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Last Friday we had our visitors from Calinog, they are from the
tribe called Panay Bukidnon. They lived in the mountainous part of
Calinog. As the activity started it was interesting to listen to them
because they catch our attention. First, I have no idea about them but
after all I have learned many thing from them especially the practices in
their tribe. The Binukot is a traditional practice of their tribe where a
female must not be seen by any man from childhood until puberty and
spends their day learning oral lore, traditional dances and embroidery.
Lucia Caballero of Panay Bukidnon is the last binukot of their tribe. At the
age of 3 or 4, she is already kept by her parents, she is not exposed to
the sun, not allowed to be seen by others, and not made to work. Lucia
Caballero is the wife of Gawad Manlilikha ng Bayan (GAMABA) awardee
Federico Caballero. I also learned their dance, the binanog, a courtship
dance and the costumes they wear.
We had also our second visitor from Jaro, Iloilo City. He is Kristoffer
Brassileo a visual artist. I was amazed because he had his degree of
Bachelor of Science in Nursing but he still continue to pursue his dream
as visual artist. His art works has the power to educate, inspire and
motivate others.
Kyle Fermindoza, the last speaker that talks about photography. I
have learned about how hard the photography is. Taking photos does
not require expensive equipment to shot amazing things or moments in
life but need just a proper technique and a little practice. I thought taking
some pictures and seeing it clearly is a perfect shot but after he
explained, I have learned that there are many things to be considered to
have a perfect shot. And I have a saying that life is like camera, focus on
whats important, capture the good times, develop from negatives if
things dont work out and take another shot.
As the activity ended about mga tagik kag hulak I realize that different
perspective on life can affect the way of living because we had our own
choice on what we are going to do in ourselves because I believe that life
is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. Living in a mountainous
area is not easy but as the times past by you can adapt on it or you will
use to it. It is not good to judge indigenous people, seeing them with
something in their bodies we should respect them no matter what
because it is part of their culture.
Everyone has an art. Art is a mirror image of identity of individual or
society. Yes it is reflection of what we feel, think, practice, ritual, believe,
behave and the Character. On the whole ART is a reflection of ideology
of the society and feelings and behavior of individuals. To be a visual
artist is not easy. There is something to be considered to be a visual
artist. Creative careers can be challenging and rewarding. Remember
that as well as being an 'artist', there are other creative, and sometimes
lucrative, avenues to explore. When choosing an art field you need to
assess your own character and talents. To be an artist you must self-
motivated, confident and organize on you own artwork.
In the last part of the activity being a photographer is not easy just like
when you are artist, being a photographer there is something to be
considered also. Photography is art also the different is that Unlike a
painter, who is in direct contact with his subject and his canvas, a
photographer is separated from his subject by the camera and from his
canvas Photography allows us to express our feeling and emotions,
but to do so we need to master the scientific part of the medium.