Questions 1
Read the text and complete the Circle Map below.

Once Upon a time there were three bears. They live in a
house in the jungle. One day, while they were away a naughty girl
stumbles upon their house. She was lost. The girl is called

She went into the house although there was nobody around.
She was tired and wanted to sit down. She sits on the smallest
chair at the dining table. She accidentally broke the chair.

She saw some hot porridge on the table. She ate the one in
the smallest bowl. After she was full, she wanted to sleep. She
chose the softest bed in the bedroom. When the bears came back
they were shocked to find Goldilocks sleeping in their room.

Goldilocks heard some noise and woke up. She too was
shocked looking at the bears. She ran by jumping through the
window and never looked back.

What is Goldilocks mistakes?

1. _________ the chair.

5. Ate the
2. Sleep on the ___________.
____________. Goldilocks

4. __________ say
3. _______ away.
(5 marks)


in the assembly is speaking mr.Questions 2 Rearrange the phrases to form a correct sentence. william _____________________________ on stage are performing the girls _____________________________ the audiences their hands chairs. are clapping _____________________________ 2 . Don’t forget your capital letters and fullstops.

there are judging the competition who are three judges The judges T _____________________________ The judges 5. ahmad and ah kit with their friends Swee always play football in the afternoon _____________________________ (5 marks) Question 3 3 .

 this is my pet fish  it is a goldfish  i named it hannah  i also have a cat frogs turtles and birds as my pet  all of them are my good friends 4 . Fill in the Double Bubble Map. lizard animal snake living area on land on land skin scaly scaly type reptile reptile snake lizard legs no legs 4 legs ( 6 Marks ) Double Bubble Map (5 marks) SECTION B Rewrite the sentences.Read the information in the table. full stops and commas. Use capital letters.

The European Horse is beautiful. African Lion eyes The African Lion is beautiful. .The It African Lion has a large mane. It has a ___________(5). It is veryIt fast. has sharp claws. _____________________________________________________________________ (10 marks) SECTION C Read the example given. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 5. It has _______(3). It is very strong. large mane lives in the ______(1). It has a long tail. It has _______(4). 1. _____________________________________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________________________________ 2. It lives in European Horse the jungle. The European Horse has a ______ long tail sharp claws 5 _______(2). Fill in the blanks to complete the story of the rest of the animal. It has two eyes.

_____________ long trunk short tail _______________(20). _____________(18). _____________(16). It ___________(9). It _____________(11). It ________________(7). ____________(25). long hair eyes hairy tail hooves Malayan Tiger eyes stripes The ________________________(6). Giant Panda __________________________(19). It _________(10). __________ 6 ___________(24). eyes _______________(13). _________(21) cute.____________ ________(17). tusks _______________________(15). The Malayan Tiger _________(8). ________________(23). long tail sharp claws Asian Elephant ___________________________(12). It is very strong. _______________________(22). _________(14) big. .

eyes big ears black spots big paws (25 marks) 7 .

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