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Uka Tarsadia University

Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering

5th semester


Uka Tarsadia University
A. Prerequisite: Basic civil engineering
B. Aim and Objective: To have brief idea regarding water supply and its treatment
before supplying to the consumers

C. Subject Code: 020030501 Subject: Water Supply and Sanitary


D. Total: 52Hrs. [Lecture: 2 Tutorial: 0 Practical: 2]

E. Detailed Syllabus:

Sr. No. Topic Name Weightage (%)

1. Introduction 10
1.1 Importance and necessity
1.2 Sources of water
1.3 Suitability of water
1.4 Choice of source
2. Quantity and Quality of Water 25
2.1 Types of demand
2.2 Population forecast
2.3 Computation of quantity of water
2.4 Fluctuation in demand
2.5 Factors affecting demand
2.6 Impurities in water
2.7 Collection of water sample
2.8 Physical Chemical and Biological tests
2.9 Standards of quality of water
3. Treatment and Conveyance of Water 15
3.1 Objects of water treatment
3.2 Location of treatment plant
3.3 Layout of treatment plant
3.4 Basic principles of working of treatment plant
3.5 Functioning of Coagulation treatment plant
3.6 Sedimentation
3.7 Filtration
3.8 Disinfection
3.9 Water Softening
3.10 Types of pipes used for conveyance
3.11 Pipe joints
3.12 Laying of Pipes
Uka Tarsadia University
3.13 Distribution system
4. Sanitation System 25
4.1 Definitions
4.2 Objective of sewage disposal
4.3 Methods of sewage collection
4.4 Conservancy system
4.5 water carriage system
5. Drains and Sewers 10
5.1 Classification of Drains
5.2 Sewer section
5.3 Sewer joint
5.4 Manholes
5.5 Flushing tank
5.6 Catch basin
5.7 Center line of sewer
5.8 Appurtenances and its locations
5.9 Hydraulic testing of sewer pipe
5.10 Maintenance of sewer
6 Sewage Disposal 15
6.1 Characteristics of sewage
6.2 Sampling of sewage
6.3 Natural processes of treatment of sewage
6.4 B.O.D. Test
6.5 Methods of sewage disposal

F. Modes of Transaction (i.e. Delivery)

1. At the start of course, the course delivery pattern of the subject will be discussed.
2. Lectures will be conducted with the aid of multi-media projector, black board, OHP etc.

G. Teachers Activities/Practicum
The following activities should be carried out by the teachers:
1. Assignments based on course content will be given to the students at the end of each
unit/topic and will be evaluate

H. Student Activities/Practicum
The following activities may be carried out by the students:
1. To have different study experiments on the quality of water

1. Text Books
1. Test book of water supply & Sanitary Engg. by S.K.Hussain Oxford & IBH Building
J. Reference Books
1. Elements of Public Health Engineering K.N.Duggal S.Chand & Co.