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Prescription Tillage Technology LLC (PTT) was founded in 2013 with
the core principle of being a company of integrity. Integrity: a
concept of consistency, actions, values, methods, measures,
principles, expectations, and outcomes.

While a young company, PTT’s owners have been actively involved
in agricultural production all their lives. Those that grow up farming
understand and see on a daily basis that there are always problems 38

to be solved around the farm. It takes innovation, determination,
and hard work to solve those problems. Richard Christie, the 39

inventor of the Sabre Tooth Insert (STI) Blade is such a person.
Being involved in agronomic groups and associated testing has 40

lead Richard to design and build many specific tools for his own
operation. 41

The STI blade came from necessity. When Richard developed and 42
built his unique strip-till machine, it was lacking
a coulter which would actually cut residue without pushing, hair 43
pinning, compaction in forward motion and clodding.
After multiple designs, experimentation, and 13 proven seasons of
use the end result is the STI Blade. The project was started with the 45
intent to use the design exclusively within Richard’s own operation.
However, it was apparent the innovation was so profound that all of
agriculture would benefit from this technology. Therefore, PTT was
formed to market these products. The STI Blade was the first in a
line of products that PTT produces based on science and agronomic
geometric principles. We will change the way you think of
ground engagement.