STEM Launch K-8

Welcome to 7th Grade Math, 2017-2018
Mrs. Yolanda Litwin
Room E102 Classroom Phone # 5720.972.701

Class Component What You Can Expect
Semester 1:
 Integers (positive and negative numbers)
 Rational Numbers (positive and negative fractions and decimals)
 Expressions and Equations (using, writing and solving equations)
 Inequalities (writing and graphing inequalities)
Semester 2:
Common Core
Content Standards  Ratios and Proportions (patterns in tables, graphs, and real-life situations)
 Percent Problems (calculating sales tax, discounts, percent change)
 Constructions and Scale Drawings (scale drawings, angles, and parallel lines)
 Circles and Area (understanding the circumference and area of circles)
 Surface Area and Volume (finding surface area and volume of 3D shapes)
 Probability and Statistics (interpreting data, finding the probability of events)

 A notebook (spiral or composition) labelled for math
 At least two mechanical pencils or wood pencils every day
 A 2-pocket folder

Classroom  If you don’t have your supplies, you are responsible for borrowing from another student
Materials before class

***Students: YOU need to bring these materials EVERY DAY***
Parents: Please verify that your students come to school with supplies every day

It is essential that students complete their practice in order to be ready for class
discussions and to support their learning from class.

Homework is due every Monday. You can complete your homework in one of two
 Online: Pass one lesson on Think Through Math (
Homework Login information will be provided the first full week of school. If you spend
more than two hours and are unable to pass a lesson, you may bring a note
from your parent.
 Using the textbook: Check out a textbook from Mrs. L or use the online
version. Textbook assignments are posted on the board and on the class
website each week.
If you don’t complete your homework, I will notify your family so that they can help
you remember the next week!

School Wide Norms: 4 C’s
 Composure. Remain in control of yourself, your body, and your emotions.
 Compassion. Understand the perspective of others and respond thoughtfully.
 Communication. Express yourself clearly using your words and body language.
Student  Contribution. I’m in control of my own learning. With effort, comes success.
We follow the school procedures for discipline. Students will work with the teacher to resolve
their own issues, but if issues continue parents will be contacted to create a plan to help the
student be more successful.

Please feel free to contact me at any point during the school year with any questions or
concerns. I am able to meet with you to answer any questions or give extra help before/after
school; however, please make arrangements ahead of time to ensure that I am available.

Communication  Email: (please type carefully!)
 Phone: (720) 972-7051 (I will not be able to answer during the school day. If you leave
a message I will respond within 24 hours, before or after school)

The best way to stay up-to-date is to sign up for Remind. Students and parents can sign up!

You will receive text messages about homework, tests, and other class announcements. You
can also quickly send messages to the teacher.

Text the message and follow the instructions. Please ask Ms. Litwin if
you’re having trouble!
STEM Launch K-8

7th Grade Math Syllabus Agreement Page and Family Contact

Please complete and this sheet to your standard math teacher by __Monday, August 21.


Dear Mrs. Litwin,

I have read over the information about 7th grade math class with my son or daughter.

My student plans to complete their math homework by…
___ passing (at least) one Think Through Math lesson online
___ checking out a textbook and completing the assignments on paper

This class uses Remind to update students and parents. You can sign up to receive updates about homework,
PBLs, and tests. You can also use it to quickly message the teacher. Go to to sign up.
___ Student signed up for Remind.
___ Parent signed up for Remind.
___ I tried to sign up but it didn’t work. Help!
___ No thanks. Please contact me at ______________________ instead.


Student Name (Please print) ______________________________________________

Student Signature__________________________________ Date: _________________

Parent or Guardian Name (Please print)__________________________________________

Parent or Guardian Signature__________________________________ Date: _________________

I prefer to be contacted by:
____ email (______________________________________)
____ cell phone (______________________________________)
____ home phone (______________________________________)

I’d like to communicate in: □ English □ Spanish □ Other: ____________

Any other information you would like us to know about your student: