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Fiverr - Airborne Drones - Falcon Review

The Falcon Airborne Drone Review The Perfect Choice

for Inspection and Surveillance
The Falcon Airborne Surveillance Drone is designed for the toughest of jobs. When you need a
high-endurance, agile, easy-to-use inspection or surveillance tool, the Falcon is the right drone for the
task. Combining an extended flight time, powerful camera capabilities, long distance communications,
and easy-to-use flight software, the Falcon is designed for a variety of commercial, industrial, and
military uses.

The Falcon drone comes in two configurations to meet your exact needs the Inspection X8 and the
Surveillance X4. Lets dig into the capabilities of each to help you make the right choice.

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Flight Capabilities of the Falcon Surveillance Drone

The best-in-class performance of the Falcon starts with its extensive flight capabilities. Combining
powerful flight motors with a strong, lightweight, customizable airframe, the Falcon drone is a pleasure
to fly.

Precision Flying Capabilities Falcon Inspection X8

The Falcon Inspection X8 drone is designed for maximum maneuverability, agility, and precision. Its
the perfect drone for inspecting and surveying high-value sites and assets. Here are its main flight

Maximum flight time of 32 minutes on a full charge.

Forward speed: 15 meters per second.
Maximum climb rate: 5 meters per second.
Maximum descent rate: 3 meters per second.
Maximum altitude: 4,000 meters.
Maximum control range: 18.5 kilometers.

Endurance Flying Capabilities Falcon Surveillance X4

Designed to be more of a workhorse than its sister drone the X8, the X4 boasts a longer flight time
meaning a more thorough visual inspection for any site or location. While the X4 is not quite as agile
as the X8, its the right choice for extended surveillance needs.

Maximum flight time of 50 minutes on a full charge.

Forward speed: 15 meters per second.
Maximum climb rate: 5 meters per second.
Maximum descent rate: 3 meters per second.
Maximum altitude: 4,000 meters.
Maximum control range: 18.5 kilometers.

Flight Resilience of the Falcon Drone

Great flight handling and extended flight times aren't enough by themselves. Youre going to be
deploying drones into some difficult weather and tough environments. Dont worry, the Falcon can
handle itself.

Resilience of the Falcon Inspection X8

The X8 handles larger payloads and stronger wind gusts with ease, making it a stable platform in
inclement weather.

Maximum wind speed (constant): 25 kilometers per hour.

Maximum wind speed (gusts): 30 kilometers per hour.
Minimum operating temperature: -5 degrees celsius.
Maximum operating temperature: 50 degrees celsius.
Maximum Payload: 2 kilograms.
All Up Weight (AUW): 6 kilograms.
Resistant to heat, dust, and water.

Resilience of the Falcon Surveillance X4

Designed with lighter payloads in mind, the X4 still provides a stable platform for longer surveillance

Maximum wind speed (constant): 15 kilometers per hour.

Maximum wind speed (gusts): 20 kilometers per hour.
Minimum operating temperature: -5 degrees celsius.
Maximum operating temperature: 50 degrees celsius.
Maximum Payload: 500 grams.
All Up Weight (AUW): 4.5 kilograms.
Resistant to heat, dust, and water.

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The Falcon Enhanced and Customizable Airframe

The Falcon drone comes with a lightweight, tough airframe and powerful motors for fast and easy
deployment. The airframe is made from carbon-fibre and nylon composite and features excellent heat
dissipation so it can function in hot areas. Its also water-resistant making the drone an ideal choice for
use in wet environments.

The airframe can also be specially customized for unusual environments such as underground flying,
gas detection, environmental surveillance, and more.
The Falcon Flight Control System
The Falcon drone makes flight as easy as possible, so you can focus on getting the high-quality visual
imagery you need. Flight options include:

Manual joystick control designed for precision flying by a human pilot, manual control is
available in two versions Full Manual or GPS Assisted. Pilots have complete control over
all aspects of the Falcons flight including direction, payload, camera angles, and more.

Tablet control you can hook up your tablet to allow easy touchscreen control over all flight
operations through a simple, intuitive interface. The tablet also allows you to request
automated take-off and provide pre-programmed routes for automatic flight control. You can
easily adjust payload settings, cruise speed, maximum height, and flight distance.

Payload and camera control the pilot can adjust camera angle, pitch, zoom, and field of
vision from the ground. Specialized payloads are fully configurable and operational from the
pilots interface.

Dual operation this mode allows one person to focus on flying the drone while another can
focus on optimizing the camera control and imagery.

Flight Assistance Features

In addition to the four flight control modes, the Falcon has several built-in flight assistance features.

Aircraft telemetry full updates on the drones position, route, GPS location, altitude, battery
status, and other important telemetry data.

Waypoint follow options the drone can be programmed to fly automatically along a
predefined waypoint route and gather data by itself.

Automatic take-off and landing the Falcon drone can take off and land by itself.

Photogrammetry and mapping if you need a complete visual survey of an area, the Falcon
drone can automatically photograph all areas of a grid to the resolution, detail, and composition
you need.

Virtual drone fence and safe zones you can easily setup an invisible barrier beyond which
the drone will not fly. This can be based on a flight radius, maximum altitude, or both.

Long-range high gain directional antenna to remove interference and maximize control. The
base-station and drone are resistant to interference from power lines, cell towers, and other
electromagnetic sources.

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Sensor and Camera Loadouts
Great surveys demand powerful cameras or other sensors, and thats another area where the Falcon
drone really shines.

Built in vibration sensing and dampening for shake-free photos, videos, and other visual output.

Usable with heat-sensors and thermal imaging for effective night surveillance and photography,
and easy surveys of livestock and wildlife.

Featuring a state-of-the art brushless gimbal system and sensor-specific, three-axis pitch
control, the drone can easily photograph tight spaces and fly above or below objects of

Zooming capabilities allow for close visual inspection from 0-500 meters. Zooming is great for
allowing the drone to inspect certain areas while staying clear of interference or other

Multi-spectrum sensors can be used for a variety of visual feedback options.

The Falcon drone works with a number of payload configurations including Go Pro Black 4K,
10x Optical Zoom Camera 24mp, 18X Optical Zoom Camera 24mp, Multi-Spectral Sensors,
X-claw for Small Deliveries, and Thermal FLIR Vue Pro 336x256.

Direct vision and video feed available in High Definition to 12.5 kilometers and Standard
Definition to 18 kilometers.

Use Cases for the Falcon Surveillance and Inspection Drone

With its durability, long flight times, payload options, and easy-to-use controls, the Falcon drone is a
great choice for most professional, military, industrial, agricultural, and commercial surveillance or
inspection needs.

Here are some use cases where it really comes into its own.

Farm and livestock surveys examining herd health, position, numbers, and density. Filming
pastures, fields, and crops to identify the right times to plant, harvest, maintain, and treat food.
Includes water monitoring, pesticide schedules, and more.

Wildlife and game tracking the movement and behavior of wildlife and game, including
protection against poaching, health monitoring, migration routes, population density, location,
and more.
Surveying and mapping details of physical landscape and structures for cartographical,
construction, mining, environmental assessment, or other purposes. This also includes
landscape, avalanche, volcano, earthquake, and wildfire identification and prediction.

Equipment inspection monitor mission-critical equipment for utilities, communications, oil,

gas, petrochemical, and construction industries. Includes checking the condition and safety of
equipment and minimizing business disruption.

Surveillance of traffic, people, events, and more high-resolution cameras and thermal
imaging makes surveillance easy, even after dark.

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Repair and Maintenance

The Falcon is designed around the open-source concept, meaning it can easily be repaired and
serviced using generic tools. It comes with a two year component service package.

The Falcon Drone for Engineering

The Falcon drone is just the right tool for complex site surveys, equipment inspection, and visual
mapping. It can be used on large engineering projects, providing high-quality visual data to allow
effective decision making and prioritization.

The Falcon Drone for Surveillance and Military

For high-quality, long-range digital image surveillance of people, places, and other areas, the Falcon
drone is the right choice. Designed to be hard to detect, the drone has noise reduction to make it hard
to hear and can also fly at high altitude or at night. Thermal imaging allows for effective location and
monitoring of heat sources.

The Falcon Drone for Farmers

The Falcon drone is ideal for livestock and herd monitoring, tracking the location and health of your
animals. For agricultural farmers, the Falcon provides an ideal way to monitor crop health and
schedule in activities to keep crops and optimum productivity.

The Falcon Drone for Miners

When you need an excellent understanding of the topography, location, and other factors for siting a
new mine, the Falcon drone is there to assist you. Combining a variety of specialist sensors with
precision mapping techniques, you can get a complete overview of potential resource sites.

The Falcon drone is the right tool for complex and challenging environments and uses. Get in touch
with us today to find out how it could help you.