PPTO 2017
ADC - IT Products - 2

1. What are white Label ATMs?
a) Set up, owned and operated by non-banks
b) Set up, owned and operated by banks
c) Set up, owned and operated by Co Op Banks
d) Set up, owned and operated by NBFCs
e) Set up, owned and operated by Foreign-banks

2. What are Brown Label ATMs?
a) Owned by Service Provider but cash Management and connectivity provided by Sponsor bank
b) Owned by sponsor bank but cash Management and connectivity provided by Service provider
c) Owned and managed by Sponsor bank only
d) Owned and managed by Service Provider only
e) Owned and managed by Private sector and Foreign banks

3. What is EMV Card?
a) Chip based card created by 3 companies -Europay, MasterCard and VISA
b) Chip based card created by Reserve Bank of India
c) Chip based card created all Foreign banks
d) Chip based card created by Private sector Banks
e) Chip based card created by Nationalised Banks

4. How many transactions are free for our Savings Bank customers in Our Bank ATMs?

a) No Limit b) 6 c) 5 d) 3 e) Zero

5. Under Revolving credit facility for SYNDICATE BANK GLOBAL CREDIT CARD the minimum amount
Due (MAD) for Public is

a) 5 % of Total Card dues
b)10 % of Total Card dues
c) 15 % of Total Card dues
d) 20 % of Total Card dues
e) 10% of card dues or Rs 100 whichever is higher
6. VbV is
a. Password generated by the customer
b. Pass word given by VISA
c. Pin given by VISA
d. Password sent to the customer by the bank
e. None of the above

50 e) Rs 1. VBV stands for: a) Verification of Bank Vendor b) Value of Bank Vendor c) Verification Bank Value d) Verified by VISA e) Valuation by VISA 10. POS Debit/Credit card operations means a) Point of Selection b) Point of Sales c) Point of Service d) Point of Software e) Point of Solution 8.MANIPAL 7.00 12. The Credit Card holder can encash reward points in multiples of: a) 100 points b) 200 points c) 250 points d) 500 points e) 1000 points 11.10 b) Rs 0. The Credit Card holder will get an amount for every reward point at the rate of: a) Rs 0. PIN for a Global Debit/Credit card means a) Postal Index number b) Personal Identification Number c) Personal Index Number d) Postal Identification Number e) Permanent Identification Number 9.SYNDICATE INSTITUTE OF BANK MANAGEMENT.40 d) Rs 0. How many digits are there in Syndicate Bank Global debit card including the BIC of issuing Branch? a) 12 b) 14 c) 16 d) 18 e) 20 .25 c) Rs 0.

Which of the following is not a Card-not-present transaction? a) Purchases through POS b) Purchases goods through internet c) Booking Railway ticket through IRCTC website d) MOTO transaction e) All the above are card-not-present transactions .. What is the Indian alternative to VISA and Master cards? a) Rupay card b) SKCC card c) Smart card d) Rupee card e) Bharat card 18. days a) 3 b) 2 c) 1 d) Immediately e) 2 working days 14. Which of the following is true about White Label ATMs? a) They accept domestic debit and credit cards but not domestic prepaid cards b) They accept international debit and credit cards but not international prepaid cards scheduled banks c) They accept international debit cards but not international credit and prepaid cards d) They accept all international debit. CVV number at the back of credit card denotes: a) Card Verification Vendor b) Card Vendor Verification c) Card Value Verification d) Card Verification Value e) Card Vendor Valuation 15.. credit and prepaid cards e) They accept all domestic cards but do not accept international cards 16.MANIPAL 13. Instant debit card (Non personalized without name) will be activated in . Issue of Rupee dominated Co-branded Pre-Paid cards is subject to provisions of a) Banking Regulation Act b) Payment and Settlement Systems Act 2007 c) Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 d) Both b and c above e) All a.SYNDICATE INSTITUTE OF BANK MANAGEMENT. b and c above 17.

other than the Principal card holder c) Both the Principal and the Add-on holder d) Principal. Outstandings under credit card is to be classified under a) The category to which the customer belongs to. To be eligible for credit card. d) 20th and 20th of next month respectively. e) 10th and 30th of the same month respectively. in the absence of Add-on holder e) Add-on holder in the absence of Principal . The free credit period available for credit cards payments is a) 10 to 15 days b) 15 to 30 days c) 20 to 30 days d) 20 to 50 days e) 30 to 50 days 22. Professional. 23. Who is responsible for KYC requirements in the case of Credit card business solicited by? Direct Selling Agents/ Direct Marketing Agents? a) The Bank issuing the card b) The DSA/ DMA c) Both the Bank and the DSA/ DMA d) The DSA/ DMA only if the cardholder is not a customer of the bank e) KYC requirements are not mandatory for issuing credit cards 20. The billing date and Payment Due date for credit cards in our bank is a) 10th and 10th of next month respectively. Business. liability rests with a) The Principal card holder b) The Add-on holder i. the maximum age limit for a senior citizen pensioner is a) 60 b) 65 c) 70 d) 75 e) 80 24.e.MANIPAL 19. In the case of Add-on cards. c) 20th and 10th of next month respectively. Eg.. b) 10th and 20th of next month respectively. Agriculture etc b) Priority Sector loans c) Unsecured overdrafts d) Non-Priority Sector Personal loans e) Outstandings under CASA 21.SYNDICATE INSTITUTE OF BANK MANAGEMENT.

Maximum amount that can be charged per instance for transactions in ATM beyond the free transactions is Rs. Reconciliation of physical stock of undelivered debit cards and pin mailers with Debit rd issued register and pin mailers issued register should be done a) Weekly b) Fortnightly c) Monthly d) Bimonthly e) Quarterly . Customer Complaint Resolution Software is available for a) Card Centre for lodging claims b) Branches for lodging claims c) Card Centre for lodging claims and viewing results d) Branches for lodging claims and viewing results e) Card Centre and Branches for lodging claims and viewing results 27.SYNDICATE INSTITUTE OF BANK MANAGEMENT. b and c above 26.MANIPAL 25. Which type of Variant the Credit cards are not having? a) Gold b) Diamond c) Platinum d) Copper c) Silver 28. Customer Complaint Resolution software is introduced for resolution of disputes in transactions of a) ATM b) POS c) E-commerce d) Only a and b above e) All a. If the complaint related to ATM dispute is lodged within 30 days from the date of transaction with the card issuing branch penalty @ Rs 100 per day for delayed settlement is payable for the ATM dispute for domestic transactions is not resolved within a) 7 days b) 7 working days c) 8 days d) 15 days e) 30 days 30. a) 12 b) 20 c) 25 d) 30 e) 40 29.

Which of the following is true with regard to Credit Card business conducted by Scheduled Commercial banks? a) Directly by the bank b) Through a subsidiary c) By entering into tie-up with another bank already in card business d) a and b above e) a.MANIPAL 31. Credit Card business can be undertaken by banks having a) Total business of Rs. Companies. b and c above 33. b or c e) All a. Who is eligible to get Syndicate Bank Global debit card? a) Minors below 10 years b) Illiterates. b and c above 34.100 crores and above d) Any one of a.100 crores and above b) Assets worth Rs.SYNDICATE INSTITUTE OF BANK MANAGEMENT. Co operative societies . Report on tallying of ATM Cards and PIN mailers is to be submitted by the branches as on a) Last day of every month b) Last day of every quarter c) Last day of June and December d) Last day of March and September e) Last day of March 32. Institutions. Number of transactions permissible per month at Other bank ATMs in Metro Cities for Current/Overdraft account holders is: a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) Nil 35. Power of Attorney/Mandate holders c) Jointly operated accounts d) Foreign National without offline Limit e) Partnership firms. clubs.100 crores and above c) Net worth of Rs.

5000 b) Rs. No of accounts. Which Bank identification No. opened under same customer ID that can be linked with Syndicate Bank Global Debit Card is: a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) All above are correct 37. Syndicate Bank Global debit card is accepted in a) All ATMs of Syndicate bank b) Other Banks’ATMs displaying VISA and Maestro logo c) National Financial switch (NFS) Network with NPCI logo d) Member establishments displaying VISA and Maestro Logo e) All of the above 41.10000 c) Rs 20000 d) Rs 25000 e) Rs 50000 38.SYNDICATE INSTITUTE OF BANK MANAGEMENT.MANIPAL 36. VISA has allocated for our ATM Debit card of our bank? a) 403389 b) 403380 c) 403398 d) 403390 e) 403399 . Maximum value of Of OFF Line Transaction per day in ATM of our Bank is: a) Rs. Number of free transactions permissible per month at Other bank ATMs in Metro Cities for SB account holders is: a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) 5 40. Maximum value of Online Transaction per instance in ATM of our bank is: a) Rs 5000 b) Rs 10000 c) Rs 20000 d) Rs 25000 e) Rs 50000 39.

MANIPAL 42.SYNDICATE INSTITUTE OF BANK MANAGEMENT. ATM card can be issued a) Only to the card holder in person b) To the authorized representative of the card holder c) To close family member of the card holder d) To anyone of the joint a/c holders of the account e) To the card holder through Courier 44. Hyderabad c) Mumbai d) Singapore e) Chennai . e) Pin mailer and ATM card can be sent together by Courier 45. Buy later e) None of the above 46. Buy Now b) Buy Now. Debit Cards function based on the concept a) Pay Now. The bank where the Debit card transaction is taking place is called a) Acquirer bank b) Issuing Bank c) Operating Bank d) Monitoring bank e) Paying Bank 43. ATMs of our Bank are connected to ATM switch. VISA stands for a) Visa International Sales Agency b) Visa International Service Agency c) Visa International Supply Agency d) Visa International Savings Agency e) Visa International Service Authority 47. Pay Later c) Pay Now. which is at a) Bangalore b) IDRBT. While handling ATM card in the branch a) PIN mailer and ATM card can be kept together for quick service b) PIN mailer and ATM card should be handled by 2 officers separately c) PIN mailer and ATM card can be sent together by REGD post only d) A single Officer can handle PIN mailer and ATM card. Buy Later d) Pay Later.

What is the name of the proposed software application that would allow users of ATMs to alert the police of a forced cash withdrawal by entering their personal identification number (PIN) in reverse order? a) ATM Safety PIN b) ATM Safety c) ATM Safety Code d) ATM Safety Sign e) ATM Safety Digit 49.MANIPAL 48. What is skimming of card? a) Creating duplicate cards b) Creating new debit cards c) Extracting of CVV number over phone d) Blocking the card for transaction e) Issue of New card on expiry ************************************************************************** -END- .SYNDICATE INSTITUTE OF BANK MANAGEMENT. In the event of the card is lost/stolen in the hands of Cardholder the liability of the cardholder would be limited to a maximum of how much amount from the time of notification of such lost card to the Bank by the card holder? a) Rs 10000 b) Rs 50000 c) Rs 100000 d) Rs 1000 e) Full liability of card dues 50.

MANIPAL KEY TO PPTO IT PRODUCTS -2 CARDS RELATED QUESTIONS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 A A A A E A B B D D 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 D C B D D B A A A D 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 D C D A E D D B B C 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 D C C E D C A D C E 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 C A A B A B C A D A .SYNDICATE INSTITUTE OF BANK MANAGEMENT.