• Calmly leave the classroom and exit the door immediately to the
left of the room
• Walk to the far side of the school by the road and form a single-file
lineand discard this bottom portion.
• Stay together, don’t talk to other classes, and pay attention while
the teacher takes attendance
• When the teacher gives the signal, return directly to the classroom
and continue with the class’s assignment

• When the signal is given over the intercom, calmly and silently sit
under your desk out of sight from any windows

• It is crucial that you remain as still and silent possible, even if
there are noises outside or attempts to enter the classroom

• If you are outside the class when the signal is given, immediately go
into the first available classroom and follow that teacher’s

Emergency Procedures
Class Website

Calendar Unit

Primary Instructions
Source for Table of
Documents Assignments Contents is our class website, which is your most important resource for the
class, so you should check it daily. Everything we do in class—and all of our papers—will be on
the site.



End of

It is crucial that students not leave class unless for an emergency. Restroom passes are
available, but students must work consistently during the first ten minutes of class before
getting permission to leave. Students who abuse the privilege of leaving for the restroom
might not be allowed to go during class time.

Class Procedures
Tutorials/Getting Help with Class
I will have tutorials in my room four times a week. You will need to made
an appointment at least 24 hours in advance, so I can make sure that I’m
in my room and have the materials ready for you. If you can’t attend my
regular tutorial hours, I can try to accommodate you by coming early or
staying late on another day.
At each progress report, I will assign
mandatory tutorials to anyone I identify who
could benefit from extra help and support for Morning Tutorials
at least three weeks (to be reevaluated with (T/Th) 7:45-8:25
the report card grade). Anyone with mandatory
tutorials will be required to attend at least Afternoon Tutorials
once a week. Any student who doesn’t attend (M/W) 3:55-4:30
will receive a detention and have to make up
the tutorial session.
When you come for tutorials, you will sign in and out. For those with
mandatory tutorials, failure to do so may result in you being counted
absent for that week. If you need to retake an assessment, you must
attend at least one half-hour tutorial session before retaking the test.
Class Rules
1. Follow all school rules
a. Phones are off and out of sight
b. Always in dress code
c. Use respectful language
2. Be a respectful class asset
3. Follow class procedures and work
productively for the entire class period
4. Perfumes, deodorants, lotions, and other fragrances are absolutely not allowed in the
Class Rules and Behavior
Podcast Notes Illustrated Dictionary
• Listen to the podcast of • Define vocab in your own words
your choice as homework using the definitions I give you
and take notes on • Draw pictures or create examples
important info (do not copy from other sources)
• Listen for the second time • Must be complete to receive a grade
and add to/revise your
notes Class Notes
Class Projects • Take notes at home (don’t copy!!)
• Use the instructions and • Annotate to show what you understand (draw
checklist to complete pictures, define vocab, color code, make
assignments connections)
• If using Chromebooks, • Summarize by answering the Essential Questions
put your name in the • Must be complete to receive grade
title and share it with
me on Drive

Fox Binder Late Work Test Retakes
• If absent, you should
check the class site • Late work is ineligible
• The most important
that day for what we for corrections
in-class resource is
did in class and to • If you earn a 69 or
the “Fox Binder”
start on make up less on an
• It holds extra copies
work if possible assignment, you will
of everything we do
• Students have one have one week to do
in class and my
day for each day corrections for up to
teacher copy of the
they miss to turn in a 70
table of contents for
make up work for full • If retaking a test,
the student binder
credit you must have
• This should be your
• If an assignment isn’t turned in all work
first stop if you turned in on time, you from that unit and
were absent or will earn a 30 point attended at least
cannot find your deduction and will one review session
copy of an have three days to during tutorials
assignment turn it in late or it will
become a zero

Late Work and the Fox Binder