Thank you for riding Veil Railways!

We will be departing for our trip around the United States on
August 28, 2017. Your confirmation number is 018923. Please bring the enclosed boarding
pass and the recommended supplies. Our trip itinerary will be as follows:
Date (approximate) Region Activities/Content

September- October Northeast Industrial Revolution
Fieldtrip to the Lowell Mills

November- December Southeast Civil War/ Slavery

January-February Southwest Ranching

March-April West (Pacific and Mountain States) The Gold Rush

May-June Midwest The Dust Bowl

Additional stops may be made if time permits. Look forward to seeing the wonderful sights our
country has that God created. We will also learn a little about the history of each region along
the way. Check your bags at the upper hallway. Boarding will begin promptly at 8:30 am at
Platform 4 for an 8:45 departure.