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Members of class 2017, finally, this day that all of you have long

awaited has come. after long hours, sleepless nights, and loads of patience,
you have scaled one big hurdle, and several months from now, you would
be looking forward to taking your Board exams and making progress in your
professional career. My prayer and prediction for all of you is that you will
pass your Board exams soon and you all will make great progress in life.
From this day forward, pledge to wear your white uniforms and all that it
symbolizes with dignity and pride.

Apart from caring, advocacy will always be one component of your

newly acquired mission as you take this rite of passage today. You must
remember that your duty to your clients is to become an informed and
caring advocate. Being one step closer to a professional career in Nursing,
gives you these privileges. However in life, for every measure of privilege
comes an equal measure of responsibility and accountability.

Remember also, Every one of you, that once you have become a
professional nurse, you have become a leader, in whatever setting and
position you will find yourself in the future. Even though your mission is to care
and to advocate, it is also to lead. You can only be the best care-provider
and the best advocate if you also see yourself as a leader and strive to
demonstrate required leadership qualities in any organization in which your
work. Class of 2017, determine from now, that you will strive to be a leader.
And Not just a leader, but a good leader, a transformational leader. Be this,
and bring honour and distinction to your Alma Matter.

So as you leave this Auditorium, remember that from this day forward,
you are not merely an individual responsible for your own acts, you are more
than this, let no one and nothing get in the way of you achieving your
dreams. Believe in yourself, and keep in mind that Fearless pursuit will always
lead to limitless possibilities. Carpe Diem and again, Congratulations.

Maam A