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Position Description

College/Division: ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Faculty/School/Centre: Crawford School of Public Policy
Department/Unit: -
Position Title: Deputy Manager, International Development
Classification: ANU Officer Grade 8
Position No: 30629
Responsible to: School Manager
Number of positions 0
that report to this role:
Delegation(s) Assigned: D6

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific leads intellectual engagement with the Asia-Pacific region through research,
teaching and contributions to public debate, and seeks to set the international standard for scholarship concerning
the region.
Crawford School of Public Policy is one of four Schools within the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific and is the public
policy school at The Australian National University. The Schools approach to public policy draws upon disciplinary
excellence in the core areas of economics, government, environment and development, and also deep geographical
knowledge of Asia and the Pacific, including Australia.
The Deputy Manager, International Development, provides strategic support and advice to the School regarding its
international engagement and activities. The position is responsible for identifying key international development
opportunities for the School, particularly in Asia, to elevate the Schools profile and standing as a leading public policy


The Deputy Manager, International Development provides strategic support and advice regarding international
development opportunities to Crawford School of Public Policy.
The position identifies opportunities through leveraging Crawford Schools multi-disciplinary research strengths and
existing relationships throughout Asia, and researching regional market opportunities for executive education and
research collaboration. The position will require international travel.
The position will collaborate closely with key areas across Crawford School, including international recruitment and
executive education to maximise potential opportunities for strategic development in Asia and the Pacific.

Position Dimension & Relationships:

The Deputy Manager, International Development, works closely with the School Manager, School Director and other
professional and academic staff to delivery successful outcomes in international programs. The Deputy Manager,
International Development, will also work with the College and ANU central areas as required to bring about these

Role Statement:
Under the broad direction of the School Manager, the Deputy Manager, International Development will:
1. Engage with key academic and professional staff at Crawford School to assess the current state of
engagement between the School and Asia and the Pacific, and to identify priority areas for potential
growth and outreach.
2. Strengthen and maintain existing partnerships across the ANU, non-government organisations and the
public service, to identify opportunities for international engagement as well as supporting Alumni
engagement in the region

For assistance please contact HR Division Ph. 6125 3346

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3. Identify and build new strategic partnerships and effective relationships across Asia and the Pacific,
opening up opportunities for executive education and/or collaborative research, as well as working
collaboratively to grow the membership of the Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies (APSS) Society.
4. Scope and research regional market opportunities for tailored executive education courses, and where
necessary develop these new courses, and support, as required, international student recruitment.
5. Raise the profile and broaden the reach of Crawford Schools main publications, including Advance,
Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies (APPS), East Asia Forum Quarterly and Solutions, through leveraging
new and existing networks.
6. Other duties as consistent with the classification of this position as required.
7. Comply with all ANU policies and procedures in particular those relating to work health and safety and
equal opportunity.

1. Demonstrated experience in identifying and developing international education and outreach opportunities in a
university or similar complex environment, in public policy fields of relevance to government and academia.
2. Demonstrated capacity to cultivate productive working relationships and to liaise effectively with a wide range of
key stakeholders, including government and academic colleagues.
3. Proven high level written and oral communication skills with the ability to present information in a clear and concise
manner to a wide range of audiences.
4. Demonstrated experience in project management involving national and international relationships with a broad
and diverse range of stakeholders to successfully deliver specified outcomes within defined project parameters.
5. Demonstrated high level organisational ability to work with accuracy, set priorities and meet multiple deadlines
within required timeframes and to work effectively both in a small team environment and independently.
6. Demonstrated understanding of equal opportunity principles and policies and a commitment to their application in
a University context.

Supervisor/Delegate Signature: Date:

Printed Name: Margaret Eichholzer Uni ID: U9401439

General Staff Classification Descriptors
Academic Minimum Standards

For assistance please contact HR Division Ph. 6125 3346

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Pre-Employment Work Environment Report

Position Details
College/Div/Centre College of Asia and the Pacific Dept/School/Section Crawford School
Position Title Deputy Manager, Classification ANU08
International Development
Position No. 30629 Reference No.

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1991 the University has a duty of care to provide a safe
workplace for all staff.
This form must be completed by the supervisor of the advertised position and forwarded with the job requisition to Appointments
and Promotions Branch, Human Resources Division. Without this form jobs cannot be advertised.
This form is used to advise potential applicants of work environment issues prior to application.
Once an applicant has been selected for the position consideration should be given to their inclusion on the Universitys Health
Surveillance Program where appropriate see .
Enrolment on relevant OHS training courses should also be arranged see
Regular hazards identified below must be listed as Essential in the Selection Criteria - see Employment Medical Procedures at
Potential Hazards
Please indicate whether the duties associated with appointment will result in exposure to any of the following potential hazards,
either as a regular or occasional part of the duties.

TASK regular occasional TASK regular occasional

key boarding laboratory work

lifting, manual handling work at heights
repetitive manual tasks work in confined spaces
catering / food preparation noise / vibration
fieldwork & travel electricity
driving a vehicle
solar gamma, x-rays
ultraviolet beta particles
infra red nuclear particles
radio frequency
hazardous substances microbiological materials
allergens potential biological allergens
cytotoxics laboratory animals or insects
mutagens/teratogens/ clinical specimens, including
carcinogens blood
pesticides / herbicides genetically-manipulated

Supervisors Print Date:

Margaret Eichholzer
Signature: Name:

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