Good morning/afternoon/evening.

I am honored to take part in the celebrations for the
conclusion of the Exchange Programme this year.

On behalf of the Our Lady of Fatima University and particularly my colleagues in the College of
Nursing, I must thank _______________ and her colleagues from Korea for their unfailing
support for the Exchange Program of this year 2017. My sincere appreciation also goes to
_____________ and other members of the organizing committee for devoting their time and
effort to putting together the exchange program of exciting and enriching activities for our
students from Korea.

Korea and the Philippines are similar in many ways. We are both Asian countries that are
dependent mainly on human resources for our prosperity. Moreover, we share common Asian
values , such as industry, hard work and close family ties. Yet, Korea and Philippines are also
different in some ways, the natural landscape and thus the spatial difference, the population
mix and hence different cultural diversities, different political systems, and of course, the
weather, “without four seasons” is something all of the participants in this program need to get
used to, being in the Philippines for just _____________weeks/months.

I believe that as the world is becoming more globalised, the ability to perform well in a multi-
cultural environment is crucial to our youth especially in the field of health and in the nursing
profession. The aptitude to interact with people of diverse cultural background with the
knowledge we acquire is perhaps the ultimate goal of learning.

The Korean Exchange Program fits very well with this objective, providing both the Filipino and
Korean students with an invaluable opportunity to better appreciate and learn to respect
different cultures, values and perspectives. I believe our teachers here in Our Lady of Fatima,
just like our students have also benefited greatly from the sharing of experiences with their
counterparts from Korea.

While it will not be easy for the OLFU family, especially the College of Nursing students, faculty
and staffs to say goodbye to our visitors and the new friends they have made over the past
__________weeks/months, we all know their friendships will continue, bringing Philippines and
Korea closer.

Thank you once again to the participants and I hope that we were able to give you a very
memorable and fruitful experience here at the university. Thank you very much