Categories Excellent Very good Good Need improvement

(3 marks) (2 marks) (1 mark) (0,60 mark)

Students’ fluency is Students´fluency is Students’ fluency is What students say Is not
very good, there are good, there are some ok, there are a few clear; there are a lot of
Fluency to a few stammers, stammers, what stammers, what stammers.
speak what students say is students say is clear students say is not
clear using the using the clear at all.
appropriate appropriate
vocabulary. vocabulary.

Students’ Students’ Students’ The performance is not
performance is very performance is performance not at good, students did not
Performance good. There is good. There is all, it is supposed practice anything.
humor. They have humor. They have they didn’t practice
practiced the drama; practiced the drama, too much. There is
a good group work a good group work no humor.
is showed.

Words clear and Words clear and Words clear. Varied Words muffled and
well-projected. well – projected. rate and volume. unclear. Monotone.
Voice Varied rate, volume, Varied rate volume Voice fits character. Words pronounced
pitch and pause. pitch and pause. Words pronounced incorrectly.
Pitch and inflection Voice fits character. correctly
match character. Words pronounce
Voice fits character. correctly.
Words pronounced
Students spend Students spend Students spend less Students spend less than
between 5-4 minutes between 4-3 minutes than 3 minutes 2 minutes.
Drama Time in the drama. in the drama.

Homework Drama Paper is Drama Paper is not Drama Paper is not Drama foldable/Paper is
presented on presented on time, it presented on time (1 presented on time (2 just presented in a simple
time has an original cover day left), it has an days left), it has not paper sheet. Realia is not
and illustration is original cover and an original cover showed in any way.
clear. Realia is illustration is clear. and illustration is
showed. Realia is showed in not clear enough.
some in some ways. Realia is showed in
a way