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Theology 131/ Mariles A.

Borja/ 1st semester, SY 2011-2012

Wk 1: 06/13-17

I. Reviewing The Theology Program

A. Theology and Faith
Theology St. Anselm described it as: faith seeking understanding
Faith defn: The Faith vs. my faith
The Faith content cant believe; it takes PEOPLE to believe
My faith what I believe, do and celebrate; dependent on The Faith (not in a
Q: Can you go through life not believing?
A: NO; need to believe in something or someone; may not be God; but we are faith
creatures; need to believe and TRUST trust that your parents, or the cook in a
restaurant or whatever is not out to get you; human faith
Faith in God if choose not to believe in an Infinite, Transcendent Being, will
believe in something or someone else
Q: What is more important?
Relation of theology and faith?
THE Faith is content, objective
MY faith is a personal application of THE Faith; subjective; NOT private, NOT relative but
refers to the subject.

The Theology Program
- composed of 4 courses that aim to foster the TOTAL FORMATION of Ateneo students
via an explicit, systematic and critical study of our Catholic Faith

Q: Why total formation? How? Not just the mind but the heart. (See DMW.)
Want you to STAND OUT but also to contribute to national devt/nation building: your
being a man/woman/professional for others means SERVICE!
Excellence, yes, but excellence for service!

Other courses like majors provide the depth, but

Humanities and esp Theo provides the breadth. (distance or measure from side to side;
SPAN OF THINKING) broadness of thought

121: Introduction to Doing Catholic Theology

Skills for theologizing, Christology and Faith (gospels, SS, basics)

131: Marriage, Family Life and Human Sexuality in A Catholic Perspective

Self, interpersonal rels.

141: Theology of Catholic Social Vision

CST: moving out to society

151: Catholic Commitment of Todays Filipino: A Synthesis

A little of everything; solidify and end your formation in theology

C. An Overview of the Entire 131 Course

Theology Program & Faith

Christian Vocation
SEXUAL/LIFE ISSUES PAPER thesis statement, sources for approval
Christian Morality & The Human Person
Authentic Human Freedom
Christian Conscience & Universal Moral Norms
Judging Specific Moral Situations
The Mystery of Sin
A Christian View of Human Sexuality
Lesson on Love
History and Theology of Marriage
Marriage As A Sacrament
Christian Sexual Morality
Role of the Family
Church Law on Marriage
Sexual Issues
Special Morals on Family & Life
Synthesis: The Christian Vocation to Uphold Family and Life

1. Dimensions of Faith: DMW, ULL; abuses of DMW (dogmatism, moralism, ritualism)

2. Sources of Faith: SS, CT, HE

(Refer to handout, Situating Morality In Our Faith)