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Make Money Fast with CASHFIESTA (including Hack program to earn money quickly

and easily more)

Make Money 100% ON THAT NETWORK!

Once you have put many efforts to study and learn about the Cashfiesta you confirm
that this is completely 100% actually have, you also own 1 of the group do this and this
is specific evidence to prove that:
+ Proof Cashfiesta have paid to the members in Vietnam and many countries in the
world for many years: You click
+ Evidence that the latest Cashfiesta have to pay 1 member in HCMC: You see the
"evidence" in the menu.
* So why Cashfiesta to pay for themselves? Where Cashfiesta money to pay?
=> Cashfiesta pay for yourself because you accept the Cashfiesta to a corner ad on the
screen your computer whenever you on the Internet. On the corner of the ad will see
ads for companies, casino, shops and companies will pay for ads on Cashfiesta,
Cashfiesta also pays to see their ads that. See how their money is also interesting and
would recommend this program for people to make money with them. It is also
interesting if you join them then you are also many advantages, why they have the
benefit of the readers below will understand. Mình also speaking to you is how to make
money but this really easy but also not too easy but requires you to be patient, it is not
natural for you to pay you to not to have income 100 -1000 USD then you must also
actively and patiently. But you do not want to do anything without money to afford the
bag you think heaven will not help.
* There are 2 ways to make money using this program:
- Method 1 is you use your own and get paid to use.
- Method 2 is to introduce others to use and enjoy the roses more.
You must combine the 2 ways to make money most effectively.
Cashfiesta program will pay for each time you use the internet about the highest
15.000d. In fact the money when we use direct these programs is not high, only a few
dozen USD a month, but the commission when referring other people very attractive.
Currently know the exact Cashfiesta for the average for all members around the world
each approximately 90 USD / Month. Many people have created their own income is
about 500-600 USD / month through commission only with Cashfiesta.
The program is paid cash by sending a check (check) to take home.
Cashfiesta are willing to pay money for you so why the few people still use it? As in
Vietnam, most are not aware of these programs as well as less confident, they think it is
do you pay for and hoot is SCAM. Just because they do enough patience just want to
make money now that ko effort to remove>>> That too wrong .. If you are the first to go
will have many opportunities to introduce other people did not know and when you
introduce a lot of people, you have created a system for making money from your own
to worry about as shallow pockets if unemployment has Cashfiesta''''provide for you
monthly. Create a system automatically make money, you hurry up ơi nhé! I will guide
you in detail, making sure each step as your guide will be used correctly and perfect to
avoid confusion nhé, remember do not register multiple accounts to make 1 on the
money nhé, very vulnerable to fake the IP, this is their experience.

You are a student or students. You need money? You want to make over USD 50 per
month on the Internet?

You do not need money? Would you like to add a respectable income again? Or make
more than 50USD per month on the Internet .. I am sure you will not believe by doing
that easy and could be instance when it so?

But please believe me, by me not easy capital to anything - just believe in what you can
do and experience and the more I have been "cheated beautiful" again. Therefore I feel
the hate of fraud and will never assist the criminals, all "has caused harm to people
including themselves."

You are a student or students. You need money? You want to make over USD 50 per
month on the Internet?
I know for sure is that you will not believe yet because I do have to earn money easily to
that. Make sure you think is the only fraud in the course. And my friends also have been
cheated (do not choose the right company with the prestige guaranteed). Then I should
have experienced, so I do not be innocent to assist you for the fraud.

Actually cost quite right? I would make sure this is not the fraud. Principles of the
company that I introduced is to use a part of the computer screen to your ad when you
connect the network, in return the company will pay you money because you see their
ads (the company also the money for ads to individuals or other companies). It's easy to
understand do not?

In fact, many programs make money like other CASFIESTA but still have more pair for
Vietnam is:

Programs which payment is long (about 1 month since you requested, but Casfiesta just
10 days). Procedure for payment of the company are complex, usually by credit card by
check, not as Casfiesta (you only holder and check the ID card is the bank can change
the money). You will take a long time to read the message while CASFIESTA only have
ads in section 1 above the computer screen and you just sit and look at your points
increase continuously (while you can still chat chit or referral to a friend about this site).
And 1 more important that you not read the message or messages are read incorrectly
or deleted your account (such as glass) ...

So I see very CASFIESTA in accordance with the Vietnamese. Recently the company
of Vietnam also started implementing this campaign but is still only read messages, and
no income because newly established, low cost. It is easy to get over 50 USD per
month (the minimum number of points that a company can request to withdraw the
money). Avoid sending multiple 1 no amount too large, it will send the check at your
home). If your Internet connection (in service or are at home).

You do not believe try to go 1 time and not lose that. I will show you all. To be able to
earn over 50 USD per month you follow these steps:


You first go to the link (coppy the link below to address "address", remember that a
more open Internet Explore other links to new, and retain this page for more
After Click on the link, you will see table 1 appear Register, including the following:
-Login: Type in login name (you choose), eg my: ClarityM (at least 3 characters).
You have noted the distinction between lowercase and capital letters of the good is you
set your account with lowercase to get to go home. (Remember the entire timber is not
-Password: Type in password encryption, at least 4 characters.
-Verify password: Type the password encryption.
First-name: Type in your Last Name.
Last-name: Type in your name.
Street-address: Type the address into your home, important that, (including house
number, street name, ward and district. But note type is not English are marked, but
remember to type the correct address you . If you are a rural address format: "name-the
name of villages in district-name-name province." If you type the wrong Checks not
transfer it to your home)
City: Type in the name of city / province you live.
Zip / Postal code: Type the local postal code (postal code). This home is very important,
not the type you want to start a home .. You see the table following the local postal
code: *
It is located in the outside column called "postal code", nè postal code (postal code
department, postal code) with different area code of telephone by the provinces. Eg
recorded in HCM City is 70 so I fill in are: 70000 (add 3 to 0 to 5 nhé enough), or in Ha
Noi is 10000. This is important enough to remember!
State: Write your name.
Province: Write your name.
Country: Vietnam.
E-mail address: Your email address.
Verify e-mail address: Enter your email address.
Age: your age.
Gender (Gender): Male (Nam); female (Female).
Referred by: Account of the referral, without introducing any Account you please report
to my Account: hienmtdt (note: after you introduce someone to edit you will: hienmtdt
with your new account that)
Education (literacy)
Annual household income: Income of your options.
Please tell us why you use the Internet: Please mark all
What do you search for or buy online: Please mark all
Preferred check size: Please select $ 50, (the amount Cashfiesta will pay for you when
you get). You should not choose more than home, that is after 1 month, if you have $ 50
they will transfer 1 $ 48 check to you, by subtracting the $ 2 transfer fee)
Reffered by: you entered is clarityM"
Check the "I have read and understand the Member Agreement."

Click "Submit Registration" to complete the registration.

Success will show up Congratulation letter.

If not then you must check carefully again, instead of reporting what the red text is
wrong to be revised.

(Also click Clear Form to erase all the information above to register it again)


After registration is complete, please click on the link below (If not then you click the
copy link above) to download to your computer a small program (600 KB).

After Download of complete machines, you run this file (by clicking Open). Intall
machine by click "I Agree", then "Next", "Intall" to "Next" and "Finish." Once you have
installed will have 1 table that does require you to enter the User and Password you
have registered at this time, and click "OK" to start making money. Then you will see
charges on the Desktop (screen) you have a banner. And so that you start making
money then đấy.

* Note: When running the program, if the error, please reboot (because it does not
contact the server), about a few times is.

STEP 3: Instructions on how using the

You must always pay attention to the left to the ad (banner) with a kid wear green
bonnet is sitting (in mập it too), you rê click it, it will stand up and walked in place, then
in O (Current Month Point) next to your points up, one hour increased about 600 points,
just 1,000 of the maximum is 1666 USD.

Note any kid about 5 minutes to sit down or run out of screen, you must drag it to the
old place and it must have the steps of you continue to rise. Now you can use the
internet normally, only occasionally to invigorate, do not kid to fall asleep.

*** But I find the new program hack ->> simply run hack you live cavalier works that do
need to invigorate the old half-February. You only need to following link, click on English Version
7.0 for dowload of a software, unpacked a Folder, double-click the "$" a palette appear
blue, you click the button Taskmaster, it started jumping numbers 1,2,3 ... is OK then,
you continue to click Hide to hide the table so, this software also run quite long (the
Register has not been running continuously 45 minutes), when i run it again, you just
reactivate the OK . Now you can play games equity or any other machine.

And particularly this program does not affect the speed of your internet.

You discount the nhóc left corner on the ad. If it is going to mean that your points are
increased (in the track Casfiesta in next POINTS)

* At first (CASFIESTA points): Record number of points you earn.

At * 2 (Referrals): The people you are introduced.
* Points from Referrals: This is the number of points that members bring to you (1 style
lines make money without having to click the mouse nát still receive money through the
commission referred to many people). For example: I am the person referred to you (<3
people like you, that is "Roses level 1"). And you earn 1000 points I will have roses is:
1000 * 15% = 150 points.

Note: This manual is Surf, which means that you must close, exit off Fiesta previous
shutdown, if you do not turn off Fiesta before the holiday, the money will not be charged
that. Then you can be Disconnect. The order of the following: Click the close button in
upper right hand corner of the program, it will automatically update, then you are
finished click OK.

At first use, Cashfiesta will pay you very low cost by level 6, to achieve a high level
charge is USD 1666 you must become a member of Goldclub (highest level).

* Roses:
3 -> 9% 7 people (commission level 2)
9 -> 27's 5% (commission level 3)
27 -> 81's 4% (Rose 4)
81 -> 243's 3% (Rose level 5)
243 -> 729's 2% (commission level 6)
729 -> 2187's 1% (commission level 7)
2187 -> 6561 1% (level Cool Rose)
8 levels, very attractive!

* Bonus Point: the points awarded by the company for you. If you earn:
2000 -> 4999: you are awarded 1000 points.
5000 -> 9999: you are awarded 2000 points.
10000 -> 19999: you are awarded 4000 points.
20000 -> 29999: you are awarded 6000 points.
> 30000: you are awarded 7000 points.

* If you enter and still not see it running, please wait a bit more or restart the program


600 points (points) = 1 USD

1,000 (points) = 1.666 USD

If you search well, 1 hour you can earn 600 points, while the average is 400 to 500
points per hour.

So, that is, every day you up 2 hours a month you will receive 50 USD. Also assume in
if you have not enough for 30,000 points (50 USD), the points will be added to next
month. The company will send you money every month by check (checks), will the bank
to get along with your ID card. Every time up, want to LOGIN to make money.

CASHFIESTA will have to pay me 1666 USD for 1000 points is not?
True provided that you must be a member at Gold GOLD CLUB protection of
CASHFIESTA. When you are not a member of the GOLD CLUB CASHFIESTA pays
you 6 levels depending on the number REGISTER SPECIAL (Special offer) that you
get, the Special offer to show that you are involved and interested in. CASHFIESTA.

How do I set the SPECIAL OFFER!

Very simple, you the homepage, log in to your account, click
the Special Offer, you will see many small ad box on the site, go to the SPECIAL
OFFER allow registration and FREE worldwide World, you just click that a site will open
up to you and registered members of the site as you have 1 SPECIAL OFFER.

(Note that when registering you must sign in to and report
the same email address as email report with CASHFIESTA). (The Special Offer This
registration is easy).

I signed up SPECIAL OFFER know how you get how many things?

You have in your account click on the SPECIAL OFFER DONE, but note that since you
logged in from 2 to 4 weeks after CASHFIESTA new check and confirm your SPECIAL
OFFER, which are the why do CASHFIESTA payment to us within 30 days after
achieving $ 50.

How to become a member of GOLD CLUB (gold club member)?

To become a member of GOLD CLUB you must have the following 3 conditions:

-Earn 10,000 bonus from SPECIAL OFFER
-And to achieve Gold Club 133 Points (GPS)

How to make a GPS?

Each day you use CASHFIESTA about 30 minutes will be 1 GPS, every day if members
of your use CASHFIESTA and give you 100 points, you are 1 GPS, in addition to last
month CASHFIESTA community will give you maximum 15 GPS-based new members
introduced by you, will CASHFIESTA plus 15 GPS for you based on the total time.

The members use their CASHFIESTA. Average 1 member will be able to earn up to 77
GPS. (So if you use about 2 months it would have to be gold club member). Pervious
should not you?
+ If you have the Net at home you just Double Click on the icon $ Desktop, or run the
file CASFIESTA.exe (Save you) ..

+ If you are outside the service, you must go back to the site of the company: to login.

Then, "look right" you will see the word "download fiestabar. You click on it. After you
click "Download" to make money.

This is your introduction:

Eg login my "ClarityM it my address is:
After registration is complete you will have the new address is: = "Name your login"
Please introduce more people registered at that address, you'll have the opportunity to
receive much more money here (This is a major money).

Please copy this article (remember to replace the seats have " ClarityM " then replaced
with the name registered by you). Then posting on the forum website and you send a
message to your friend, in general, how to know as many people as possible.
Please try and promote yourself to go do!
Wish you success with this.

+ Do not have a referral for their own? Follow me! you open your mailbox and then write
a letter content is .... "All content in the above" copy and paste the contents need to
write! Then sent to the mailing of your => you have introduction of their own and then
(remember the correct word " ClarityM " in your login home).