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1 .In the second video, Catherine made the point that it is important to
establish trust and rapport with your students. Which of the following were
suggested by Catherine as ways of establishing trust and rapport with your
language students? (Select all correct answers)
 Discuss common interests you share with the students
 Show your students that you will meet their needs
 Let your students know that you are capable and know what you're doing
2 .I have some effective classroom management techniques prepared for the
first day of school, sure. But I'm also keen to draw on techniques used by
my colleagues so that our students can spend more time learning English
skills and less time learning how
 I have some effective classroom management techniques prepared for the
first day of school, sure. But I'm also keen to draw on techniques used by
my colleagues so that our students can spend more time learning English
skills and less time learning how
3 .Physical presence throughout the room is a common technique to
effectively manage the classroom. Which of the following are benefits of
moving around the room as you lead your class? (Select all correct answers)
 Being able to review the progress of every student
 You can provide individual help and feedback to students in a timely
 Your presence can deter misbehaviour and disruptive clusters of students
4 .Which of the following would describe a professional teachers approach
to classroom management? (select all that apply)

5 .  Each student is different.  Managing a classroom is essential to allow everyone to learn. which influences and has been influenced by many languages spoken in the world today. Drawing on this overlap applies which learning strategy concepts? (select all that apply)  Drawing on existing schema of language 2 . which of the following skills and strategies were applied by the teacher to get the most from her class? (select all that apply)  Social learning interactions as pairs and as a class  Positive response to humour  Students were free to contribute further to their own report and others .Which of the following are challenges your students may be facing as part of their development of English language skills? (Select all that apply)  An incomplete or contradictory schemata of literacy  Differing levels of ability between their literacy (reading/writing) skills and conversational (speaking/listening) skills  Limited ability to express the true breadth and depth of their knowledge  Shyness or a fear of failure that manifests as a reluctance to engage with the class 3 .Managing a classroom requires varied skills and approaches. and it makes it easier to do my job. Thinking about the class of English language learners in the University of Oregon video.English is a versatile and open language. As such you are likely to find some common areas of expression between English and your students’ native language. Which of the following are not appropriate  Corporal punishment  Ridicule  Yelling at students LEARNING STRATEGIES QUIZ 1 .Being an effective language teacher often requires you to be an affective teacher. learning about and tailoring approaches to students needs is essential.

Contextualised teaching is effective for students because it draws on the nature of language. Contextualised teaching which draws on these three factors thus helps students evolve their knowledge and ability in English.4 .Which of the following are elements of a lesson plan?  The instructional component . situation and social need 2 .Which of the following are likely outcomes of unplanned or incompletely planned lessons?  Behaviour problems with your students 3 . TEACHING METHODS QUIZ 1 . _______ and _______ . work best when they…  Are threaded throughout the course of study 3 .Which is most likely to describe a professional teacher  Finding a happy medium between the schools needs.  Purpose.Themes or topics as a means of teaching English language skills. 4 .The main focus of a lesson should be?  Teaching useful phrases  Getting students to engage and adopt the new words and ideas. students’ needs and my wants is best.How should you conduct a risk assessment in your lesson plan?  Consider potential areas where the lesson may go off track and devise strategies to minimise negative impacts 2 . LESSON PLANNING QUIZ 1 .Which of the following are effective teaching methods that can be used to draw on contextual approach?  Svi odgovori su tačni. which is itself formed organically through a blend of _______ .

When teaching areas of English with conflicting structures or issues.In which of the statements does an adverb qualify a noun? (select all correct)  She arrived halfway through the movie CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE QUIZ 1 . 3 .Which of the following are reasons why visual materials can be helpful in teaching grammar?  By supporting students' vocabulary they allow students to focus on the structure  Visual cues can trigger short term memory while the students build long term associations 2 . 3 .Which of the following are shortcomings of teaching grammar as rules?  The capacity or learners to recall and apply the many rules in real life .Which of the following are open classes in English? (select all correct)  Nouns 2 .Which of the following sentences contain correlative conjunctions?  She was either Canadian or American. GRAMMAR QUIZ 1 . it is best practice to  Help students be aware of the conflict and focus on developing a consistent style most appropriate for the goals of your students TEACHING GRAMMAR QUIZ 1 . which of the following are correct past simple/past participle verbs?  Learnt 2 .Which of the following are effective ways to teach grammar?  Svi odgovori su tačni.Considering an inclusive view of English language.

They provide added meaning that helps students understand and apply new words.A ‘Schwa’ is…  Normally written as 'ə' in most dictionaries 2 .Which of the following should be your top priority in structuring vocabulary lessons for your students?  The requirements of your Head Teacher. or other manager 2 Are visual aids and context useful in teaching vocabulary? For what reason are/n’t they useful?  Yes. making it easier to navigate topics and use their English resources to explore further rather than translating from their native language to each new topic. visual aids and context are useful in teaching vocabulary. 3 .  Rules and their exceptions are too complex. even gifted learners cannot consciously apply them day to day  Rote learning of rules through uncontextualised repetition is an inefficient learning method  Infinite rules will never completely encompass a language TEACHING VOCABULARY QUIZ 1 . TEACHING PRONUNCIATION QUIZ 1 .Which of the following are effective ways to teach vocabulary?  Games and activities that engage the students with the vocabulary 4 .As students build their vocabulary they will increase the speed at which they adopt new vocabulary because…  Their map of the English language ecosystem is becoming more complete. Director of Studies.When teaching pronunciation you should…  Teach standard pronunciation highlighting major differences as they arise. .

. simple routines  A variety of activities and types of participation.Which of the following should you as a teacher provide your young learners?  Clear. including opportunities to physically move around. their pronunciation is bad 4 .Adult learners. they need structure 5 . practice makes perfect  Force them to repeat correct pronunciations repeatedly YOUNG LEARNERS QUIZ 1 .Which of these is a good strategy for young learners  Keep a consistent routine. What does TPR stand for?  Total Physical Response 2 .drugi 5) 1 .How are pronunciation and confidence linked?  Students are often shy to speak because they believe. work together and have fun 4 .Adult learners are…  Using English to reach a goal 2 .jedan ima 3 pitanja. 3 .Which of the following characterise young learners?  Svi odgovori su tačni.3 .When teaching young learners you should… (Select all correct answers)  Change every few minutes to a new task  Revise a lot! ADULT LEARNERS QUIZ (imaju dva ovakva kviza.  One of many things they do .When teaching pronunciation: how should you deal with mistakes?  Encourage them to keep speaking..The TPR approach is known to be an effective method for teaching young learners.

Which of the following characterise adult learners?  Svi odgovori su tačni. 3 . TEACHING AUDITORY LANGUAGE SKILLS QUIZ 1 .2 1 .Respect is…  Earned through trust and demonstrated teaching skills 4 . Which of the following teaching strategies would you use to benefit from and avoid the disadvantages of the established values and beliefs of your adult learners?  Encourage discussion and allow concepts and ideas to be challenged  Take time to discuss the goals and objectives of the course  Be respectful of marginal views and facilitate discussion in a way that allows a diversity of opinions 2 .Adult learners are often distinguished by age.Adult learners are best taught using  Relatable material ADULT LEARNERS QUIZ NO.Post-listening tasks should focus on…  allowing students to apply the structures and vocabulary covered in the listening to build familiarity and confidence  building awareness of extension language they could relate to material covered in the listening task .Adults bring more experience and hardened beliefs to the classroom. Which of the following are teaching methods that you can employ to turn adult leaner goal oriented education to your advantage?  Svi odgovori su tačni. However.3 . thus find it harder to change habits 5 . their true distinguishing factor is that they are self-directed and have chosen to seek out English language skills to meet a personal goal.Adult learners who struggle with pronunciation are often…  Ingrained with language patterns.

Why are/aren’t pre-emptive listening tasks useful?  Pre-emptive listening tasks are useful.2 . They activate the appropriate vocabulary for the context of the listening task and help avoid overwhelming the students 3 . Which of the following teaching personas will help your students build their speaking skills?  A prepared teacher.Speaking skills require students to build confidence in using a language with others.Which of the following methods are helpful in developing speaking skills?  Develop the language students will need to complete a task in advance of the task  Favour simplified instruction in English.Pre-emptive listening tasks are where students consider possible questions and answers that may arise in the topic of the subsequent listening task.Is multimedia teaching important?  Yes. rather than complex instruction in English and the students' native language  Written and visual prompts  Give one instruction at a time 5 . if it is well targeted and suits the theme of the class 2 . . what is a warmer?  A starting activity that primes the students with basic speaking practice and ideas for conversation around a topic LEARNERS FEEDBACK AND DEVELOPMENT QUIZ 1 . If you are ready and confident.What is formative evaluation  Giving feedback to help student’s complete tasks better. your students will feel more ready and confident 4 .What are some common reasons students might make a mistake? (select all applicable)  Svi odgovori su tačni. 3 .In the context of a speaking/listening lesson.

Teaching involves punishment…  Rarely 8 .Which is not a benefit of physical presences in the classroom?  Pressuring students 6 . 9 . confidence and flow is more important JEDAN KVIZ FALI. TO URADITE SAMI I ONDA IDITE NA PRE- EXAM SUMMARY.An effective teacher will see  Focused students 5 .4 .Trust is best achieve through  Demonstrating skills and understanding .Should every mistake be highlighted?  No.The best way to punish is to…  Consult experienced supervisors as to how to best deal with issues.Classroom management 1 .The best students should be  Encouraged to do more advanced work 7 .SKROLAJTE PA IDETE NA FINAL EXAM QUESTIONS! Section 1 .Problems are the fault of the…  Teacher 4 .Which best describes your position?  Leader 3 .Classroom management should benefit  Both teacher and student 2 .Students who fall behind should  Be given extra help 10 .

Language and culture are intertwined thus…  You should highlight the link between language and culture where useful. 3 .Students whom cannot fully express themselves should be…  Motivated to express themselves as fully as possible 5 . Section 2 – Learning strategies 1 .Professional teachers should focus on the…  Average of the class Section 3 – Teaching methods 1 .Different cultural norms regarding self-expression are…  Understandable 3 . such as  Distracting you from your main task a educational leader 7 .Teaching topics should reflect  Students interests 2 .Humour is important but can have drawbacks.Contextualising language is useful to…  Allow students to apply targeted vocabulary . simple and well demonstrated examples 8 .Which of the following is not an advantage of group work  Demonstrating exemplary students 6 .Students learn best from  Clear.Which of the following parts of language should be learnt first. according the communicative approach?  Speaking 4 .Shyness is best dealt with by being…  Patient 2 .

Being relaxed when you teach benefits  Everyone 6 .4 .What mostly causes behaviour issues  Poorly planned lessons 4 ..  To 2 ..How can a teacher best avoid problems in a lesson  Plan lots of material be ready to adapt 3 .  Will be dealt with .I assure you that everything you requested will be _______ as soon as possible. varied activities and vocabulary Section 5 – English Grammar 1 . introduction.  Teaching English culture where it is useful to the language 6 .Group work is  Useful if focused Section 4 – Lesson Planning 1 .Lesson material that covers culture should come from a point of.Lessons should include…  Review.What is the best way to encourage focussed learning?  Plan simple but interesting lessons that can be tailored to students level 5 .Games are useful for…  Giving students a chance to apply new knowledge 5 .I take great exception _______ the implication that I was not telling the truth.What is likely to go wrong when planning a lesson?  Under-estimating the time needed for an activity 2 .

New words are common in English.’  Incorrect 4 .‘In Wellington. Because you can see the Opera House.‘New Zealand is a beautiful country with small cities. visitors can walk around the waterfront.3 . or shop in small boutiques’  Correct 5 .Which sort of pronunciation should you teach?  Whatever the students require 4 .Mistakes of grammar are often caused by…  Differences between native and English language 8 .The best way to respond to grammar mistakes is to  Ensure students understand why the mistake has happened and the difference of meaning Section 6 – Contemporary Issues 1 .The world cup attracts ________ from all over the world  Competition 7 . you should  Teach what will be the most useful for students . Such as Wellington and Dunedin.Where does English come from?  It is a global language 3 .‘On a sunny day.The use of spelling and grammar correction functions of computers is  A useful but not a replacement for learning grammar 9 . go to several wonderful museums.What is meant by ‘standard English’?  English devoid of localised expressions and mannerism 2 . the views around Sydney are beautiful.’  Incorrect 6 .

Learning vocabulary should be based on…  What your students needs to express themselves more fully 3 .Vocabulary is best learnt through  Understanding of meaning . explain the impact and discourage their use Section 7 – Teaching Grammar 1 .English grammar is…  An essential part of the language Section 8 – Teaching vocabulary 1 .Visual material can be useful to teach grammar when it…  Aides students to focus on the grammatical structure at hand 2 .Learning swear words is often a fun part of language learning for young adults. you should  Explain the cultural context of their use when they arise.Examples help by…  Showing how the language should be used allowing students a better understanding. when they target the appropriate vocabulary 3 .The best way to learn grammar is by…  Using the language and allowing for corrections in a positive way 5 .When teaching vocabulary. pictures are…  Important 2 . 4 .Slang expressions should…  Be taught when they are useful or beneficial to understanding 6 .5 .Are games useful to teach grammar?  Yes.

Vocabulary is most useful for…  Fluency 6 .Phonics are…  A mixed blessing that doesn't always reflect the reality of the spoken language 5 .The best way to learn pronunciation is to…  Be confident.Younger students can…  Not focus for very long .Pronunciation is essential for conversation thus. you should  Encourage students to try even if they are not perfect 2 .  A repeated activity 5 .Vocabulary should be…. engage in lots of conversation making changes as you go 4 .The best way to teach vocabulary is to  Use lessons that incorporate vocabulary into your students tasks Section 9 – Teaching pronunciation 1 . as they are normally very useful 2 .4 .When teaching pronunciation you should  Demonstrate words many times in varied activities giving students a chance to practice Section 10 – Young learners 1 . 3 . thus  You should support students whom struggle with this fear.Fear of public speaking is one of the greatest fears in the world.When teaching young students songs are  Pretty much essential.

Adult learners are best taught using  Relatable material .Adult learners are…  Mature and self-motivated 2 .Adult learners prefer to learn from young teachers  If the teacher is good 6 .Behaviour can be an issue for younger learners.Young students respond well to lessons based on…  Structured lessons with revision and games Section 11 – Adult learners 1 .Young students benefit from  Consistency and formulaic patterns 4 .  Simple but gain them rewards for using the vocabulary 5 .Young students enjoy games that are….3 .  One of many things they do 3 .Adult learners who struggle with pronunciation are often…  Ingrained with language patterns.Learning English is for adult learners is often …. this is mostly likely caused by…  Lessons being too slow moving 6 . thus find it harder to change habits 5 .Respect is…  Earned through trust and demonstrated teaching skills 4 .

Conversational English practice is best used  To maximise in-class practice listening & speaking skills 5 .Reading should be done…  As a part of a contextualised topic to reinforce the key vocabulary 2 .Students whom are more advanced in their reading should… . using the native language is…  Harmful to conversation 2 .Listening & Speaking 1 . students should…  Be instructed on different styles and given freedom to use new styles 3 . Section 12 .Students should speak English…  For as long as they are in the classroom 4 .During conversation.Writing is based on self expression and communication.Writing in a TEFL classroom is…  Of equal importance 4 .Playing set recordings for speaking practice is…  Useful if contextualised 3 .To learn basic reading students must…  Understand the connection between sounds and written syllables 5 .Multi-media should be used to…  As an accompaniment to your teaching topic Section 13 – Reading & Writing 1 .Discussion topics can be problematic when…  Students lack the vocabulary necessary to express themselves 7 .Conversational topics work best when…  Students are interested in them and want to share their opinions 6 .

 Part of testing student understanding and progress.Examination grades should be issued according to  The schools requirement along with your own commentary and analysis where applicable .  Engage in discussion as to the meaning of the books 6 .Listening exercises should…  Be used as a compliment to in class discussion 7 .Reading examinations should focus on…  Understanding the meaning of the text 6 .The best way to evaluate oral English skills  Predefined conversation topics progressing to free-flowing conversations.Examinations are…. 4 . 2 .Reading is best taught to young learners…  One on one with picture books Section 14 – Feedback & Development 1 .Formative feedback on written work is…  Useful if explained and contextualised 3 .Writing examinations should focus on…  Measuring self expression ability 5 .Reporting back the progress of students to the school or senior teachers is…  Part of a teachers duty and should be done often 8 .Evaluative examinations should be held…  Towards the end of the course as a way to demonstrate progress 9 .

4 .A TEFL teachers jobs is to  Teach English NAKON ŠTO OVO POPUNITE.php . you should…  Maintain the highest level of professional ethics possible irrespective of culture 3 .Certain topics can be taboo. Section 15 – Teaching abroad 1 . when these arise in class.Different cultures have different views regarding morals and ethics. DRUGA OPCIJA JE OVO: INSTALIRAJTE OVAJ PROGRAM DOPDF 8 http://www.AKO NE IMA DRUGA OPCIJA) KAD ISPRINTATE CERTIFIKAT.SKENIRAJTE GA I UPLOADUJTE NA SVOJ PROFIL NA TUTORU.dopdf.Different cultures have different views towards respect to teachers you should…  Explain what is expected and remind to students follow your rules where needed 6 . KLIKNITE I POJAVIT ĆE SE ONLINE PRINTING (AKO IMATE PRINTER U KUĆI.POJAVITI ĆE SE OPCIJA GET MY CERTIFICATE. you should…  Explain differences in culture as far as it is useful and appropriate the class.ISPRINTAJTE.In the classroom the use of the native language should be…  Kept to a minimum as it allows greater learning of English 5 .In the workplace issues of cultural clash can arise when they do you should…  Try to smooth over differences in a respectful and understanding way 2 .com/download.