In times of thin and fit body culture, the act of asserting oneself as a fat woman is a
politic one. The current memorial depicts five women through photographic essays for the
production of an exhibition entitled Ser Gorda (Being Fat), aside from the theoretic
background on the matter for the final term paper. One of the project’s main points is to
highlight the empowering process of fat women, which stands out both from the pictures and
subtitles as from the sources’ interviews. The author chose the portrait style to work with the
present subject since it’s a human-being centered photographic genre. Bearing in mind the
need of placing overweight women in social roles and contexts in which they are usually
rejected, photography serves as an ideal instrument to give these women visibility. The
display Ser Gorda consists of 30 photographs, or 5 groups of 6-picture essays.

Keywords: fat; women; overweight; photography; empowering