In the symposium last august 4, 2017, it was fun meeting the

lovely couple from the Panay Bukidnon Tribe. They were Rita
“Intaro” Caballero the one who made us laugh and Rodolfo
“Sandigan” Caballero. I learned a lot from them especially in their
culture and tradition. They have this tradition called “Binukot”
where they kept beautiful females away from other people and if
you want to marry one you can trade it for a carabao. They also
have the longest epic which was being chanted by the brother of
Rodolfo Caballero, Mr. Federico Caballero a GAMABA awardee. I
was also amazed of their way of life in the mountains because
they get their resources from the nature which is a truly great gift
from God.

Later in the afternoon, we have this artist named Kristoffer
George Brasilleno which was a good artist in the platform of
visual arts. He has a great talent even though his artworks seems
weird to me. The next artist is Mr. Kyle Fermindoza, a
professional photographer. He taught us about Aperture, ISO,
and Shutter Speed. Aperture is the size of the opening in the lens
that allows light to pass through. The shutter is what captures
the moment that becomes your photograph. ISO is the third basic
exposure principle, and it can help you in situations where you
want to select a certain aperture or shutter speed but may not be
able to because of the amount of light that is present (or is not
present) in your scene.

There were really a lot of information that you can learn in the
event and I am hoping that this event will continue to happen
because it can really help a lot of people so that they will have
ideas in their artworks especially for the artists.