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Herbal Remedies

Healing the self with Nature's Pharmacy

Nature's Chemotherapy Juice Recipe Bronchitis; Hair growth; Diabetes; Weight control; Mucus;
1/2 Beetroot 1 Carrot Cabbage Slither Potato Parsley Phlegm; Respiratory problems; Influenza; Chest infections;
Celery Honey (optional, for taste) Hypertension; Eczema; Epilepsy; Delayed menstruation;
Intestinal worms; Constipation; Headaches; Heart problems;
1. Place all ingredients into a blender, food processor,
Stimulation of brain and nervous system; Colic; Wind
liquidiser or grate finely.
2. Add honey for taste (optional). spasm; Gout; Sore throat; Dyspepsia; Biliousness; Liver
3. Chew the juice before swallowing. Chewing releases complaints; Kidney problems; Haemorrhage from the
saliva which helps with the digestion process. lungs; Haemorrhage from the stomach; Head colds; Quinsy;
4. Take one glass per day. Measles; Joint pain; Emmenagogue; Healing abrasions of
the skin; Blood.

1 Herbs:
Pancreatic support; Liver support; Diabetes; Measels; 8 Herbs:
Diarrhoea; Fever; Antibacterial; Antifungal; Antifertility; Cancer; Haemorrhage; Stress; Insomnia; Menopause; All
Antileukemic; Antitumour; Vermicide; Nausea; Dizziness; glands; Thyroid; Fertility; Womb; Epilepsy; Convulsive
Indigestion; Constipation. nervous disorders; Urinary disorders; Nervous system;
Strengthening the heart's beat; Severe colds; Fever;
Purify blood; Measles; Bleeding piles; Kidney disorders;
2 Herbs: Diuretic; Edema (Dropsy); Dyspepsia; Bladder problems;
Coughs; Colds; Flu; Fever; Earache; Headache; Loss of
Emmenagogue; Cystic ulceration; Ulcers in urinary
Appetite; Intestinal Worms; Parasites; Tonic; Liver Disease;
passages; Heal wounds; Reduce swelling of eyelids;
Gallbladder Disease; Malaria; Indigestion; Colic; Pain; Insect
Stomachic; Indigestion; Heartburn; Headache; Diarrhoea;
Bites; Wounds.
External swelling; Inflammatory pain; Abscesses; Toothache;
Earache; Neuralgia; Jaundice; Prevents suppuration; Chronic
3 Herbs: ulcers; Varicose veins; Inflamed and sore eyes; Bronchial and
Blood cleanser; Tonic; Rheumatic pain; Fatigue; Poor whooping-cough; Cancerous growths.
appetite; Eczema; Prostate problems; Liver cleanse; Kidney
cleanse; Dyspepsia; Constipation; Fluid retention; Bronchial
troubles; Asthma.
9 Herbs:
Arthritis; Inflammation; Pain; Kidney problems; Weight
control; Swelling; Gout; Headaches; Heart problems;
4 Herbs: Stimulation of brain and nervous system; Colic; Wind spasm;
Diet; Slimming; Weight control; Satisfy cravings of hunger Sore throat; Dyspepsia; Biliousness; Liver complaints; Kidney
on fast days; Eating disorders; Spastic colon; Stress; problems; Haemorrhage from the lungs; Haemorrhage
Insomnia; Dyspepsia; Flatulence; Colic; Cramps; Nausea; from the stomach; Head colds; Quinsy; Measles; Joint
Water retention; Clearing obstructions in the liver, spleen pain; Emmenagogue; Healing abrasions of the skin;
and gallbladder; Cleaning blood; Influenza; Emmenagogue; Blood; Diuretic; Digestive tonic; Urinary antiseptic; Uterine
Heartburn; Headache; Edema (Dropsy); Swelling. stimulant; Bed wetting; Bladder stones; Edema (Dropsy);
Hypertension; Prostate gland disorders; Prostatitis;
5 Herbs: Rheumatism; Blood pressure; Muscle spasm; Motion
Anxiety; Stress; Epilepsy; Nervouse agitation; Anti- sickness; Painful menstruation; Inflammation of the uveal
inflammatory; Antiseptic; Insomnia; High blood pressure; tract of the eye.
Memory; Mood swings; Blood circulation; Muscle spasms;
Toothache; Period pains.
19 Herbs:
"Cure all"; Headaches; Nausea; Indigestion; Constipation;
7 Herbs: Diarrhoea; Arthritis; Candida; Fever; Sinusitis; Colds;
Asthma; Sinusitis; General tonic; Pregnancy; Breast feeding; Flu; Colic; Vericose Veins (taken internally and applied
Skin problems; Libido; Allergies; All organs; Coughing; externally); Tinnitus.

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