By Purposes
29% Purchasing equipment /
24% Collecting industrial /
product information
18% Looking for partner
17% Market research
10% Meeting with suppliers
2% Others

By Industry Categories

37% Accessories for automobiles and motorcycles
16% Electronics, electrical appliances
11% Mechanical and electrical instrument
Electric Tool Exhibitors
6%  for architecture use
5%  for civil use
Others Exhibition Area
By Job Functions

21% Purchaser

19% Manufacturer

18% Technical Design Engineer
18% Salesman
13% Administrator
Marketing staff
Onsite Events

By Job Positions

37% High-level management
35% Mid-level management
28% Staff

 Product distribution of exhibitors Interests of visitors 18% Peripheral equip. 4%  After processing and sur- ment face treatment 12% Die casting die 4%  Die casting machine parts 11% Die casting 4%  Die casting software 10% Die casting machine 3%  Die casting software 9% Die casting die 4%  Accessories supplies 9% Melting furnace 3%  Detection & Environmental 8% Melting furnace 4%  Low pressure die casting protection instrument and equipment 6% Mechanical proc. 3%  Detection & Environmental 9% Accessories sup. Related  Statistics 255 Exhibitors from 12 Countries and Regions China Germany Italy Japan Switzerland France USA Austria Korea India Hong Kong Taiwan  Overseas Visitors (Top 10 Countries and Regions) Domestic Visitors (Top 10 Provinces) Korea Japan India Iran Germany Shanghai Jiangsu Zhejiang Guangdong Shandong Thailand USA Malaysia Hong Kong Taiwan Hebei Beijing Liaoning Henan Anhui Data growth Exhibitors’ will of exhibiting next year 46% growth in 65% growth in exhibition area Exhibitor No. 4%  Raw / Auxiliary materials ment face treatment chine 13% Die casting 5%  Low pressure die casting 12% Peripheral equip. 6%  After processing and sur. Exhibiting next year70% Considering actively30% 22% growth in 10% growth in Visitor No. 2%  Mechanical processing essing equipment protection instrument and plies equipment equipment 6% Industry service 1%  Raw / Auxiliary materials 6% Die casting ma. 19% Die casting ma. 3%  Industry service chine parts  . foreign exhibitor No.

partners and Co. Congress Review  th The The10 10thChina ChinaInternational Diecasting International The 2nd International Automotive Casting Congress Diecasting Congress Conference ƹ More than 120 delegates from 8 countries and ƹ 7 specialists from die casting field making re- regions ports about: ƹ 21 specialists and scholars from home and 1. Technologies and solutions for automotive cast- ing List of Keynote Speeches ƹ Unique platform tailored for die casting compa- The Improvement of Die-Casting Factory nies and auto parts manufacturers AtsuoHaga Shanghai Shengxi Automobile Parts ƹ Network and close talk to suppliers. Global market and trend of the manufacture of abroad making excellent reports automotive parts 2. Ltd.. Innovation on the design and production of auto- ƹ An international platform for people worldwide to motive casting exchange high-end technology and establish international business relations 3.

ƹ Factory visit to die casting company and supplier tween molten metal and shot sleeve during die cast- ing process Xiong Shoumei (Tsinghua University) Is production capacity of equipment inconsistent with energy saving? Lu Hongyuan Bühler Group. buyers Research on interfacial heat transfer coefficient be.

. (Shanghai Office)) Application of micro-arc oxidation and grapheme The 2nd International Symposium on Nonferrous composite coating on plasma lighting system  Alloys and Special Casting Technologies Zhang Yaqin Ka Shui International Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Magnesium Applications in the Automotive Industry and the Developing Trends Richard Berkmortel Meridian Lightweight Tech- nologies) Simulation forecast of cold slug defects based on shot sleeve temperature and shot speed  Guan Wenhao (AnyCasting Co.

Ltd. Taiwan making reports chine Co.. USA. Canadaˈ Thomas Ninkel Frech (Shanghai) Diecasting Ma. Production of structural castings toward the future ƹ 15 scholars from China.

G Liang Xiaokang General Research Institute for ƹ 25 companies taking participationG Nonferrous Metals. ƹ 18 papers about casting of aluminum alloy Melt purifying and evaluating technologies of alumi. magnesiumG alloySG squeeze castingSG solidifica- num alloys tion of immiscible alloysGetc.  .

Onsite Events  FSC China International Die Casting Best Die Casting Competition Match-making 2015 ƹ 28 participating companies ƹ 20 buyers from Fortune Global 500 ƹ 50pieces of components ƹ More than 140 reliable suppliers ƹ Wide coverage with automotive.diecastexpo. of buyers nents from 16 companies ƹ High popularity among visitors Match-making for Moulds & Die Casting ƹ 42 foreign and domestic buyers ƹ 31 buyers finding the satisfied buyers ƹ Purchasers of 8 urgent purchasing items visiting factory after the match-making meeting Die Casting Technology and Automation Exhibition Area ƹ 10 innovative die casting enterprises ƹ Providing a series of advanced technique and process in die casting application fields  Solutions for Mould & Die Casting PartsG  ƹ Experienced engineers analyzing product de- signˈtechnology problem ƹ Focusing on practical problem solving  . motorcycle.  ƹ 3 product recommendation meetings held by electronic and metal for civil use leading enterprises and aroused great interests ƹ 17 “Best Die Casting” winning pieces of compo.

Onsite Events  Gasgoo International Serial Training Lectures Gasgoo Automotive Light Weight Special Area and SeminarsG ƹ 55 automotive light weight related exhibitors Interpretation of Hardship of Manufacturing in China ƹ Focusing on development trends and challenges of Under Industry 4. Bestway Co.G automotive industryG 2015 Seminar on New Automotive Light Weight Gasgoo International Match-making Materials and Advanced Technology Application ƹ More than 100 high quality suppliers of auto parts ƹ More than 20 OEMs and auto components makers List of Keynote Speeches ƹ Arranged factory visit of potential suppliers for buy- ers Development Trends and Challenges of Application of Composite Materials Light Weight Technology in Chinese AutomotivesG Cao DuG Chongqing Chang’an Automobile Engi- neering Research Institute. Ltd.0 in GermanyGG application of light weight technology in Chinese Senior Advisor..

 Development Trends and Technique Path of Light Weight Body of New Energy VehiclesG Qiu GuohuaG(SAIC Technology CenterG) Practical Application and Development of Carbon Fiber in AutomotiveG Professor Pan DingG Donghua University.

 Automotive Light Weight Design and Application Practice with Consideration on Vehicle Integrated PerformanceG Shi LeiG Great Wall Motor Co.) Gala Dinner for 10th Anniversary & Awarding Lock Riveting Connection . Ltd. Ltd. invited more than 300 honored guest of die Simpler.Specifically to Address Ceremony Technical Problems of Riveted Aluminum BodyG Wang YunqingG(Epress Systems (Shenzhen)Co.... Ltd. Faster. ) ƹ Coincided with 10th anniversary. organizer Light Weight Sealing and Fluid Control Technology . More ReliableG casting field and expressed thanks to long- Liu ZhigangG KVT Trade (Beijing) Co.

 term partner. Henkel Infiltration Service Center .Boosting Power System LightweightG ƹ Precious photos of exhibitions since its first Zhu BoG Henkel Corp. sponsor as well as exhibitor represents. cn  .cn www.di diec ecas aste texp xpo. www. www.diecastexpo. held in 1997 were reviewed and “best die casting” prize was awarded.

  Key Buyers Excellent Partners ƹ Professional website at home and abroad ƹ Massive coverage on die-casting magazines ė FSC ė Foundry ė Foundry Planet ė Special Casting & Nonferrous Alloys ė Gasgoo International ė Die– Casting ė Die-casting Weekly ė Foundry Equipment and Technology  .

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