Annexure 1: Bloom's Ioxonornv
Blqom's Level Task List

Knowledge Count, Define, Describe, Draw, Find,Identify, Know,
Label, List, Match, Name, Outline, Quote, Recall,
Recognize, Reproduce, Recite, Select, State,
Sequence, Tell, Write

Comprehension Comprehend, Convert, Conclude, Defend,
Distinguish,Demonstrate, Discuss,Estimate,Explain,
Extend, Generalize, Gives example, Infer, Interpret,
Identify, Illustrate, Paraphrase," Predict, Rewrite,
Report, Restate, Review, Summarize, Translate,Tell

Application Apply, Change, Choose, Compute, Dramatize,
Interview, Prepare, Produce. Role-play, Select,
Show, Transfer, Use

Analysis Analyze, Break down, Characterize, Classify,
Compare, Contrast, Draw diagrams, Deconstruct,
Debate, Deduce, Differentiate, Discriminate,
Distinguish, Examine, Identify, Illustrate, Infer,
Outline, Relate, Research, Select, Separate

Synthesis Categorize, Combine, Compile, Compose,
Construct, Create, Devise, Design, Develop,
Explain,Generate, Integrate, Invent, Modify, Make,
Organize, Perform, Plan, Produce, Propose,
Rearrange, Reconstruct, Relate, Reorganize,
Revise, Rewrite, Summarize, Tell, Write

Evaluation Appraise, Argue, Assess, Choose, Compare,
Conclude, Contrast, Criticize, Critique, Defend,
Describe, Decide, Discriminate, Evaluate, Explain,
Interpret, Justify, Judge, Predict, Prioritize, Prove,
Rank, Rate, Relate, Summarize, Support, Select

Source: Bloom, B.S., Englhart, M.D., Furst, E.J., Hill, W.H., & Krathwohl,
D.R. (Eds.). (1956). Taxonomy of educational objectives, the classification
of educational goals, Handbook I: cognitive ootnoir: New York: Longmans

Author's Manual Page 19

graphic messages through interpreting. Derive. I pattern or structure through generating. planning Create or producing. recognizing elements into a new Formulate. . Identify. Solve Breaking Material into constituent parts. EJ classifying. Blooms Levels Bloom Level Of Bloom Action Characteristics Of Learning Levels Learning I I Words EJ Remembering Recognizing and recalling relevant knowledge from long term memory. I Carry~gout '" using a ~rocedure through Distinguish Apply. Classify. Design. Understanding Interpret. EJIMal~ing I determining how he parts relate to one another and to an overall structure or purpose through differentiating. summarizing. Constructing meaning from oral. Analyze. Describe. comparing and explaining. Calculate. Explain EJ Evaluating Making judgments based on criteria and standards through checking and critiquing Determine. Outline Explain. Calculate. inferring. Optimize. written and List. organizing and attributing Compare. Evaluate Putting elements together to form a coherent or EJ ICreating function whole. EJIAPPlYing executmg or implementing. .