Scholars’ Inn Higher Secondary Public School

Jalal pur pir wala
1st term 2017

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Class Eight Paper Science
Q,No:1=Choose the Correct option.
Heartbeat is controlled by

(a)Medulla oblongata (b)Cerebrum (c)Cerebellum (d)Hypothalamus
-------------filters nitrogenous waste from blood:
(a) Liver (b) Kidney (c) Stomach (d)Intestine
Reduction of chromosomes takes place during.
(a)mitosis (b)meiotic-I ©meiotic-II (d)Both a,b
Chromosomes are made of
(a)DNA (b)Protiene © DNA and fat (d)DNA and Protiene
Number of chromosomes in men are
(a)48 (b)46 (c)16 (d)20
Short Questions 16
1) Define Reflex action
2) Define voluntary action with example
3) Define cronial and spinal nerves
4) Write function of medulla oblongata
5) Write names of parts of forebrain
6) What is heredity?
7) What are haploid cells
8) Write names of types of neocleotide in DNA
Long Questions
1) Explain centrol nervous system 5
2) Describe mitosis and meiosis briefly 4