records and Grades:

Students will be graded on

four different Categories,
and will be graded as such
(these will change by
quarter depending on
emphasis) :

Communication (10%)
Multiple Literacies
English 11
vocabulary Syllabus
Text (405%)
Analysis Mrs. Kennedy
Class Description Reading Comp. Room 108
In this class students will be asked to Fiction and Non- 2016-2017
discern what it is to be human through a
myriad of different modes, to lend more
Contact information
answers to life's large questions, both Writing (45%) Email:
secular and spiritual. They will also be
asked to learn and master skills needed Modes
Phone: 402-508-0703
for higher-level education.
This class consists of;
Reading fiction and nonfiction Sign
Vocabulary work Student
Root-word work ____________________
Writing in all forms
Independent reading
Speaking/ Listening
Parent/ Guardian
Welcome!!!! I am so
pleased to welcome
Classroom website
students and parents to
the English 11 2017-2018
Behavior: (all of these offences are documented by
On this class website Mrs. Kennedy will post
calendars of the quarter, reading materials,
I only have 1 rule in my classroom: Respect. In
news, and discussions.
Matthew 7: 17, Christ commands all Christians to
Mrs. Kennedy will also post student work with
live as he lived in love, loyalty, and grace.
When expectations are not met:
You can contact Mrs. Kennedy on this forum.
1st offence: warning

2nd offence: conversation/ possible detention

3rd offence: Office referral

Late work: What will I Be Reading?
Late work as referred to in the student
hand book will be dealt with as follows: Supplies English 11 will be reading a variety of
10 points or percent off every day it is different texts ranging from fiction-
late until 60%- (that would be the highest You will need: nonfiction, and secular- sacred.
students could get if late 6 days) Here is a short list of Texts that we will be
Small Sticky notes (we will use these
Late homework room will be assigned with every novel we read. Mrs. Kennedy reading.
everyday to a students with late work will not supply these) Mary Rowlandson Captivity Narrative
until the work is handed in- Unless there
1 large binder John Loch,
is parent contact- (parents will be notified
each time your student has homework Nathaniel Hawthorne- The Scarlet Letter
Binder tabs (preferable but optional)
room) The Great Gatsby
Students will have to fill out a late slip Blue/black pens
OF Mice and Men
for their homework before they hand it in Laptop/ Device Charged Short stories from a variety
so that Mrs. Kennedy has
documentation. Of authors